There's no getting away from it - Polish is a tough language, any early attempts at which will have you sounding like you're whispering, gargling and choking simultaneously. Many Poles, particularly the younger ones, speak a little English, but that's no excuse not to learn at least a few of those tortuous tongue-twisters, so we've included. at the bottom of this page, a brief guide to get you started. For those who wish to get more involved, there are a host of excellent language schools, many of them providing translation services, which may be necessary if you plan to stay any length of time in the city.

There are a whole range of Polish words which look pretty similar to their English equivalents, so signs such as POLICJA, RESTAURACJA, HOTEL and TAXI are hardly going to tax most travellers, but here are a handful of others that may be useful: Kawiarnia - Cafe
Herbaciarnia - Tea House
Ksiegarnia - Book Shop
Mieso - Butchery
Nabial - Dairy products
Sklep - Shop
Prasa - Newsagent
Dworzec - Station
Lotnisko - Airport

The Polish language uses the Latin alphabet as in English, however you will find a few extra letters, (formed from Latin letters but with an additional slash or hook), bringing the total to 32. A few letters you won't find are: q, v, and x. The only exception to this rule are direct translations from other languages (e.g. "fax') and, of course, slang and marketing-language.

We've recently added our new audio pronunciation guide (right) to help with those tricky Polish pronunciations! If you've got some good ideas on how to make our language section better, let us know!


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Alexa from Canada Reply Jul 30th, 2017

What is "I am from Canada" in polish? Thanks!

shannon from United States Reply Oct 25th, 2015

How is "family is strength" translated to polish?

Editor from Poland Oct 26th, 2015

Rodzina to siła

Taryn from Australia Reply Oct 4th, 2015

I need the spelling for love hope faith and strength in polish pretty please

Editor from Poland Oct 4th, 2015

Here U go: hope: nadzieja faith: wiara strength: siła Hope this helps!:)

Nicole smoczynska from Poland Reply Dec 30th, 2014

Will you go out with me in polish: Pójdziesz ze mną?

Nicole Smoczynska from Poland Reply Dec 30th, 2014

Bardzo pszydatne

Guest from United Kingdom Reply Dec 25th, 2014

How can you say send me your pictures in polish?

Guest from United Kingdom Reply Nov 19th, 2014

Please can someone help me? What's home sweet home in Polish? Thanks x

Linda Brzezinski Willhoff from United States Reply Jul 30th, 2014

I would like to know what Witamy w Polskim Klubie mean.

Editor from Poland Jul 30th, 2014

"Welcome to Polish club":)

Linda from United States Reply Dec 31st, 2013

How do you say "witamy w rodzinie?"

monika Aug 24th, 2015

welcome to the family

Piotrek from Poland Reply Sep 11th, 2013

Hey, I could help you to learn Polish if you want. You could help me to learn your language, especially Spanish, French or Russian.

Stuart from United Kingdom Reply Jun 17th, 2013

I love poles

Shanta from United States Reply Aug 6th, 2012

I am curious as to what masz piekna dupeczke means. If its an offensive term, I would rather not use it. I am highly interested in a Polish man and am trying to learn the language.

Bernard Darnley from United Kingdom Reply Aug 24th, 2011

Fantastyczny strona. Mam yedno pytanie dla Agnieska! Czy ty mnie kochasz tak yak ya ciebie?

Bernard Darnley from United Kingdom Reply Aug 10th, 2011

Work hard, practice-practice and practice some more. Always remember that "Perfekcja" is the result of hard graft. By the way if any polish person wants to share my love of language and learning, please feel free to get in touch with. I promise not to "bite your head off". Thats just a bit of english colloquialism. Keep the faith, regards Bernard

Irek from Poland Reply Jun 7th, 2011

If you need help with polish, I can help you for your english.

Sara from United States Reply May 31st, 2011

awesome site! needing help learning Polish. Troche rozumiem po polsku, but I plan to visit with my son soon. Any one with pointers, tips, or just willing to help please email me : Dziekuje!

