Budda Drink & Garden

Budda Drink & Garden
Rynek Główny 6

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Editor's review

Upon entering the impeccably renovated courtyard leading to the bar, you begin to catch the vibes of the smooth music emanating from within. The chilled beat, flavored with hints of native Indian tones, leads you through a stained-glass entrance. The place is a bit tight, but you investigate nonetheless. At once, you note the tall, turban-like structure leading upstairs. Upon closer inspection, you discover it's the perfect setting for a gathering of your "circle" of friends (you'll know when you see it...). The cool colors on the wall keep you in the mood. You accompany that special someone in the cosy vestibule on the side - perfect for a private conversation; besides, the Kama Sutra decor does all the talking (viewer discretion advised). You're home; you're at the Budda Drink & Garden.

Editor & Krakow Local


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Reply Aug 30th, 2023

very beautiful interior... quite stunning, especially the centre raised section


outside is spacious & comfortable

great drinks - bit expensive but it's in the main square so no surprise

Reply May 23rd, 2018
United Kingdom

I have been coming to the Budda bar for the past 10 years, i have watched the renovation work over the years in and around the court yard and i can honestly say ive never experienced any rudeness from the staff, they are very hard working, friendly and polite. They sometimes get groups of single sex drinkers and ive found they tend to make nuisances of themselves and the staff are very tolerant of these beer swilling visitors who make pigs of themselves!!! leer over the young bar staff, mostly married men let on the loose for a weekend of binge drinking!! (rant over)Im back next month with my family for the christmas activities and will pop in to say hello!

Reply Nov 7th, 2012

Hi my name is Adrian and I was part of that Party on Sept. 05 and I was a full witness to the absolute rudeness and bad behavior of the Staff and the so called Manager. The problem started when one of our guests brought a sandwich in into the patio to eat, and the Staff made a high fuss and proceed to ask them to step outside of the pub and into the street, then the Manager came with a high attitude and tried to push the person around. There was no physical abuse to the Staff, on the contrary, it was the staff that was in the face's of the people prosecuting them, just because they ate a small sandwich ( this could of been handled better). All in all, after all that they pushed a big heavy motorcycle from the back and through the Garden Patio and through the Party area, this was ok to do that, but eat a sandwich, well that's too dirty. I'am witting this, because, I hate Liars that make false comments, just to rebut a comment of complaint. As for me, I will never return to this place and tell everyone to stay clear.

Reply Sep 25th, 2012

Ha that's funny Scotty and who are you a friend of the owner, who put you up to this 10 out of 10. Everything I said was the truth and nothing but the truth. No one was drunk and if anyone was rude or physical with your Staff, why was the Police call in or USE YOU SECURTY GUARD... hummm, why not. Your Manager has put you up to this, that arrogant uneducated person... As for you Scotty, I do not know you nor were you part of our group, so back off, you are a pawn in this review... Tony

Reply Sep 25th, 2012
Johnny N
United States

Great spot, warm and cozy but hip vibe. Staff is friendly and responsive, drinks are reasonably priced. Courtyard is awesome. Definitely hit this place up.

Reply Sep 16th, 2012
United States

In response to the review below : the author is making up quite a story !! We were there on this night and his crew was completely belligerent and impolite. The one who didn't get change was completely wasted ... Miisunderstood the waitress and was physically as well as verbally rude to her. The management did their best to fix the situation in all (4 of us) of our opinion . We have been coming here for 4-5 years and make a point of hitting this place every time. Great loungey atmosphere with good music , a nice outdoor section and super friendly staff ..do yourself a favor and don't listen to Tony !!

Reply Sep 15th, 2012

I'am the Organizer for one of the largest Groups in Krakow with about 9,000 Members (sorry no name, for this is my complaint) and we have a large get-together every week at a local Bar or Restaurant. This week we decided to gather at the Buddha Bar & Garden, like we have done in other places for 5 years. Now the decor was nice and up-scale and we negotiated with the Manager for 20% off all drinks. We ended up having about 78 Members show up from all over the World and Krakow.

