There's no hiding it - Polish is a tough language, any early efforts at which will have you sounding like you're whispering and choking simultaneously. Many Poles, particularly the youth, speak decent English, but that's no excuse not to learn at least a few of those tongue-twisters, so we've included a brief guide at the bottom of this page to get you started, as well as audio translations of key phrases. Powodzenia!

For those who wish to get more involved, there are a host of excellent language schools in Gdansk, many of whom provide translation services, which may be necessary if you plan to stay any length of time in the Tri-City area.

There are a whole range of Polish words which look pretty similar to their English equivalents, so signs such as POLICJA, RESTAURACJA HOTEL and TAXI are hardly going to tax most travellers, but here are a handful of others that may be useful: Kawiarnia - Cafe
Herbaciarnia - Tea House
Ksiegarnia - Book Shop
Mieso - Butchery
Nabial - Dairy products
Sklep - Shop
Prasa - Newsagent
Dworzec - Station
Lotnisko - Airport


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Rama Mohammed from Kenya Reply Jul 4th, 2017

Its a nice n a easy way of learning poish language

Open from Czech Republic Reply Dec 4th, 2015

David,I am a wee bit more north of Krakow so I can't speak about that area but were we are at it can be a struggle. My 5 and 7 year old go to an ireonnatitnal school here but I do work with them here at home as the school is about a year behind compared to the US standards. My teenager we do online school that is based in CA, so it is a bit easier. We have a VERY small expat community here so it a bit of a challenge but Krakow has a good sized expat community so I am sure you will all do fine. Shipping here can be expensive so make sure you bring everything with you! The neat thing about schooling over here is that they will experience things that a typical US child would only imagine. My oldest took Humanities class at university last semester in ND and they were talking about castles churches and such and for the most part he was the only one in his class that had seen in real life what they were learning from a text book!If you have any other questions about moving to Poland don't hesitate to shot me an email.Kelley

Anna from United States Reply Jun 22nd, 2011

Hysterical! Stamp collection ha ha!

brenda from Ireland Reply May 24th, 2009

just about to head to Gdansk for a month , found this site amazing ,thank you :) :)

Jadranko Skeja from Croatia Reply Mar 23rd, 2009

Zaista dobra i korisna stranica.

Jason from United States Reply Sep 23rd, 2008

It should have the translation for " Do you speak english?"

Nicola J Williams from Australia Reply Jul 14th, 2008

Oops, would help if I included my email address - I reside in Sydney, and very excited to be coming to Poland

Nicola J Williams from Australia Reply Jul 14th, 2008

This site is awesome, so good to get all the information you need from one place. I will be visiting Gdansk in 4 weeks and hope to have enough of the language learnt to get by, any tips on speed learning Polish would help. Can anybody tell me if I will have hot days during end August and early September.

lola from Serbia Reply May 25th, 2008

hey who can help me for learn polish plssss i like this language...

farouk from Algeria Reply Apr 14th, 2008

i like all polish people because they are polite n kind people beside they respect the forieger

Slip from United States Reply Dec 29th, 2007

The audio clips are fantastic, thanks for finally adding those. Whose sexy voice is that?

Alfredo from United States Reply Dec 10th, 2007

I am American trying to move to Poland!! I went to Gdansk this summer and fell in love. I see there is another person on here trying to get a job. My polish isn't that Great yet but Im working on it... If anyone can give me a heads up on American companies in Poland. That would be Awesome.. Please e-mail me at Thank, Alfredo

A. Lewis from Egypt Reply Nov 22nd, 2007

Cheers ! finally I got most of what I was looking for in your website,I'm an Egyptian just moved to Gdańsk almost 3 month ago with my polish wife, I've BA degree in English literature and still looking for a job. hope if there anyone to give me a clue where should I search. thanx

alojzi szolis from United States Reply Apr 8th, 2007

I am an American of Polish and Germanic background and plan to travel to both this year. I am trying to learn Polish through a couple of computer programs and enjoy the challenge! I've been to Germany in the past and found it wonderful. I've been looking at Poland through the internet and find it amazing! I can hardly wait to see the homeland of my forefathers! Peace be with all of you!

Kuba from Poland Reply Feb 21st, 2007

Cześć Christina give me your e-mail I can teach You Polish language and You Can learn me English :) My e-mali is love Kuba

christina from United States Reply Feb 18th, 2007

i have learned alot about Gdansk with this website!

gulcan aktas from Turkey Reply Feb 3rd, 2007

I am really interested in polish also in gdansk I have explored your page it is so informative I will go to gdansk and learn polish so interested hope ewrything will be fine....