Ernest Barteldes from United States Reply May 6th, 2011

The questions are fine, but then you memorize them and cant understand the answer... but thank God my wife is Polish... had a great time there, cant wait to go back

Staci from United States Reply Oct 6th, 2010

How do you spell the word love in Polish? Anyone?

Bobby Rosenberg from United States Reply Sep 12th, 2010

I work @ Penn Medicine, The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, in Philadelphia, Neurology. I also enjoy the "arts & sciences," which encompasses many different facets of Gay Life in NJ, USA (New Brunswick, New Jersey/NJ) & NYC/New York City). I am do for a visit to Poland again & explore the Gay Polish Culture. I would like to do advanced degree work in Nursing @ the University of Warsaw. My E-mail address is: & USA Cell Phone # is: (732)485 - 5468.

Bobby from United States Reply Sep 12th, 2010

I am currently a nurse @ The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, in Philadelphia, PA, in Neurology. I am planning to return to Warsaw in 2011, & hope to visit the city once more & experience the Gay Community. My family is orginally from the Polesie region - Brzesc Litewski nad Bugiem. I plan on studying @ the University of Warsaw, Nursing. I love Poland, & all that it has to offer. I want to get involved in the Gay Community.

Polish tuition from Poland Reply Sep 9th, 2010

I am a postgraduate student of Polish Studies and Classics at the University of Warsaw. Also, I used to study both of these programmes at UCL during the Erasmus exchange in London. I have experience working as a Polish tutor for more than 3 years. I provide all materials for: - basic, intermediate and advanced general Polish classes for children and adults - business Polish for professionals - legal Polish for solicitors/paralegals - CV, cover letters If interested, please send an e-mail to

Research from Germany Reply Sep 7th, 2010

I forgot to mention I need that person to be a private tutor not from a tutor from a company. Thank you.

Research from Germany Reply Sep 7th, 2010

Does anyone know a Polish Teacher (who's native tongue is Polish) in Warsaw?? I know it can't be that hard to find but I'm finding it quite difficult.

Laura from Aruba and Netherlands Antilles Reply Sep 2nd, 2010

heyyy my good friend is polish and i just wanted to write on this comment box!

Bernard Darnley from United Kingdom Reply Aug 9th, 2010

Imani/US Well done Imani you come across as a perfectionist.I have been trying to come to terms with the complexities of Polish grammer. Have a terrific time in

Bernard Darnley from United Kingdom Reply Aug 9th, 2010


Imani Fox from United States Reply Jul 25th, 2010

I'm black and polish, which people find quite an unusual mix. However, i speak both english and polish fluently which seems to amaze everyone. My mother and I are planning a trip to Katowice, Polska for next summer. And i'm very excited. I'm just doing some last minute research to make sure that my polish grammar is as good as can be!

Bernard Darnley from United Kingdom Reply May 17th, 2010

I speak fluent and affluent Polish with an Irish accent, ale czazem nie rozumiem wszstko. Wole movic po polsku i czytam gazety Polski,teraz (Adam Mickiewicz)"Pan Tadeuz". Pomoc! Dziekuje bardzo. Bernard

Cami from United States Reply May 8th, 2010

berry cantika. In Polish, "I miss you" are "Bardzo za tob± têskniê." The "i love too" are "Te¿ ciê kocham." I hope I helped.

berry cantika from Indonesia Reply Apr 26th, 2010

hi there.. help me to translate " i love you too" and " i miss you much ", thanks

Jorien from Belgium Reply Apr 16th, 2010

i love polish language

aby from United States Reply Mar 30th, 2010

i can speak fluent polish hahah

aneta from Poland Reply Mar 28th, 2010

hi i want to improve my language that,s why i,m looking for native speaker. I,m studying English in Warsow, I can teach you Polish. please help