The service was nice at the start, but a lot of the People companied about, why? was there a small wooded shed with windows at the edge of the sitting chairs with a Guard in it always looking at us, I have to say that we found this very odd, and unsettling in a place like this. My Members was there about 4 hours and since they had " no food, no menu" two went out and brought back sandwiches to eat, they were not a the sitting couches but standing next to the exit, on cobblestone flooring (mind you this was the outside patio). With this one servers came rudely to them eating and told them " to eat outside of the Building" , well that caused a uproar from everyone, then the Rude Manger came also and demanded that they take it out of the building not because of their "no food policy", I have never seen in my Life any type of treatment of Customers before, the Staff could of handled this in a more proper and polite way. By the time the Manager had his say " the sandwiches were eaten and gone" . Soon after this, two of my Members came and said " They do not want to give me a beer because they had NO MORE CHANGE", so off to the Manager again, and what to our surprise did he say " Your Group must be very rich, for they use only 100 and 50 bills, so we have no more change for your beer, then he said " Your 20% discount is now over, so you are welcome to go elsewhere". Also our Members are always polite and no one was drunk nor rude, they are all educated People with the highest of respect. Well that did it, we all left. No food, rude servers, Security Guard and a badly train arrogant Manager, with all the other nice Pubs in the area " We will NEVER set foot in this place again..:( real bad ....Tony

Reply Sep 6th, 2012
Iuliana Arssene

Great cocktails!!

Reply Mar 20th, 2012
roger howarth
United Kingdom

Really nice place to have a drink and chill out, staff are great not a place to miss on your visit to the town

Reply Mar 6th, 2012
United Kingdom

Spent a few chilled out evenings here - one of the best bars in Krakow :) so chilled out and very friendly staff. World class bar.

Reply Feb 4th, 2012
United States

spent a very enjoyable evening at the bar here on Saturday night. Music was ace..very chilled and the setting was too. Nice vodkas, really decent prices and good staff. A lovely bar.

Reply Dec 13th, 2011
paul banning.
United States

nice spot. Service is a bit slow

Reply Nov 10th, 2011
United States

Fabulous place to chill with friends, warm and inviting atmosphere, rich decor, comfortable seating and yeah the sex on the beach was amazing!

Reply Oct 24th, 2011
United Kingdom

absolutely fabulous! i was in krakow with my best mate and we started out every evening here for a couple cocktails. definately reccomend the melong and the mexican coffee. well worth the stop!

Reply Feb 12th, 2010
United Kingdom

Went there during the day on saturday, had a few daiquiri's and was really impressed. That said, went back in the evening with my missus and another couple and was refused entry by the bouncer on the grounds of being too drunk!!! Ordinarily i would say fair enough, but i was stone cold sober...we were gutted, the guy was a real prick about it!!! Next time I'm in Krakow, i will give this place a wide berth

Reply Jul 5th, 2009

Buddha Drink & Garden is a fantastic place. I offer ZEN coctail for you. It's delecious drink :)

Reply Jun 1st, 2009
United Kingdom

This bar is cosy and very warm and welcoming with the best apple mojitos.

Reply Feb 26th, 2008
James Gilmour
United Kingdom

This bar was by far one of the coolest in the whole of Krakow. Set in a courtyard off the main square this place is laid back with great music.

Its a small bar and this gives adds to the cosy relaxing feel. If your in Krakow definately worth a visit - so different from most of the tourist filled places on the square

Reply Jan 17th, 2008
Darren Marsden
United Kingdom

A fantastic little bar woth really friendly and helpful staff. We were in Krakow for 6 days in the last week of Nov / first week of Dec and went in at least twice a day! Krakow was freezing and shin deep in snow, but the bar was always toasty warm and welcoming. Top notch!

