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Whether you're simply spoiling yourself or trying to track down that perfect present for Auntie Noreen, its always difficult to know where to begin when you're in an unfamiliar city. Here are some ideas to get you started as well as a couple of tips about the best places to pick up good books and newspapers.

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Rynek Główny 1/3, Sukiennice (stall nr 23, 29, 36)
ul. Bocheńska 7

18. Idea Fix

43 reviews
A. Różańskiego 32, Modlniczka

19. Factory Futura Park

17 reviews
Rynek Główny 1

20. Sukiennice

6 reviews
ul. Krupnicza 21

21. Sklep Natura

2 reviews
ul. Szpitalna 24

22. - Tea House

2 reviews
ul. Romanowicza 5/LU8b

23. Pochlebstwo

2 reviews
ul. Dolnych Młynów 10

24. Tytano

1 review
ul. Grodzka 60, ul. św. Jana 2

26. Boruni Amber Gallery

2 reviews
ul. Wielopole 12

27. GLASSERIUM art gallery

2 reviews
ul. Jozefa 11

28. Vintage Classics

1 review
ul. Józefa 3

29. Mapaya

1 review
ul. Floriańska 13

30. - Tea House

0 reviews
ul. Sławkowska 16

31. Galilu

0 reviews
Rynek Główny 12

32. L'Occitane

0 reviews

Krakow is changing all the time and individual stores with real character are opening up week in week out so it shouldn't be a problem to find what you're after (or a nice surprise that you weren't expecting!). Of course if you prefer the shopping mall experience then Galeria Kazimierz, Galeria Krakowska and the newly opened Bonarka City Centre are essential ports of call.

Reviews about Shops and shopping

love this place!!! especially the oysters & scallops. so hard to find fresh like this in Krakow! and there's such a lovely atmosphere.

Art & Food Bazaar

The perfect place to find a new book! Fantastic for foreigners who love to read but have trouble finding books written in English - diverse selection of literature in the English language (also Spanish & French & maybe something else). Witek was very friendly, intelligent and helped me to choose a Stanisław Lem book to read. I was impressed by the low prices having found English translations of Polish books relatively hard to find and quite expensive elsewhere. As a former English teacher I was also impressed by the selection of language learning materials and I wish I had known about this shop before! Will be back for more novels and for materials to help me improve my Polish :)


got some great books here

Massolit Books

Galeria LueLue

Rzeczy Same - Polish Design

Kogel Mogel

i like it, never had any problems, nice brands

Sneaker Studio

love this market :) My wardrobe loves it too :) I'm very sad when I miss it :( So is my wardrobe :(

Kogel Mogel

beautiful products! I come here often.

Targ Pietruszkowy parsley-market

ahhh unfortunately they will close in 2 years i heard so everyone make the most of it now! eat! party! drink! fall in love!!!