Money advice - Warsaw

Probably the best option available, most of them offer services in English. Rates are generally fair, though your home bank will probably charge you a commission for each transaction. As in any major city, use the normal precautions when taking out money in a public place.

It can be confusing for visitors to a new country, and unfortunately, there are a few who are all too keen to take advantage of this. Here are some suggestions to help you avoid the common pitfalls.

Bureaux de Change (Kantor)

Bureaux de change in the city centre, are notorious for giving hopeless rates. The age old trick is to insert an extra zero on their list of rates. A rate of 5.0889, is easily read as 5.889. Visitors fall for this time and again. Once you are wise to this, have fun spotting all the scammers! In general, rates improve the further away from the centre you go. If there is sufficient demand for it, warsaw-life will introduce a daily list of the best rates around. Just contact us and let us know!


Poles don't use credit and debit cards to the same extent as in Western Europe or the States, and cheque books are almost non-existent, so expect fairly long queues in all the major banks. In addition, you normally have to have your details checked at one desk, and collect your money from another. Best avoided if possible.

Credit Cards & Traveller's Cheques

Don't assume that your hotel will take cards, though things are rapidly improving in this area. Cash is still king in Poland, so make sure you have discussed payment with your hosts before you dash for the plane. Most shops and upmarket restaurants are switching to plastic - look out for Visa/Mastercard stickers (or lack thereof) on restaurant doors.


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Jack from Canada

I do hope that Poland will stay away from the Euro as it is going to be detrimental to its economy, look what is happening to the PIGS, Spain,Ireland, Greece and Portugal.

Reply Nov 9th, 2011

Sooner or later it will because it has to ;-) It's the EU law ...

Reply Nov 26th, 2009
United States

They said the same think back in 2006,don't beleve that Euro mone will hit this country!

Reply Sep 28th, 2009

No, the euro will probably replace z³oty on January 1st 2012 :)

Reply Jan 18th, 2009
United States

i hear the euro is scheduled for poland around 2010????

Reply Nov 19th, 2008
United States

the money they have in warsaw looks very cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reply Apr 18th, 2008