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Editor's review

Krakow's premiere haven for shoppers comes in the form of a state of the art, gigantic shopping centre located adjacent to the city's Main Train Station. The complex was barely finished at the tail end of 2006 when it became a favorite of shoppers both visiting and living in Krakow. And no wonder - its 270 stores offer a vast selection of everything from fashion to gadgets to high-end grocery shopping, while its prime location right next to the Old Town make it a convenient place to stop for a quick shopping fix.

Editor & Krakow Local


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Jan Liljeberg

Lost wallet with important documents, should bee sent EXPRESS TO THE POLICE!!! Not 1-3 months later!

Reply Dec 8th, 2021

Traumatised by visit to the shopping centre. I had a coffee at one of the cafes. A few meters away on the seat a man was sleeping, one of his shoes was lying next to him. Four security guards appear after a while and approached him. They assumed that he was drunk as they shouted at him, drag him and one of them was kicking his shoes along and laughing while they went off with him. Horrible and disrespectfull behaviour. I was extremely upset by the way it. Hope the man is Ok. Even if he was drunk he deserves respect.

Reply Apr 10th, 2019

Pretty good selection of stores, toilets are always very busy with long lines but otherwise no complaints.

Reply May 23rd, 2018

Not a big fan of shopping centres, but this has transformed a really shabby part of town into something worth visiting. Full of big brand shops as well as local stores, the prices can be a lot cheaper on some brands than for the same items in the UK! Some people even fly over here just to do their shopping and it still works out cheaper... free wifi, lots of cafes, a food court and one or two reasonable restaurants make this a place to visit for a few hours, but unlike the other big shopping centres in Krakow, no cinema...

Reply Feb 19th, 2018
United Kingdom

Great shopping mall! Could have spent all day there!

Reply Nov 6th, 2016
Isobel Bentley
United Kingdom

Stayed in Krakow for 2 nights 3 days in April 2015 and had a fabulous time expecially in The Galeria Shopping centre . Its huge with some great shops and lovely eating places . will be returning again soon i hope .

Reply Apr 23rd, 2015

place to be ,massive

Reply Mar 26th, 2015

excellence place to spend a afternoon, mind you the heat in the place after comeing in from the cold is some thing else, . all my favorite shops in one location

just great.

Reply Jan 16th, 2014

Hi everyone,

I really like "Galeria Krakowska". I go through this mall twice a day but still it's interesting to me because there are so many stores and i find new things in there everyday. The mall itself has a lot of positive features for attracting people, you can find almost anything there with any brand. Clothing stores, restaurants, coffee shops, drugstores, bookstores and even laundries and so on..! It's huge but still you never get lost because of the simple structure of the building. But i think the best thing about Galeria Krakowska is that it's placed right in the center so you can easily get to it by trams or buses, you can walk to there even after spending sometime in the old town, it's only a 5minute walk. The only thing that i think the mall lacks (comparing to another big mall, Galeria Kazimierz) is that there's no theater (like cinema city) in there. But overall, i give it a 9, because of the nice foodcourt, variety of shops, easy access, very clean bathrooms and the atmosphere. You have to check this place out if you haven't so far.

Have fun :)

Reply Feb 8th, 2013
Monika Krysinska

My daughter and I love it! We are in Krakow every year and certainly make sure to go and visit Galeria! It has a large variety of stores and so many cozy cafés...

Now, all of you people who try to solve your anger management problems by being critical, nasty and negative: your comments are pitiful. For example, those of you criticising 'poor service' -- I am sorry it is not up to your standards but who is to say that Poland should adopt your ways? When are you going to understand that just because something is different than what you are used to, it does not mean it is better or worse? Polish people, much like the French (also criticized for their 'rudeness') are not fake: they won't smile excessively for the sake of looking good in your eyes -- to them that would be phony. Laughing excessively is perceived as simple and even idiotic. You won't change a country's mentality by criticising them -- you either accept it or you leave. But know that your ways may seem just as awkward to them as theirs do to you. And leave it there: don't correct them, you'll just waste your energy. It is as though someone came to your country and not only told you to stop doing something you have been accustomed to doing for centuries, but ridiculed it and suggested that you now need to change your ways drastically -- would you listen? You'd tell them to go home... Travelling requires for your mind to open up and for your senses to be geared towards positivity. Despite the fact that I have now lived in Canada for 22 years, I still know how to speak to Polish people and I don't try to correct them. Being accepting is a part of one's personal success in everything we undertake.

