Paradise Strip Club

Paradise Strip Club
ul. św. Jana 10

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Editor's review

Vibrant, classy, glamorous... and that's just the venue; wait until you meet the dancers who work at Paradise Club in Krakow.

They offer lap dance, pole dance and striptease shows, and will cater for everyone from individual visitors to stag parties. Paradise Club offers private rooms, and of course a well-stocked bar, in a secure and pleasant environment.

The club is easy to find, in the centre of the city, close to the river Wisla. Open seven nights a week until late, and with a welcoming atmosphere all year round, Paradise Club really is a little piece of heaven on earth.

Editor & Krakow Local


not shown

daft question but is there no "restrictions" with the virus? Is that the lapdancing back to normal and open again?

Reply Jul 11th, 2020

Great place for a meal

Reply Aug 15th, 2019

Great place to eat

Reply Aug 15th, 2019

Tramps that drug you and Rob you. I have reported them and they are now being investigated!

Reply Jun 5th, 2019
Petri Liukkonen

Scam. Will take you to private room and try to rip off your money. Stay away from these clubs.

Reply May 29th, 2019
Petri Liukkonen

Did not get tho the end. Expensive. Not worth your time.

Reply May 29th, 2019

May not be this club, may be Diamond, but can’t make out from the street view which it was.

Asked to drink purple shots. After refusing, was forced. Asked to share, at which point dancer replied she’d already had too much. Remember nothing after. Card charged for £2000. Came around in the park at 6am.

Please, if you make the mistake of going, use cash only. Refuse shots and try not to engage too much in convocation with the girls there.

Not only has this experience ruined my trip, but it also has had a major impact on my life, being a person of allow income. Obviously guilt and shame attached also.

Hopefully people will read this and not make the same mistake I did.

Reply May 17th, 2019
United States

Rip off drug merchants. Stay away. Just don't do it. Criminals and have not got a shred of humanity

Reply Apr 1st, 2019

One of the worst strip club. DONT GO!!! The girls are there just to rob from you!! Although a deal is made, they ask more money later. You have to get the girls a drink which is quite expensive and then strike a deal for private room. Although the deal is finalized, in the private room, they again ask for more money.

Complete robbing!! Don’t go!!

Reply Feb 14th, 2019
big gerry
United Kingdom

This club is amazing! :))

Reply Jul 1st, 2018
michael andrews
United Kingdom

fantastic club

Reply Jan 2nd, 2018

Beware !! Don't go. As in previous post, 120 zloty for two minute dance and pushy manager constantly approaching to get you to buy the girl an expensive drink. Also placed two vodka drinks on my table which i didn't ask for. Immediately said i didn't drink it as made me sick. Think if you did give in an drink them, you would be hit with an expensive bill. The constant approaching to buy drinks or dance spoilt the night. On the last approach, said i could have 50 minute dance with girl for 300 zloty. I checked several times about price and time. Yes , she confirmed 50 mins for 300 zloty. Thought now, she is being reasonable, as one can get full sex with girl in cracow for 250 zloty. Anyway, went for dance., but 15 mins manager came in saying dance in finished and 300 zloty was for 15 mins. Wanted to up sell to expensive bottle of wine and full sex with girl for 1800 zloty. This club uses every trick in the book to get the most money out of you for least effort or service. AGAIN, Dont Go!! Generally find polish strip clubs extremely expensive, Everything else in Poland is cheap. Crazy. Must be losing so much return business. Know, I won't be going back.

Reply Dec 31st, 2017

Best place ever, but only for gentelmens. If you're nice, girls can do everything for you

Reply Oct 11th, 2017
United Kingdom

Total garbage this year 3 girls working no atmosphere 120 zloty for a two min dance in a dark room,sticking to the massages from now on.

Reply Jul 10th, 2017
United States

My favouite place in Cracow. Real paradise :) I'll be back!

Reply Jul 6th, 2017
United States

I have been to this lap dancing club many times.

it is one of my favourites

most reviews on here are rubbish and lies

i have never felt in any danger

i am going on sunday and hope to see 'Nika'( girls name is changed as i dont want to put her real name down) a girl i have seen before.

she wanks your cock.

its not cheap but that is what krakow lap dancing clubs are like

go to brothel if you want cheap thrill

if that girl is not there then hopefully an other girl i have seen before

licked her out among other things

if those 2 are not there then hopefully someone esle i can get naughty with


Reply Jul 3rd, 2017

Shut up you must work there or it’s your girlfriend. Licked her out !! A prostitute !! ? You fucking weirdo !! Who licks out a prostitute ? Forget Pedro you should change your name to Desperado .. what a dick head

Reply Jan 21st, 2019

Ha ha!! What an asshole!

Reply Feb 14th, 2019
United Kingdom

They offer free shots but they're spiked with Rohypnol. I've been drugged, robbed and sick ever since!