Monika from United States Reply Mar 20th, 2010

How do you write a thank you for card for someone who threw you a baby shower? in Polish.Please help :)

im romanian (: from United States Reply Mar 19th, 2010

how do you say will you go out with me in polish i really wanna ask my soon to be girl in polish pleaze help (:

Alexandru Magda from United States Reply Mar 19th, 2010

This was really, well it was helpful, i learned how to say some things in polish. Even though im only 15 i wanna talk to my girlfriend in polish and i learned how to say good-bye, hello, how are you, i love you, you know...simple things.

iis rosanti from Indonesia Reply Feb 25th, 2010

Need to display the written text instead the voice only

ASIRI from Sri Lanka Reply Feb 22nd, 2010

Its great.... But i want to learn polish

Answer for Jon from United States Reply Feb 15th, 2010

Your grandmother was probably saying 'Ja Cie Kocham' which means 'I love you' :)

jon from United States Reply Feb 14th, 2010

Great site. Does anyone know the word "Yatchekuchem"? My grandmother used to say it all the time and I don't know the translation. Thanks, Jon

jon from United States Reply Feb 14th, 2010

Great site

goober from United States Reply Jan 22nd, 2010

Whats with the stamp thing? Is it common to collect stamps in poland?

tessa from United States Reply Jan 13th, 2010

My boyfriend is from poland. I learned alot so far but since im english its extreamly hard for me to pronounce polish words..Practice does make perfect. Ive been learning for about 5 months and ive learned so much. Polish is a beautiful language.

L0v3rJ081eS from Canada Reply Jan 12th, 2010

I suck at polish (for a school project)!!!!!

K from Poland Reply Nov 16th, 2009

Hi there Donald - 'welcome to the family' would be 'witamy w rodzinie' (said like: vee-TAH-mih vroh-GEE-njeh)

Donald Bajzat from United States Reply Nov 16th, 2009

I need help!!How do you say"Welcome to do family" in polish? My future sun in law is from poland and i would like to tell him that when i will meet him first time!!!

Donald Bajzat from United States Reply Nov 16th, 2009

I need halp!!

briustia from Poland Reply Oct 12th, 2009

lots of people whant to no polish yak sea mush means how are you doing dozze a te means are you good and jendroby means helo

Shoreline from Poland Reply Oct 9th, 2009

"You look great" = "¦wietnie wygl±dasz"

Iain from Canada Reply Oct 8th, 2009

How do you say. You look great in Polish?

Ears from United Kingdom Reply Sep 22nd, 2009

i love you = kocham cie :) also... i didnt mean to put my below comment lol... i thought it was the sign up bit :S.. :)

Ears from United Kingdom Reply Sep 22nd, 2009

Tak, Dobrze... thus far

LIKA from Japan Reply Sep 11th, 2009

My first visit Poland is ticking now.I tried learning Polish by listening to a CD in my car. Polish seems to be friendly. Thanks for your advice.

Janusz from United States Reply Sep 2nd, 2009

could someone please tell me how to say I love you in polish with how to pronounce it, thanks

ManchesterChav from United Kingdom Reply Aug 29th, 2009

I went to Lublin City for a couple of days, beautiful, unexplored City, but they don't have a motorway between WARSAW and LUBLIN yet, so trip took about 1.5 hour. They have got cheap regional lager called "Perla", alcohol, food, weed... are much cheaper than in Warsaw. I recommend this site: it's available in English, Polish, Ukrainian and Spanish:) ps. ppl in Lublin, in general speak British-English:):):):)

antidote from Turkey Reply Jul 24th, 2009

polish is very difficult i think. i hope i'll find people who can speak english :)

Jean from France Reply Jun 28th, 2009

Polish is a very difficult language! But it's also very beautiful. It's worth the effort to learn the basics even.

elias from Turkey Reply Jun 26th, 2009

I think polish is really good language.I'll be in warsaw in a few months and I really wonder there.I wonder people,language,culture...almost everything

LIKA from Japan Reply May 20th, 2009

I will visit warsaw and krakow this fall for my first time with my old friend. Please let me know the words which I need at least.

