Shoe Shops in Krakow

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ul. Starowiślna 55/3

1. Sneaker Studio

22 reviews
Al. Pokoju 81 (Galeria Plaza)

2. YesSport

0 reviews
ul. Stradomska 18

3. Roots On The Roof

1 review

Reviews about Shoe Shops in Krakow

Obsługę klienta oceniam krytycznie. Zwrot dostarczony inPostem 600000919332050013719990 w połowie marca, mamy maj, a nadal nie ma środków na moim koncie. 2 miesiące dobijania się, zarówno mailowo jak i telefonicznie: dowiedziałam się jedynie, że zwrot nie został zarejestrowany i wynika to z jakiegoś błędu (?), którego jak widać obsługa klienta od 2 miesięcy nie potrafi rozwiązać. Jestem zbywana i ignorowana. Wygląda na to, że pieniądze za odesłaną bluzę przepadły. Nie polecam tego sklepu, uważam, że to karygodne i przede wszystkim niezgodne z regulaminem.

Sneaker Studio

people, don't order anything from this store. they are thieves! they stole 4,000 Ukrainian hryvnias from me! they respond rudely to all letters and calls! I sued this company. Please be careful and do not provide your details!

Sneaker Studio

Terrible company. Bought a north face jacket for 220€ but it was a kids size.They told me to return it with a returning form,which I did.But the product returned back to me .I emailed them to tell me what was the problem, twice,but never got an answer.I hope many of you read these reviews and avoid these frauds.I will try to sue them and if I have a positive result, I will inform you so you can act in the same way.

Sneaker Studio

I have bought veja sneakers and have returned to a office in Zagreb personally. No written confirmation from them, just a girl said that she needs to send them to Poland and money will be returned in 14 days. 14 days have passed and still nothing. After about 10 emails asking for confirmation, in the last one they asked can you give us order number (all email have it in title and asked for confirmation of return??????) So no sneakers and no money

Sneaker Studio

Ordered a pair of shoes and they came really fast, nice packaging and kept me updated through emails no problems.

Sneaker Studio

Do not go anywhere near theses guys, they are an absolute nightmare. In times when online customer service has no choice but to be excellent (and lets face it most reputable operations do!) this lot are stuck in the stone age. I clicked the incorrect size when ordering, as soon as I noticed, which was like 30 seconds later I emailed them and advised that I needed the bigger size, I got no response. I then received their automated message advising me that my order was shortly being picked and that if I wanted to make any changes, I needed to it now. So I advised that I needed the larger size. The next thing I hear was that the my order was sent with the size I originally ordered (the wrong size), with a note saying that I advised them to late for any changes to the order WTF! The trainers went back and the refund process was simply the most painful experience of the lot. Firstly, they questioned the return of the item (which seems to be a common theme of theirs reading some of the other reviews) and then it was barrage of smiley faces/emojis from them when expressing my concerns for the delay in getting the refund. I was tempted into these guys as their Adidas originals were slightly cheaper than the usual online brands. A big lesson learnt, you really do get what you pay for.

Sneaker Studio

Fraudulent company! This is the worst experience I ever had with online shopping. THEY DON'T DO RETURNS. I ordered shoes on May 29. Then support told me that the pictures on the website were wrong and they sent me wrong color. For 2 weeks I was trying to connect with support - no response, deleting my messages on their social media. June 12 - my order just has been sent. June 24 order is in my city. Now I would like to do a return and they say I can't do it. Only people who live in Poland can do it by personally coming to their shop (!!!???). Don't order here

Sneaker Studio

Why do you have so many bad reviews? Really wanna use you guys as you have something I really want to buy and have money but your reviews stink. How can we do business

Sneaker Studio

Beware!!! Fraudulent company! I placed an order online and paid for a pair of sneakers that were in stock on 16th of December 2019. the estimated time of delivery was 19th. Until today, January 6, I haven't received any news about this order. Nobody answer the phone, the emails are rejected (This message was created automatically by mail delivery software. A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es) failed:

Sneaker Studio

3 months ago (August 6) I sent to SneakerStudio sneakers for a money refund or replacement and still have not received any response. It is absolutely incomprehensible what is associated with such a long delay. It is also unclear why at the beginning of September SneakerShop`s representative in Ukraine informed me that within two weeks the funds would be returned to the card, and after 2 weeks he began to say that the goods had only been sent for complaint to the Puma company. After that 2 months have passed and they do not respond to requests anywhere. Don't buy anything here.

Sneaker Studio