Shops and shopping

Whether you're simply spoiling yourself or trying to track down that perfect present for Auntie Noreen, its always difficult to know where to begin when you're in an unfamiliar city. Here are some ideas to get you started as well as a couple of tips about the best places to pick up good books and newspapers.

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ul. Krakowska 5

65. Mydlarnia u Franciszka

0 reviews
ul. Karmelicka 27/1

66. Inter Book

0 reviews
ul. Sławkowska 24

67. Aruaco Gallery

0 reviews
ul. Gołębia 2

68. Mydlarnia u Franciszka

0 reviews
ul. Karmelicka 13

69. Mydlarnia u Franciszka

0 reviews
ul. Józefa 22

70. Lulua Perfumeria

0 reviews
ul. Studencka 23/1

71. MONOstudio Gallery

0 reviews
ul. Dietla 45

72. Bike Belle

0 reviews
ul. Brzozowa 20

73. Cukry

0 reviews
ul. Dąbrówki 4/1
Al. Pokoju 81 (Galeria Plaza)

75. YesSport

0 reviews
ul. Karmelicka 17

76. Jawa Coffee Roaster's

0 reviews
ul. Poselska 9

77. Hula hoop

0 reviews
ul. Sławkowska 24a

78. American Bookstore

0 reviews
ul. Nadwiślanska 11

79. Boomini & Friends

0 reviews
ul. Szpitalna 20

80. Wajos

0 reviews

Krakow is changing all the time and individual stores with real character are opening up week in week out so it shouldn't be a problem to find what you're after (or a nice surprise that you weren't expecting!). Of course if you prefer the shopping mall experience then Galeria Kazimierz, Galeria Krakowska and the newly opened Bonarka City Centre are essential ports of call.

Reviews about Shops and shopping

Inspirujące miejsce, miła obsługa, wyjątkowe kolekcje.


Duży wybór dobrych herbat z... każdej półki. No i można się poradzić u sprzedawcy jak np. parzyć daną herbatę.

Poland, - Tea House

Przepiękne rzeczy! Mówi się, że nie szata zdobi człowieka, ale po wyjściu z KOKOworld zdobi!


Po naturę, naturalnie do Naturalnego Sklepiku!

Naturalny Sklepik

Polecam to miejsce nie tylko turystom oczywiście.

Boruni Amber Gallery

Faktycznie, nie trzeba "szukać" bursztynu nad Bałtykiem, wystarczy wejść do Amber Museum!

Amber Museum

thanks, can you give some details about the market, like where and when it happens?


Can't wait for the next one!!!!! Need to update my threads ;)

Kogel Mogel

Interesting place, have got a couple of nice USSR watches from here. If you want something random to fill your home - this is the place ;)

United Kingdom,
Hala Targowa (Flea Market)

Absolutely must-be. Great, unique clothes an accessories, furniture, and always great music !

Kogel Mogel