Reply Dec 17th, 2007
United Kingdom

The cocktails here are fantastic! A vast array to choose from, all relatively cheap, and all extremely tasty! Lovely atmosphere, drinks by candlelight! Try and get the large round table upstairs - its the best by far!

Reply Oct 23rd, 2007
United Kingdom

Just back from a very hot krakow...went to buddha three times and always a brilliant experience! the decor is lovely and relaxing especially at night,,the great air con helped as it was very hot during our stay in poland. The drink are fab and the service fantastic and very friendly. Paying around 70p for soft drinks/£1.30 a pint--excellent!

Reply Aug 16th, 2007

This club itself is cool, a bit small inside and a bit quiet but worth a pint or two.

Reply Jun 11th, 2007
United Kingdom

Good pub, serving a wide range of cocktails.We managed to get a seat in the 'turbin-like', seating area. Staff were friendly and service was quick.

Reply Mar 14th, 2007
United States

Buddha bar is a very chill place to just lounge around for hours with friends or lovers. the perfect place for a date too - if the murals don't get sex on your date's brain, you must be doing something wrong!

Reply Feb 19th, 2007
United Kingdom

Fabulous place, very chilled and the bar staff are lovely, very friendly. We only saw the one stag party there, otherwise it was a nice, laid back place with locals and tourists alike. Definately a winner.

Reply Feb 19th, 2007
dog in a bag
United Kingdom

yeh! this place is HOT! we sat on the daddy chair upstairs. some rather rude murals on the walls which amused me. So good we went back for more...might even go tonite, why not ladths!! i recommend the absinthe. you get a sachet of sugar & a spoon with it.

Reply Jan 23rd, 2007
Neil Tooley
United Kingdom

We liked this place so much we went on two different days. Originally when I noticed the sign off the court yard, I wrongly assumed it was a Thai restaurant, but is only a bar and a great one at that. Apparently the owner imported much of the decor from Thailand, though the kama sutra frescoes are Indian I think. Anyway, it all went together to create a great place for a beer or coffee. The staff were great too, especially the student surveyor who was into Nick Hornby novels.

Reply Nov 28th, 2006

greate place!!! lovely staff - greetings to all specially for Waski and Krzysiu!! and all ladies!!the best drink is barmanska! i love it.thanks for all

Reply Oct 17th, 2006
United Kingdom

A small yet inviting place! Sitting on a turban with pictures of the Kama Sutra everywhere was good! If it was a bit bigger though it might have been better!

Reply Jun 1st, 2006
Jacinta Mc Creanor

Lovely bar with good service.

Reply May 16th, 2006

A nice place, not too big and not too crowded... Very friendly stuff! Is just a place to have drink at, not smth where you could spend the whole evening.

We were that lucky to meet great guys in there:)))))

Reply Apr 25th, 2006
United Kingdom

This bar is a must for fans of chilled out music. In the summer, you can sit in the garden at nnight with it's dim lighting and enjoy the music, the plethera of stunning beauties and the atmosphere. In the winter, the bar staff are so attractive, you won't mind sitting in the small and cosy bar.

Reply Mar 14th, 2006
Duncan & Jen
United Kingdom

A cool, chilled out place. Really friendly staff and great cocktails. We went there 5 times in out 4 days in Krakow.

Reply Dec 17th, 2005

znalazlem moja milosc Buddzie

Budda jest extra

Reply Dec 8th, 2005

In June 2005 I created budda's website. Still got no money for it. They simply said: "F..k You!!!" to me...


Reply Dec 5th, 2005
United Kingdom

Great stylish place playing chilled music. Staff lovely and helpful.Cocktails good too. This bar would not look out of place in London!

Reply Jul 12th, 2005
United Kingdom

Great stylish place playing chilled music. Staff lovely and helpful.Cocktails good too. This bar would not look out of place in London!