Reply Oct 28th, 2012
United States

its good

Reply Jun 21st, 2012

its ok

Reply Jun 19th, 2012
United States

some of dese reviews are very harsh it's brillant i would highly recommend it

Reply Jun 19th, 2012

there's even a train station !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reply Jun 19th, 2012
emma o'brein
United Kingdom

tons of great shops and lots of nice food shops

Reply Jun 19th, 2012
United Kingdom

loads of lovely places to eat an amazing ice cream place tons of shops

Reply Jun 19th, 2012
United States

its brill

Reply Jun 18th, 2012
United Kingdom

Nice shopping center, but too many fashion shops! And it would be cool if there was more entertainment like a place to play video games or a pub!

Reply Mar 21st, 2012
Iuliana Arsene

This place is huge and so close to the centre! It has a lot of shops with a good variety, but some of the prices are a little high! I did find some good bargains though!

Reply Mar 20th, 2012
United Kingdom

I got pickpocketed whilst enjoying an ice cream near the basement escalators in an ice cream parlour. There are no security cameras in the parlour or on the East side of the mall. Why not ? It ruined my visit to Krakow !

Reply Feb 24th, 2012
United States

Watch out for pickpockets. They seem to hang around here. Often in small groups, with one trying to distract you whilst another searches your bag. Be careful.

Reply Feb 18th, 2012
United Kingdom

Another faceless mall! Avoid! If you are travelling to Krakow on holiday, spend your time in the Old Town and don't waste it here.

Reply Feb 13th, 2012

I have been in malls in Germany, USA, Poland and Turkey, and Galeria Krakowska was the best. and when people don't like malls, they should go to the centre of the city for shopping.

well, @ ewa, poland (and every other european country i have been) is much cleaner and more modern than every place I have been in in turkey (antalya, alanya).

Reply Dec 2nd, 2011
United Kingdom

Great place from shopping and we found lots of good places to eat too. It seemed to be very popular. Clean and well-cared for mall.

Reply Jul 2nd, 2011

I agree Robert from Netherlands. It's real, this piece of bad architecture is pulling shops out of the city centre, where are banks etc. This phenomenon is across the Poland ;/

Reply Apr 22nd, 2011
William Beaulieu
United States

Galeria Krakowska was not a bad place at all ! I wasnt far from this spot and found its supermarket cheaper for booze and little stuff than other places,and I enjoyed "people watching " here!!!

Reply Mar 19th, 2011
United Kingdom

Robert - what a ridiculous comment! Obviously you never saw this place before they built Galeria Krakowska - it was a horrid, run-down area that served no-one well and had high levels of crime! Nothing is stopping you getting to the stations - you can either go round the mall, or THROUGH it as there is a special passage to the station. And if you are waiting a while for a train or bus, so much the better doing it here than elsewhere. Have a look at some pictures of what it used to be like, and I'm sure you'd change your mind!

Reply Feb 21st, 2011

it's a mall, and for a mall not a very good one. Not a very beautiful one, either. Why is this huge chunk of concrete blocking the way to the trains and buses? It's not even possible to go around it, without making an extra kilometre or two. And worst of all, it's pulling shops out of the real town centre, you know.. the one around the Rynek Glowny. What capital mistake by the city government..

Reply Feb 20th, 2011
United Kingdom

This is an excellent place to shop, eat and generally have fun. I thought it was mush better-stocked and cleaner than most of the shopping malls we have back in the states. I am of Polish descent, and was really proud that such good facilities for visitors are now available in Krakow.

Reply Feb 17th, 2011
United Kingdom

I found this to be by far the best shopping centre in Krakow. Great location, easy to find your way around, and good selection of shops and restaurants. We had excellent sushi here!

Reply Jan 14th, 2011
United Kingdom

Let's not go over the top, but this is such a HUGE improvement over the total mess that was here before. Lots of brand shops are not necessarily my cup of tea, but there are some decent places to shop, and it is clean and warm!