Nadin from Ukraine Reply May 15th, 2009

The more languages u know - the more u a Human. Our languages are very similar, so, think, in 2-3 months, I'll manage with Polish. One thing is if u DO wish to know or only seem to be. Best regards from Ukraine and welcome to Chernivtsi !

Ewa from Canada Reply May 13th, 2009

It's encouraging to know that even you have difficulty pronouncing some Polish words. As for me, I tried my best when I went to Poland, and I can say proudly that I managed to pronounce correctly (that's what I think at least) such complicated street names as Plac Trzech Krzy¿y (Three Crosses Square).I have been learning Polish for about 8 months and I do my best to understand it and speak Polish fluently. I think we will have a great time learning Polish here :)

Sylwia from France Reply May 13th, 2009

Tout d'abord, la langue polonaise n'a jamais de difficulté à la compréhension mutuelle, et des locuteurs non-natifs ne peuvent généralement pas distinguer facilement les variations régionales./First, the Polish language has never difficulty in mutual understanding, and non-native speakers often can not easily distinguish regional variations.

KUBA from United Kingdom Reply May 6th, 2009

reply to Jim Goldman That's why most of the nations think that Americans are total ignorant. Poland was wiped out from map of Europe for nearly 300 years and Poles did not loose their language and culture because of that. Remember mister USA - our culture is much older than yours. And no one can be called Native American other than Indians (so called by Christopher Columbus fatal mistake). Read some books mr Jim before You write idiocy like that.

Anka from United Kingdom Reply Mar 23rd, 2009

I'd say 60 million people (of those only 40 million actually in Poland) is not a limited number of people, especially since 20 million are spread all over the globe. I'd be more worried about smaller countries' languages dying out, like Latvia's or Lithuania's, as Polish will be around for some time - until we're all speaking Chinese anyway.

Jim Goldman from United States Reply Mar 22nd, 2009

Polish is not here for ever - This language is not user friendly and is spoen by a limited number of people in a defined geographical area. The spoken language in Poland will soon be Russian / German / English . Jim

ida from United States Reply Feb 26th, 2009

honestly give me a good phrase to use to pick up a girl in bar - not too tacky but not too serious. something relatively easy (ie sans stamps collections...)

K from United States Reply Feb 19th, 2009

Polish is super hard to learn. I've been living in Poland for almost 4 months, and the only english I hear is at english schools.Yes the women do look like natural super models.

Jonathan from United States Reply Feb 11th, 2009

dude i need help in my project with polish words plz help .........thank you

PR. from Algeria Reply Jan 21st, 2009

I think the language of Poland is beautiful and women very very beautiful.

Kyuno Tsukiyama from United Kingdom Reply Dec 20th, 2008

If U want to learn polish just write to me :))) My e-mail : Msn:

kasia from Poland Reply Dec 14th, 2008

Hey you! Yes… you!!! On Tuesday and Wednesday, 16th and 17th of December AEGEE-Warszawa is once again organizing a European Day of Languages. This time we also remembered about all those who still have some Polish-language problems or … just visit Warsaw and have some free time:) We invite you for both: Polish your Polish workshop and Language Café. (more information about the program and directions: POLISH YOUR POLISH!!! Wednesday, 17th of December, 10 a.m. – Riviera Dormitory building You have a great opportunity to take part in a unique workshop on Polish language!!! It will be a short course for both: those who have already started a journey with the language and also for those who still cannot overcome their fears and have not been brave enough before. Workshop led by two young professionals - girls from the Warsaw University, will be composed mostly on interactive elements. It will take about 90 min. You will find out how easy the Polish language is, sometimes funny and so useful in this country:) It will also be a good possibility to meet other people from different countries! Places are limited – sign in now! LANGUAGE CAFÉ!!! Tuesday, 16th of December, 8 p.m. – Equilibrium Pub Language Café means just free conversations for everybody!!! You will meet people from other countries and get to know about languages you are interested in! You can also speak in your language and share the experience of the Polish language. There will be also people interested in your language and country willing to find out some interesting things about it. Come and enjoy the cold beer/hot coffee meeting:) Don’t miss the chance!

