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Editor's review

Everyone is welcome in the Sogo Club, the largest 1300m2 American style night club in Poland. No expense spared on this recently upgraded and very classy place. State of the art audio, video and visual effects, loads of neon, huge plasma screens, comfortable sofas, a myriad of rooms and VIP lairs, bars and restaurants with a sizzling food and drinks menu, all spread out over two floors. Oh yes, speaking of spread out and sizzling, did we forget to mention the over 100 hot erotic entertainers of the female persuasion who are on hand to convert you from being a normal everyday guy into a quivering wreck of desire? Thank God for the equally state of the art climate control system to help cool you down! Don't forget to check out also the new, more exclusive part of the Sogo Club- Sogo Gold Club. It is a place of high standard, designed for guests who appreciate intimacy and high quality service. Club is a non-smoking area. Sogo Gold Club covers 300m2 space of main hall with generously stocked bar... More information to be found on the website.

Editor & Warsaw Local


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Ignore the fake 'good' reviews on Google. Notice that recent ones come within 3mins of each other - clearly they were asking their employees/friends to leave fake reviews. If you have been drink-spiked / harmed / robbed by SOGO, leave a review on Google to tell the world. Do this, tell your embassy if you are foreign, tell the police and local politicians if you are Polish - the only way to make these evil people pay for their crimes is to put the spotlight on them.

Reply Aug 25th, 2023

Drugged in this dangerous mafia "club", lost so much money. They all deserve prison. DO NOT GO HERE

Reply Aug 21st, 2023
Fucking Sogo scum

Sogo, if you're reading this: prepare for hell. Your karma will come, when you don't expect it. Maybe it will be a fire bomb. Maybe your bouncers will find themselves on the wrong end of a knife blade on a dark night. But you will get what you deserve, for drugging and violating so many innocent people. So, enjoy waiting for it to happen :)

Reply Jul 22nd, 2023

mofia group, they took my money by giving drugs in the drinks, very dangerous place.

Reply May 4th, 2023


Reply Feb 19th, 2023

Very, very bad people. They will slip you date rape drugs and make you transfer thousands from your bank accounts. Don't go here, they are mafia.

Reply Jul 15th, 2022
Arno Wellens

Heaven on earth

Reply Apr 18th, 2021

Nice girls, relax atmosphere at the bar. You pay for what you have....a lapdance. For more or credit cards payments only retards may dream that its gonna be fair.... pay cash for few minutes, have a beer, and go to escort for more dont be dumb

Reply Oct 13th, 2017

Bad place!!!

Reply Jun 21st, 2017

Been there a couple of Times a year. Well some really sexy and hot girls which offer a lot of nude for a reasonable price. But if you go there drunk and flashing cash be prepare to be rip offed. Do not ever use credit card as payment always cash. My favorite place in Warsaw.

Reply Jun 4th, 2017
United States

DO NOT GO THERE!!! !!!!!This place is a con, you will not get what you are paying for and as for me and several others.

Reply Mar 27th, 2017

Cheaters! You'll loose a lot of money if you give your credit card! Never Do that! They are very professional. Not éven the pokice was able to help me. Do not go there!

Reply Feb 4th, 2017

1400e scam for me. Said the card didn't work and made me use it many times. As I was wasted it was easy.

Reply Jan 4th, 2017

Total rip off. The one Star ratings are representative. Attractive girls but very aggressive when it comes to get to your pockets. Lap dance is zl 100 if you negotiate good enough you can get it for zl 50. The rest is just hopeless promises...

Reply Jul 3rd, 2016

Shittiest club ever! Biggest scam that i ve experienced. Costed me more than 700 EUR in 3 hours for some shitty lapdances and always fake promesses that we would do more.

Reply May 28th, 2016
bad ass
United States

A big scam. Be carefull. Those girls will take your money, and their bosses gonna protect them. All the 1star comments are real and otentic. all 5 stars were sent by owners.

