Malls & Shopping Centres in Krakow

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ul. Podgórska 34

1. Galeria Kazimierz

26 reviews
A. Różańskiego 32, Modlniczka

2. Factory Futura Park

17 reviews
ul. Pawia 5

3. Galeria Krakowska

79 reviews
ul. Grzegórzecka 3
ul. Kamieńskiego 11 (Galeria Bonarka)

5. Bonarka

13 reviews
Al. Pokoju 67

6. M1

4 reviews
Rynek Główny 13

7. Pasaz 13

2 reviews
Al. Pokoju 44

8. Krakow Plaza

1 review

Reviews about Malls & Shopping Centres in Krakow

So good, you can find so much great stuuuuufffff. I got so many cool things - love love love... that's what I have to say! I love factory!

Cayman Islands,
Factory Futura Park

Interesting place, have got a couple of nice USSR watches from here. If you want something random to fill your home - this is the place ;)

United Kingdom,
Hala Targowa (Flea Market)

Slightly overshadowed by the more recent shopping centres (Bonarka, Krakowska), but still worth visiting if you are in Kazimierz. There is also a cinema complex, which is a big plus.

Galeria Kazimierz

Not a big fan of shopping centres, but this has transformed a really shabby part of town into something worth visiting. Full of big brand shops as well as local stores, the prices can be a lot cheaper on some brands than for the same items in the UK! Some people even fly over here just to do their shopping and it still works out cheaper... free wifi, lots of cafes, a food court and one or two reasonable restaurants make this a place to visit for a few hours, but unlike the other big shopping centres in Krakow, no cinema...

Galeria Krakowska

sS cool! found such amazing stuff here for my friends birthday at really good prices and really great quality vegetables for our dinner party.

Hala Targowa (Flea Market)

Hi I am coming to Krakow next April and we are going to stay near market square. How can we come by public transport pls? And is there any Ralph Lauren and Guess shops in factory outlet. Thanks a lot GU

Factory Futura Park

Great shopping mall! Could have spent all day there!

United Kingdom,
Galeria Krakowska

I visit Bonarka City Centre whenever I visit Krakow, 6 times in the last 2 years. It's a great shopping mall, not just because of its sheer physical size but more because of its wide variety of products offered for sale within its 270 shops. Walking through its wide corridors looking what's on display in the shop windows, particularly when outside is too cold to venture effortlessly is itself an exercise in physical exertion. Take the escalator to the top floor and you'll find the best selection of cold or hot drinks and take-away food you can ever imagine. Or why don't you opt for a table and take a full meal from one of the restaurants available? Krakow has two other full size shopping malls closer to the centre than Bonarka but...are they comparable to Bonarka? Definitely not. Bonarka is undoubtedly the most modern shopping mall in the whole of Poland. To add to the great service, Bonarka offers a free bus shuttle which leaves from the Rondo at the end of Ul Kalwaryjska and reaches the mall in less than 10 minutes.


A very nice and exquisite place to go shopping. The architecture inside the building is great and makes this small shopping center unique!

United States,
Pasaz 13

The best center, best prices!

United Kingdom,
Factory Futura Park