Reply Dec 14th, 2010
United Kingdom

My feelings are clear and unmixed.

For UK citizens this place is the dull, dross monotony that is served up in shopping centres all over the UK.

There's even a similar air of hateful negativety that you receive when you enter. Fellow shoppers to passes through as similiarly rude and many staff appear similarly grey, broken and basically in employment feeling hateful.

Still, if your thing is, Meadow Hall, Blue Water or West Quay, Sheffield, Dartford and Southampton respectively, and to name but a few, then you'll know what to expect and this is the place for you.

There's the usual array of lifeless globalised shopping chains and of course a number of more local one's which may at least make any encounter more palattable that it otherwise would be.

3-levels, ohh and if your hoping it has a large Carrefour supermarket you'll be nicely dissapointed, more Netto grot that Carrefour hypermarket monstrosity.

The main benefit of this place is as a warm cut through in cold or bad weather to the train.

Pity its style and location simply detract from the Train Station it now dwarfs.

Reply Nov 1st, 2010
United States

Krakow is my home city. I try to be here yearly and often wonder where I would take my friends from abroad. I like Galeria Krakowska for coffee, quick bite & jewelry shops but sometimes staff in bigger stores is really not helpful & rude. I was at Rossman today & left very discouraged with my fellow-countrymen.

Generally I love city, cozy places although in big chain stores customer service is poor.

Reply Oct 22nd, 2010

I'm glad to hear someone else comment on the polish service. Some staff were so unhelpful in shops and table service is was so slow

Reply Oct 17th, 2010
United Kingdom

Mmm.. mixed feelings about this place, it's relatively new but already seems out of date. There definitely is an issue with the bathroom facilities. But if you're after serious shopping you are better off at Bonarka. This place was good but now Bonarka popped up it's rather weak in comparison. Although this shopping mall is placed in the city center. It does tend to get pretty claustra, but it's the only place to shop for big brands in the center of town.

Reply Sep 28th, 2010
Stevie B
United Kingdom

Huge, clean mall with really good shops. I must say it is much smarter than a lot of the shopping malls we have back in the UK. It will be even better when they clean up the train station next door.

Reply Sep 24th, 2010

Helllllloooooo it's a shopping mall, did you expect it to be made of straw? And toilets usually stink ,never heard of any humans crapping out daisies .....ooops except for Turkey I suppose .

Reply Aug 29th, 2010

This place is a complete disaster. Only two toilets in the mall..both stink, are crowded and even charge you 50 grosz..Pitiful..I don't know what the cleaners even get paid for. Second of all...the actualy centre is ugly...has no style or class at all..just a bunch of shops in an ugly building. The service is is in all of Poland. Complete and utter failure when it comes to shopping malls. Even the worst mall in Turkey is better than this. The Polish could learn a lot when it comes to building malls, roads, housing or anything else for that matter. And I am saying this despite being Polish myself. Shame.

Reply Aug 4th, 2010

Shame on you for being Polish and writing such disgraceful comments about Poland and Polish ways. You are the one who has lots to learn, my dear.

Reply Mar 3rd, 2018
Paul Bingham
United Kingdom total prat!!!! Maybe some people actually visit here because we work here,,,,and nearly got lost's 2 levels with exits at either end!!!!!! You total MUPPET Get a life!

Reply Jul 25th, 2010

Visited Krakow and the Mall this past May. Had a great time, love the Mall. Too bad one of the pervious writer from England did not like it. Sure it's big and sure you can get lost, but I can say the same for London!!!

Reply Jul 15th, 2010

edguy ,you have an outdated mentality. how old are you likely .......... 60?

Reply Jun 10th, 2010

Galeria Krakowska it's a place that I wish I have more time and money to spent, awesome mall

Reply May 27th, 2010
United Kingdom

Terrible place. Easy to get lost and I nearly started to panic trying to find a way out as its so massive. Why anyone would travel thousands of miles to then visit a place that they can find just around the corner makes no sense to me. If you get excited by shopping centres then stay at home, spend all your time in the one in your nearest big city and you wont have any jet lag.

Reply Apr 28th, 2010

Lol And who FORCED you to go there?

Next time, get a map. Or use navigation in your phone if you get lost so easily.

