Riga Shopping A - Z

This is a full, alphabetical directory of all the shopping in Riga, listed on Local Life.

Airsoft Latvia

Outdoor Equipment store 

0 reviews

Alfa Centrs

Riga's largest shopping centre 

1 review

Amber Line

Beautiful amber from source 

0 reviews

Anna Led

Nice clothes for wise people! 

0 reviews

Anna Minna

Traditionally yours 

0 reviews

Apavi 40+

Large size shoes store 

1 review

Art Market

The art of the matter 

0 reviews

Art Nouveau Riga

In with the new 

0 reviews

Baltu Rotas (Baltic Jewellery)

Ancient Baltic jewellery 

1 review

Basteja Pasaza

Trendy shopping by the Old Town 

1 review

Bentley Dealership

A sign of the times 

0 reviews

Bergs Bazaar

Parisian-style arcade 

1 review


Latvia's green giant 

0 reviews


Look a million dollars - without the price tag 

1 review


Petit dejeuner sans danger 

3 reviews


Latvia's biggest in shopping 

1 review


An organic grocery alternative 

1 review

Fresh and More

Fresh fruit and veg for everyone! 

0 reviews

Galerija Centrs

Historically popular shopping centre 

0 reviews


Bookstore with large foreign selection 

1 review

Jana Rozes Gramatnica

Riga's largerst bookstore chain 

1 review

Jana Seta

X marks the spot 

0 reviews

Koka Varde

Hop to it 

0 reviews


From the catwalk to the club 

0 reviews


More than chocolate 

0 reviews

Luka Buka

Top spot for tome raiders 

0 reviews

Madam Bonbon

The ultimate in home shopping 

0 reviews


Furniture and home design haven 

0 reviews


Exquisite finery 

0 reviews


American-style shopping mall on the left bank 

2 reviews

Muzikas Pasaule

Don't be stuck in Riga without decent tunes 

0 reviews


Shopping mall by the train station 

1 review

Otra Elpa

Ethical shopping and yoga 

1 review

Palazzo Italia [closed]

Bring your boyfriend 

5 reviews

Proud 2B

Top class, style-centric, no frills 

1 review

Riga Central Market

Lively trade emporium 

4 reviews

Robert's Books

Books, books and more books 

0 reviews

Sena Klets

Clothes make the man (or woman) 

0 reviews

Sexy Style

Nudge, nudge, wink, wink 

1 review

Stephane Kelian [closed]

Great news for sole sisters 

1 review


Department store with everything - really! 

5 reviews

Tanja Pavlova

Tanja's fashion philosophy 

0 reviews


Welcome to a world of music 

0 reviews

Vina Studija

World of wine 

0 reviews


So much shopping, so much time! 

0 reviews
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