Riga Services

Like any capital city Riga offers all the services a man or woman needs to survive - as an individual or as a business. Of course tracking that service down can be a totally different proposition.

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Bruninieku Iela 50

1. Siacu

3 reviews
Kalnciema iela 28

2. BaltiCCycle

3 reviews
Kuldigas 17

3. Silver Car Rental

3 reviews
Stacijas laukums 1

4. Riga Post Office

9 reviews
Arrivals Hall, Riga International Airpor

5. Avis

4 reviews
Baznicas Iela 24

6. Lilami

2 reviews
Skolas 5

7. ARS Clinic

1 review
Riga, Zaļā iela 1

8. iVF Riga

1 review
Kuģu iela 11 - 701

9. Art Factory

1 review
Valguma iela 5

10. Tolkojumi

0 reviews
Dzirciema 20
Brīvības iela 244

12. Infinity Fitness

0 reviews
Kalpaka bulvāris 9

13. Park Spa

0 reviews
Arhitektu Iela 1-203

14. Gloria

0 reviews
Terbatas 14, Riga, Latvia

15. Attirance Spa

0 reviews

Here at Local Life we are compiling a directory of banks, lawyers, car rental services, estate agents, translation services, doctors, dentists, mechanics, plumbers, dry cleaners and even pet detectives (coming soon) for your every need in the Latvian capital. Check what we've got and hopefully you'll find that all important phone number.

Reviews about Riga Services

Great back massage! Thanks!

Wellness massage by Elina

need PCA3 test x prostate pls info abut availability and price

ARS Clinic

How much it costs to mail a letter from Riga, Latvia to San Francisco, USA?

United States,
Riga Post Office

DARBINIEKI Stulba ,DARBINIEKI notiek zādzības sūtīšana

Riga Post Office

One paket från Lativa 004203366

Riga Post Office

... oh, and zero stars should have been post by me.

United Kingdom,
Riga Post Office

I have also sent money through the post to help a friend in Riga. ... and yes, my money was stolen too.

United Kingdom,
Riga Post Office

Very slow service. The staff was not very helpful when I wanted to add extra days to my rental. Watch out for for hidden costs. I will never rent from them agin in Latvia airport.

United States,

Do not send international postal packages of any kind to Latvia using the postal system. If content has anything of any value the scumbag workers will steal it before it even gets registered to have entered into the country and you won't even get an apology. Rather they will claim a package with that tracking number never entered the country. Damn thieves and useless managers who hire them.

Riga Post Office

please don't call the number 371-67859980 it is not theirs

Naree-Siam Thai Massage and Spa