Reply Mar 3rd, 2018

Hello Galeria ! I love it !!!!!

Next time in July i get more money $

with me .

Reply Apr 12th, 2010

great mall, i loved shopping there. the food court too was awesome.. love it

Reply Mar 19th, 2010
Bob Atkin
United Kingdom

A very good shopping centre but I wish the security guards would spend less time chatting up women and pay more attention to dealing with the beggars who come round the first floor meal tables, pestering when one is trying to eat. This is totally unacceptable and I came close to losing my temper with one of the begging parasites.

Reply Mar 8th, 2010

Galeria Krakowska is a monstrous concrete and plate glass bunker which intrudes and imposes upon the Austro-Hungarian period Main Railway Station.

This gallery of kitsch, escalators and muzak is also replete with "Galerianki", girls who hire their bodies in return for consumer goods.

Galeria Krakowska is also full of garish light, meaningless promotional stunts, overheated air conditioning and doltish consumerbots who mill around in awe without even buying anything.

Oddly, the sliding glass entry door has a list of symbols prohibiting varuois activities. One is taking photos ( why ?) and the other is carrying a hand gun.

Reply Dec 22nd, 2009
United Kingdom

what a amazing building it realy does have it all under 1 roof a great place to get dragged to by your other half and not be bored haha

Reply Sep 8th, 2009
United Kingdom

this place is amuzing !!! but I can't wait when they open Bonarka City Center

Reply Jul 19th, 2009

Very good place I found in Poland, Krakowska

Reply Jul 19th, 2009
United Kingdom

amazen loved it would defo go again!!!there r so many shops ter nd so easily 2 get lost ter!!!ter is gr8 cafes ter as of resturants nd would love 2 live in de shoppen center nd spend thousands if i had thousands!!!!!lol

Reply Jun 30th, 2009
United Kingdom

amazen loved it would defo go again!!!there r so many shops ter nd so easily 2 get lost ter!!!ter is gr8 cafes ter as of resturants nd would love 2 live in de shoppen center nd spend thousands if i had thousands!!!!!lol

Reply Jun 30th, 2009
Mike Zawadzki
United Kingdom

I watched the building rise out of the ground over several visits to Krakow. Last time I was there, we had the opportunity to wander around the finished article. Pleasant experience and great cafe at first floor.

Reply Jun 8th, 2009
Liz Hayes

i absolutly loved it, it was fabulous, but i would a while to get around all the shops!!!

Reply Apr 22nd, 2009

A great place to shop for the best deals on just about anything... Awesome!

Reply Apr 18th, 2009
United Kingdom

Wow. I Loved This Place! Almost Got Lost In It! I Went To Krakow With My School For A History Trip And Durning Free Time, We All Headed To The Galeria. There's A Shop In There Called Six With The Most Immense Jewlerry In It. Wouldn't Mind Going Back There Again.

Reply Mar 29th, 2009
United Kingdom

Excellent place, with loads of interesting shops, lots to see and many places to eat, well worth spending the whole day there.

Reply Mar 24th, 2009
United States

Having been to Krakow 4 times, and loving the city The Gallarie is great. It adds 21st Century with 12th Century Charm of Krakow; I can't wait to go back.

Reply Feb 18th, 2009
United Kingdom

It is much bigger, better and a lot cleaner than most of the malls back in the UK. Some things are a bit more expensive, like electrical goods, but I found a few bargains in there. Would be great if it had a cinema!

Reply Feb 18th, 2009

I'm lovinnn it!!! it was great,everyone can find his/her Eldorado at Krakowskaaaa:x:x:x:x

Reply Feb 12th, 2009
United Kingdom

For anyone who lives in the UK, this place is "like" Cribbs Causeway - only waaay better! Bit big, bit confusing when you try to go to the toilet and find your friends again - everywhere looks the same!

Some good shops, and omg GORGEOUS ice cream stand on the bottom floor, 2.20 zlotty per scoop; usual suspects such as vanilla, mint choc, but also smerfy (which is bubblegum flavour and well nice) banana (which is quite sickly and has an odd lip-balm taste to it) but still very nice.