Reply Apr 1st, 2016

Been there a week ago with a friend. The grils charged 500zl for sex. Took us to a private room, then started lap dancing. After the girls wished us a drink for 100zl each, they continued lap dancing. When we complained, they said that we bought a private dance, even though it was super cleaer what we wished for. The female manager cooporate with the girls, and our complaints were declained. Super fraud, dont go there.

Reply Mar 6th, 2016

1 big scam. Professional cheaters. Dont believe any good comments written. This is a sheety place

Reply Mar 6th, 2016

Dont believe for thr people giving 5 stars. Those are implented people from the club. Sogo is a rip off and a big one!

Reply Mar 6th, 2016
United States


Its worst ripoff. Dont go there, they bring beautiful girla who promise u sex and still your money. If i xould give o stars i would. They ask 500 for sex and eztra 100 for a drink.

Reply Mar 6th, 2016

This is the worst ripoff that you can imagine!!!

Reply Jan 23rd, 2016

This is a big scam they cheated me 5500 pln in 30 min

Reply Jan 8th, 2016
United Kingdom

Guys, don't even think about going to that place: terrible girls and unfriendly stuff.

Reply Jan 5th, 2016
United Kingdom

This is my experiance. I paid by debit card and they charged my £550 for a bottle. I complained and they usherred me out. And was that. This is a common theame with people in that place. They inform you that you will pay in local currency and put it down in pounds, USD or anything higher then the Polish ZL. These people are a bunch of theafing unfair CUNTS!

Reply Sep 15th, 2015

It is a pitty that i have to select one star, because even that is to much.

A total scam !!! Avoid it.

Funny thing: when I was driven to that place, my taxidriver told me 'it is a shit club'.

Sadly I didn't believe him.

Cost to enter: 30 ZL.

When I entered place looked very ugly. Almost 20 girls.

Was approached by one very aggresive bitch.

Very bad English, always repeating: 'lap dance' 'lap dance'

She pulled me to the corner and I had my lapdance for 50 ZL.

After 3 minutes, 'sex with me' 'sex with me'. 500 ZL one hour room.

I said no. Then new offer 200 ZL.

Ok we went to other place. ... there I had to pay 100 ZL to enter.

We were in 'gold something'.

Started lap dance again. and then the most funny thing: you condom?

No I don't have condom with me ... Ok, no sex ...

So 15 minutes later, back on the street and ... 380 ZL gone ...

So only one advice: NEVER GO THERE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A complete RIP OFF !!!

And that to know that the average price for a decent escort is 200 ZL !!!

Reply Sep 5th, 2015

Never enter here!!! it's only a scam!!

They use any trick to steal your money.

The girls are very aggressive and does not leave you alone for even five minutes.

I was drunk and I paid by credit card , they charged me 10 times the amount . We went to fight with the manager but was rifutato give me back the money .

Reply Aug 11th, 2015

These girls are only interested in your money. You will never get what you are paying for. They have to reach their monthly quota.... That's all...

Reply Jul 22nd, 2015
United Kingdom

Got back from Poland today after a weekend in Wroclaw ( 20-07-2015 ).

Quality club girls are great and as for getting ripped off I didn't and more fool people what pay on cards are these people real !!!!! You must go to this club

Reply Jul 20th, 2015
United Kingdom

Avoid! They ripped my cards off for £10,000!!!!!!!! They will do anything to get your card and as all the other reviews say they add 00 to transactions! Had to get all my cards stopped and accounts frozen. The girls will offer extras that never happen

Reply May 26th, 2015
Sogo fraud

DO NOT GO THERE! This place is a con, you will not get what you are paying for and as for me and several others, THEY WILL OVERCHARGE YOUR CREDITCARD!!!! 1200 euro instead of 120! Had to block my card.

Reply May 16th, 2015

FRAUD! They charge 10 times agreed price

Reply Apr 16th, 2015
Czech Republic

Stay away from here. Don't use credit cards at all. They ran a $1000 charge for instead of $100, and when I confronted them, they lied saying that the credit charge did not happen. I had fraud alert sent to my email, and had to shut off card. Liars. The security goons tell me this is mafia location. Only idiots would go here.

