Riga Latvia - A Survivor's Guide!

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Riga - Latvia's striking capital city, is a captivating place both to travel to and live in. Even before Latvia's accession to the European Union in 2004, Riga had proven itself as a popular tourist destination, and the number of tourists have only been increasing since 2004. Riga Life is the city's leading English-language portal for Riga, with over three hundred pages of useful information about everything in the city, from cosy cafes, hip bars and fancy restaurants through to reviews and photos of the best Riga hotels and apartments if you need help in choosing or booking your accommodation. Thanks to our IT whizzkids we can even show you the exact location of all the above on our fantastic online Riga map!

As well as presenting you all of Riga's hottest hangouts (and their whereabouts), we endeavour to keep our readers' fingers firmly on the city's pulse, with the latest breaking news, from Riga and Latvia, from the latest in Latvian politics to news from the world of culture, an up-to-the-minute calendar of events with listings of festivals, exhibitions, parties and concerts, and the latest tricks that Mother Nature is pulling on our weather page. We also provide you the chance to talk to Riga residents and ask them tricky questions on our forum.


Of course tourists arriving in Riga Latvia for the first time will want to explore the many legendary attractions this capital has to offer, and we've prepared feature length articles on all the city's major glories. From the beautiful ancient Old Town, with a range of museums and cultural institutions, to the amazing Art Nouveau part of the Central District, we've got you covered!

Here at Riga Life we've aimed to create a website that is easy-to-use, at times irreverent, but always accurate, and we always welcome your comments and suggestions. Just contact us and let us know how we can improve - or even just an encouraging word if you have found the site useful. Many already have, and we appreciate their comments.

That's pretty much it from Riga, Latvia's stunning capital - we hope this site helps you get as much pleasure from the city as we have! Don't forget to print your downloadable PDF guide to Riga before you set off! Meanwhile check out the links on the left, top, and right hand side of the page for everything you could possibly need to know about Riga and life in Latvia - and if you can't find anything just give us a shout.

Best regards from the Riga Life team, from the heart of Riga Latvia!


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United States

Riga is one of the famous summer palace in Austria. Visiting this place can make our trip worth.This is one of the top attractions place for tourists in Europe.The Palace is really very beautiful, and there is so much to see and do there that you can spend a good part of a day there. It was easy to find and I thought it was not too expensive to go there.

Reply Sep 23rd, 2010
United States

Latvia is really amazing and wonderful place to see..This is the place where i should be one in a life time, because this place is one of the adventures, cultural and natural beauty place.Wow! Spending time on this place can make our day unforgettable. Felling like just in heaven. It is one of the best place of Europe. It makes us feel that world is really very beautiful and God is great who has created the world.

Reply Sep 23rd, 2010
United States

Latvia has many place to see such a Riga is a beautiful capital and major tourist attraction place. Tourist loves to visit the Dome Cathedral's building which has a blend of Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance style. Some of the place are costly like climbing on the spire of St Peter's Church for a panoramic view of the city or maybe sip some champagne in the Skyline Bar on top of the Reval hotel are a perfect view of the city.

Reply Sep 23rd, 2010
Caroline Jahn
United Kingdom

In reply to the last comment made - I think it is rather extreme to condemn a whole city or nation as being racist criminals. I'm sure such people exist in every city. The trick is knowing where to go and where to avoid within the cities. It is unfair to paint RIGA this way. I am sorry to hear of the unfortunate circumstances that you found yourself in, but the crime could have just as easily happened in the 'rougher' part of any city. I have always found Latvians to be extremely polite, pleasant and hardworking.

Reply Jun 16th, 2010

WARNING! AWARE OF GOING TO RIGA! British embassy has warned them citizens through the bbc. More than 800 visitors have been victims (have been beaten up and robbed) as the official information says and this is just a part of that what the government cant hide and that what is being published which includes email addresses, phone numbers, names of the bars and nightclubs, its all commercials written by local people themselves and it is just hidden organized criminality what they have share from. And if u turn to them, its just a waste of your time. And what I have experienced myself and my other friends, we can say easy racism and criminality is not only in this uncivilized society, it is even in government, that every smart journalist can investigate easily. And anybody who don't believe, go and find it out yourself (should this country be the member of EU and therefore allowed to this citizens to come to ur country? Decision is up to u

Reply Jun 20th, 2009