Reply Jul 12th, 2005
United Kingdom

beautiful bar. as others have said, its a magical experience. a great hangout, chilled and comfy. lovely cocktails and drinks, friendly staff. great for small gatherings, and friends. going back in a week, can't wait! everyone who goes to krakow must visit!

Reply Jul 3rd, 2005

Love the budda Bar. If the waitresses wouldnt be so busy serving drinks it would be perfect! SPent a lot of time in the Bar. Say hi to Kasia, Claudia and Gosia. Love from the back guy

Reply Jun 7th, 2005
United Kingdom

went to budda bar a few days ago with my friends, was very impressed had such a great relaxing magical time. If the staff have the time would be wicked to get an email from them

Reply Jun 3rd, 2005
United Kingdom

We spent 5 days in Cracow and on the first night after Maska we hit the Buddha bar, it was a very enjoyable experience as the three waitresses were very helpful in practising with me how to order double tatankas!

Reply May 8th, 2005
Luc Wijnans

Discovered by a friend of mine who lives in Krakow. He thought I'd like it. He was so wrong! I loved it! A really cool hangout. Been there every day. If I ever go back to Krakow, Buddha's the first place I'll go to.

Reply Apr 26th, 2005
martin phellbs

definitelly the most enjoyable place I've ever been to.beautiful staff,great music!recommended!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reply Apr 19th, 2005
United Kingdom

best bar i went to in Krackow, strongly recomend an apple martini, going back again in july cant wait to taste those coctails again

Reply Apr 8th, 2005

A wonderfull place in this world!

Thank you for a great time in Krakow!

"Enchant me!"

Reply Apr 5th, 2005
Paul Holder
United Kingdom

One of the first places we went to also turned out to be one of the coolest. Excellent mulled wine as long as you remember to strain out the cloves with your teeth! Brilliant place just to hang out.

Reply Feb 28th, 2005
Mike Santopietro
United Kingdom

Without doubt the best bar I have ever been to. During the day it is superb for a coffee whilst reading a book or paper (although you will love the hot chocolate). In the evening it is wonderful for beer, cocktails and for having a wonderful time with your friends. The bar staff are not only amongst the prettiest in a city that boasts attractive women as standard, but they are friendly and helpful that is unusual to those of us from England who are not used to this kind of approach to service. I was so impressed I spent more time at this bar than I did at my apartment.

Reply Feb 22nd, 2005

you are so creepy to rate the women like you are rating cocktails. Please change the way you see the world.

Reply May 23rd, 2018
United Kingdom

The discreet buddha bar was the best bar ive ever been to in my life! The staff were so friendly and pretty, they made us feel really welcome. Definately the place to go have fun and loads of cocktails. Totally recommended for a good time or a romantic setting.

Reply Feb 17th, 2005
United Kingdom

wow just got back it was worth looking around the door ways leadign off thats how we found the bar its small enough to seem privet , great drinks and friendly attrative and helpfull staff with a great atmospher very layed back, became our regular bar have to go back again !

thank you buddah bar!

Reply Feb 12th, 2005
peter perenyi
United States

On my way back from Zakopane, Ski Paradise, Poland I visited Krakow Buddha Bar with an old friend by almost a total coincidence. I certainly thought (living in the US) that I better take it easy at my age. But the Buddha Party turned into an off the hook, outta control ageless dance of friendly semi gods. Needless to emphasize the friendliness and prettiness of the Polish. This went beyond anything imaginable even there. One of the best parties of my life. (and maaan I've been to a few) Thanks Jonna and Dominique and all the others I can't recall by name.


Reply Feb 3rd, 2005
United States

I feel like back home in thhe motherland! Buddha Bar is where it's at! Great place to start off the night and excellent wall decorations!

Reply Nov 30th, 2004
United States

Everytime I've been here, I've had a good time. It's kinda private but still right in the mix of the whole city; makes for a good starting/ending place for the evening. Nice walls.

Reply Sep 8th, 2004
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