Reply Jan 31st, 2015

its a complete con, these women will rob you and the security were extremely abusive when I confronted them. stay the hell away from this place, I will tell you. the women will charm you way to the VIP area and will not do what is agreed. my rights have been violated and they got away with it, I was so humiliated. I made a police complaint

Reply Jul 10th, 2014
Danny boy
United Kingdom

very demanding and dishonest girls. they will rip you off and play mind games with you by making a lot of hidden charges for example pressuring you to buy lots of expensive champagne during the agreed time or they will not do what was agreed. so what was promised and agreed to me, I did not get. I spoke to the manager she kept saying "it is normal, it's how they make money" they clearly don't care about their customers.

Reply Jul 7th, 2014
United Kingdom

I fell for the same "you can do anything to me in the VIP area" trick. Paid 399 zloty only to be asked for another 400 .

It's all a con.

The next day I visited the most amazing escort for 200zloty/hour.Sogo is just dancing.

Reply Jan 25th, 2014

I surely recommend Sogo for persons wishing relaxing atmosphere and strip dance with beautiful ladies. My love there is Mariela from Poland, she is very sexy, love her style of communication, next time being there I wish I could meet her again...

Reply Jun 21st, 2012

I went in with low expectations but I came out feeling 'satisfied'! I had an amazing girl and she took me to a private room. I am GOING BACK!!

Reply Apr 8th, 2013

Beatiful and friendly girls and a lot of them. Fully naked and intimate dances. High energy and fun. This is the way striptease should be enjoyed.

Reply Apr 3rd, 2013

100 zl enough for lap dance.dont want more because they do nothing more :)

Reply May 14th, 2012
United States

Its a good night club with some hot dancers. I dont know why people think they can go all the way in this kind of places and then complain if nothing happens.

Reply Aug 19th, 2011

Not a good place, they said more would happend and tricked all three of us, we got uppstairs and had to pay 350 pln and when we came up we had to pay another 350. And nothing happens. BE AWARE!

Reply Aug 18th, 2011
United States

massive place with nice girls. Perfect for those who enjoy intimacy as well as good fun on the stag night.

Reply Aug 16th, 2011
United States

satisfied with the place. touching allowed = WIN

Reply Jul 26th, 2011
United States

good place, good girls

Reply Jul 4th, 2011
United States

Wow, did not have the bad time of the below 5 or so reviews. Big nice looking club, but Sat night was packed with people. Did the 50 pln lap dance on first floor and was nude and good for open public. Talked to the dancer for a while before doing the 350 pln private upstairs. Full nude and did a lot better than the other peoples reviews. She did what was agreed upon and treated me very well... Knew not to use credit card (warned beforehand) It all depends on what you are looking for... You could have an escort come to your room for the same price and do more>>.

Reply May 22nd, 2011
me myself and i

first, if you expect to get something more than a dance, you're wrong...nothing will happen there, second, private dance too expensive ( about 350 zl= 85 euros ) BE CARE WITH THE GROUP OF GIRLS FROM BELARUS!!!! and another think... DONT PAY WITH CARD, THE BARTENDERS WILL OVERCHARGE U... if you go there, get some alcohol, but dont expend money on value added

Reply Mar 27th, 2011
Adam Z
United States

The girls tricked us by saying that we could do anything to them in the VIP-area. Nothing happens here! Massive fail..

Reply Jan 27th, 2011
Paul Smith
United Kingdom

Even with entrance fee and drinks paid for me, I found this place seedy and tedious. If heavily made-up girls ritualistically bearing their breasts and brazilians whilst faking a sexy dance turns you on, then give it a go. However, there wont be enough alcohol in the cocktails to prevent you from hoping that a fair number of the 'girls' keep their clothes on and their hands to themselves!

Reply Oct 4th, 2010
Mr. Hoggaz

Kraftigt her. Fekk Hoggaz.

Reply Apr 14th, 2010
United Kingdom

I had an awsome time at the Sogo Night Club. Gorges and friendly girls and terific atmosfere. This will be my place of choice when visiting Warsaw. I highly recommend Sogo

Reply Feb 9th, 2009

Really great girls I love POLSKA

Reply Jan 26th, 2009
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