Reply Jun 28th, 2017

Best strip club ever, lovely girls

Reply Jun 18th, 2017

Paradise to zawsze dobra zabawa. Gdy jestem w Krakowie odwiedzam to miejsce od wielu lat i nigdy się nie zawiodłem, ładne dziewczyny, dobra obsługa, polecam wszystkim.

Reply May 28th, 2017
United States

They will try to make you drunk at all cost so you can leave every penny that you have there!!!

Place to be avoid.

Reply May 20th, 2017

Just forget to add that the bottle of champagne that they were trying to sell was 999 slots .. it is correct, 999 slots... this place is machine to make money one you are dunk.. do not use cards and avoid it at all cost!!!!

Reply May 20th, 2017

The worsest place that you can go for a strip.Avoid it as much as you can!!!

They offer you unlimited drink for 49 slots and even before you drink half of your beer the stripper will come to sit with you ( That was the only thing nice. she was a really beautiful 21 years blond girl) No longer after will come the manager and she will push you as much as she can to "buy a drink" for the stripper for 249 slots. After some talk the stripper agreed to stay at least 20 min in a private room for this price and do whatever I want and agreed to do all my requestes. (Please do not believe on her words) Once you pay, your night mare will start. They will bring a drink for the stripper and another beer and 5 shots for you!!! The stripper will start to say that she can go to the private room only after You drink all the shots. ( they definitely try to make you drunk)Once in the private room , the things will get worse. She will not only accomplish what she has agreed but also after 5 min of strip, another staff will get inside the room and push you to buy a bottle of champagne to give you access for the master suite. I refuse to pay since we had agreed another thing. After some discussion with the staff I paid 70 slot just to get her out of the room. For my surprise, after 4 minutes came the manager offering another drink. I got really annoyed and gave out to both, stripper and manager. The excuse was that there is a camera in the room and they are obliged by the club to do that. Frustrating experience !!!!

Reply May 20th, 2017

Shit man!! Same thing happened with me. Kindly don’t give 5 stars when there is a bad experience!

Reply Feb 14th, 2019

Yeah man

Reply Aug 15th, 2019
United States

ive been before and ALONE and never been drugged.

Thats lies.

I would never use a credit card in any lapdancing establishment.

Kris? did you get any action?

Reply May 4th, 2017

Been there with friends on stag party. Hot girls and good service. You have to visit Paradise Club.

Reply Apr 22nd, 2017
United States

Great place with hot dancers! Had best time over there and planning to be back next time I visit Krakow.

Reply Apr 22nd, 2017

Credit card scammers. Beware!

Reply Mar 28th, 2017

They did it to me as well!!!!

Reply Jul 4th, 2018

Yeah. Added cash to my account the tarts.

Reply Aug 15th, 2019
United Kingdom

Do not go here. They drugged by offering us free shots, probably rohipnol, and use a chip and pin scam to take your pin number and have a go at your cards once you've gone. See the many reviews for VIP Club, we got the same treatment. Now dealing with the Krakow police.

Reply Mar 14th, 2017

this is a good lapdancing club. But like any lapdancing club you have to find the right girl.

And you need to spend more and more money to get what you want.

So its not necessarily cheap.

I found 2 girls i have had sex with.

Butits £25 a lapdance and you can buiy sex from a brothel for that in krakow. £75 you get full intercourse in the uk.

I have not had full intercourse here though. Oral and hand.

Reply Feb 4th, 2017
United Kingdom

Been to this club loads of times and had a great time with the girls every time.Drinks are about 20 zlotty,yes there is someone enoying with a menue trying to get you to buy inflated lady drinks but just tell her politely to fuck off and you will have a great night.just remember to tip the girls every half hour or so.

Reply Nov 30th, 2016
United Kingdom

Terrible place. Ugly girls, rooms so dark you can barely see and an extremely pushy woman running them. Got annoyed and left after a few dances.

Reply Nov 13th, 2016

Seen your missus mark. Fook they must have been rough.

Reply Aug 15th, 2019
Carl Duffy
United Kingdom

the strippers robbed me then the bouncers beat meh up.

Reply Apr 6th, 2015
Jan Kowalski

Byłem w wielu takich miejscach, ale to jest syf ! Byle okraść klienta

Reply Mar 15th, 2015
szczera prawda

These positive feedback unless the owner himself exposes himself, is the worst club in cracow, and do not go there! Mafia !!!

Reply Mar 15th, 2015
United Kingdom

best strip club in Krakow! we're comming every time to this place when we're visiting Krakow!

Reply Mar 12th, 2015

Didnt like it.

Reply Mar 1st, 2015

Great place for all gentlemens ! I was there and it's really cheap, girls are very hot !! all in all fantastic club

Reply Feb 16th, 2015
Max White

Me and my mum and had one of the best mothers day outings i can remember here. great club all round!!!

Reply Mar 11th, 2013
Andrew JM
New Zealand

I Agree!! Life is beautiful right now!!

Reply Jan 31st, 2013

Wonderful life!

Reply Nov 15th, 2012
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