Like I say, a wide selections of shops at fairly reasonable prices ;-) and a very cute guy in Dichmann's shoes

Reply Feb 3rd, 2009
United States

overcrowded - ok, but claustrophobic? at least you can buy everything at one place (that's important when there is -20 outside).

Reply Jan 13th, 2009
Jorgen Noras

It's surely OK for those who love such places. For other people it was hot, overcrowded, claustrofobic and crazy. It was lovely to get out and breathe fresh air!

Reply Dec 7th, 2008

Welcome to heaven ladies!

But the center was closed on 11.nov.

Reply Nov 11th, 2008

Awesome city,many nationalities,great architecture,wonderful square and the best shopping center ever!Paradise for me

Reply Nov 11th, 2008
United Kingdom

might someone be able to explain how and why sportswear is 4 times more expensive than in the uk? 140 QUID FOR SOME ADIDAS GAZELLES ... GROW UP!

Reply Oct 6th, 2008

The best ever

Reply Sep 30th, 2008

i met a girl there and i like her and still remepmber her plz call me 0021625149421 i dressed red t-shirt

Reply Aug 26th, 2008
Brenda Rollins

We shopped our Canadian hearts out. My family and I were in Krakow last month and we truly had a blast shopping in the mall. Lots of things that we wouldn\'t find in Canada for the prices we paid in Krakow and lots of variety too. Thank you From Halifax, Nova Scotia

Reply Aug 13th, 2008
United States

Krakow is the place to be. The mall offers a unique niche of products you wouldn't find anywhere else. I'm going there again and I hope there will be many more shops open.

Reply Jul 15th, 2008
Conor Dalton

I travelled to Poland recently and stay in the beautiful city of Krakow. Myself and my Polish girlfriend, Ilona, decided to shop in the Galeria and it was an amazing experience. Everything imaginable was there and even when I got tired (as men do) and Ilona had the energy to keep on shopping, I could relax in one of its bars, chill out and have a drink. This is a must for every shopping centre, specially for the guys. We made an agreement she could continue shopping as long as she wanted but she knew that the longer she shopped the more I drank. I couldn't believe the size of this shopping centre as I was led to believe Dundrum Town was one of Europe’s biggest. The Galeria must be twice this size. Anyway we had a great time and I got very drunk!!!

Reply Jun 22nd, 2008

Wonderfull shopping centre, however to big (i've never seen as big mall as Galeria krakowska). I think it's impossible to go through this all centre in one day ;)

Reply Jun 18th, 2008
Marbert Aquilina

i got lost several times in there! Shopping there is not the cheapest worldwide but affordable! A must go!!!!

Reply Jan 26th, 2008
Brian Halliday
United Kingdom

There's a great place to lunch - right in the middle of the Galeria there's loads of red seats with cracked-glass-effect tables where they serve yummy toasties (£2) and the most fantastic ice cream dishes(£3)- the perfect tonic for a tough day of shopping!

The Apart upstairs has some really nice jewellery at great prices!

Carrefour is great for food shopping!

As a result this makes the Galeria Krakowska the best in Poland!

Reply Nov 26th, 2007
DJ Silence

The best part of Galeria Krakowska is that it's open late (for Polish standards) - til 10 pm every night (just the shops, the centre itself stays open til 11 pm!) except Sundays til 9, which means those of us that work late can still get our shopping done in the evening! Now if only someone would open a 24 hour shopping centre in Krakow...

Reply Nov 6th, 2007
big red
United Kingdom

it's good that this shopping mall has rejuvenated what used to be a shitty old bus station/wasteland into a 21st century space... and brought lots of new jobs into the bargain. Poland is moving forward!

Reply Oct 31st, 2007

FINALLY! a nice shopping mall in the centre of the city but please offer more Sales for clients!!

Reply Oct 31st, 2007
United Kingdom

i came to Krakow for one week, i realy liked the city very much and shopping at your beautifull galeria krakowska, i wish we could have one like that in Bristol

Reply Oct 5th, 2007
United Kingdom

great place and great staff GALERIA KRAKOWSKA is the best shop in Europe !

Reply Oct 4th, 2007
Mark and frances
United States

FANTASTIC SHOPING AREA, we glad we found this germ in Krakow, half english prices !!!! haven for buyers

Reply Oct 4th, 2007
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