kriminal from United States Reply Dec 10th, 2008

accented syllables would be PRO-sheh BAR-tso, okay hope that helps

kriminal from United States Reply Dec 10th, 2008

hi Judy - " you're welcome " is " prosze bardzo " or pronounced something like 'pro-sheh bar-tso'

Judy from United States Reply Dec 10th, 2008

How do you say 'You're Welcome'? Judy

kriminal from United States Reply Dec 9th, 2008

easiest way is to invite her to a specific place - ie, 'czy pojdziesz ze mna na kawe?' (chy puj-dzesh zeh mnow na ka-ve) which literaly translates to 'will you go for a cup of coffe with me?' sorry but not an expert on phonetic spelling... -- or see above "click & listen" options and use last one :)

nick bewen from United States Reply Dec 5th, 2008

how do you say will you go out with me

Lauren from United States Reply Nov 12th, 2008

Could someone please help me and tell me how to say "In family there is strength and love" ? i'm getting it as a tattoo and want the translation to be correct! many thanks!

Florin from Romania Reply Oct 26th, 2008

Polish is a very beautiful language to learn.. Is kind of hard for latin speakers but.. who really wants.. I`m sure that they can do it. Kocham Cię is so nice to hear..

Lynn from United States Reply Oct 14th, 2008

Thanks, Ania.

Ania from Poland Reply Oct 13th, 2008

Lynn, it's "Witamy w naszym domu" - pronounced vit-ami v nash-im domoo

Lynn from United States Reply Oct 10th, 2008

How do you say "Welcome to our home" ?

crystal from Canada Reply Oct 1st, 2008

My mom is from poland

Zosia from Sweden Reply Sep 19th, 2008

Nice page =) Kocham Polske!

Jenny from United States Reply Sep 16th, 2008

yo have a great teacher but you should say them slower.

MEG from United States Reply Aug 25th, 2008

You have a great teacher but you should say the words slower then say them faster.

Sylwia from United Kingdom Reply Aug 23rd, 2008


Anka from Poland Reply Jul 25th, 2008

Cathy, pretty girl is "ladna dziewczyna" - pronounced wad-na dziev-chy-na

Cathy Kitkoski from United States Reply Jul 24th, 2008

How do you say pretty girl in polish. The correct spelling and translation, how to say it Thank you!

agna from Poland Reply Jul 15th, 2008

dla ciebie-for you dla mnie -for me:)

Suzy from Malaysia Reply Jul 14th, 2008

Sorry.. out of topic.. just wanna ask, in Poland, which university offers medical study? Thanks in advance..

Warsaw Life from Poland Reply Jul 10th, 2008

Elizabeth, he is saying "you're very beautiful, I like your picture"

Elizabeth from United States Reply Jul 7th, 2008

ty jesteś bardzo piękni, podoba mi sie twoje zdjencie. What is he saying?

AD-VERBUM from Poland Reply Jun 29th, 2008

Poland from Poland Reply Jun 25th, 2008

Polish Government is sick=Polski rz±d jest chory/walniêty [say: polski rzond jest hory /walnienty]

Ania from Poland Reply Jun 23rd, 2008

Kimberly, "Zapraszam do znajomych i na swój profil z moimi utworami" means "welcome to my friends and to my profile, with my songs" - I'm guessing it's a "thanks for the add" on myspace?

Kimberly from United States Reply Jun 22nd, 2008

Zapraszam do znajomych i na swój profil z moimi utworami. What does that mean I got some. profil=profile. z=and. swoj=your i'm trying to learn polish, and i dont have a teacher! I need help. :)

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