Language Schools

If you plan on taking lessons, these are generally available either as part of a class, or privately. Prices vary dramatically, but expect to pay around 20 zl an hour as part of a group, and about 100 zl per hour for individual tuition.

Warsaw is a university city, with a great academic tradition, and is awash with language schools to choose from, many of which are filled up with foreign students during the summer months. There are great deals to be made, and prices are extremely competitive compared to the rest of Europe. Many students come to Warsaw to learn languages other than Polish, as the teaching, in general, is of a high standard, accomodation is good value, and the city itself is a terrific attraction, with plenty of things for students to do in the evenings.

Look out for good deals from the language schools, particularly as the summer draws closer and competition to fill remaining vacancies increases. Or, chance your luck and just pitch up in Warsaw, where you can make your choice at first hand.

Warsaw Language Schools


If you are interested in an efficient group or individual Polish language course in Warsaw, feel free to visit us, do the placement test and find out more about our teaching methods. If, on the other hand, you are thinking of studying on your own, check out our demo lesson and contact us. We will help you choose the best self-study option for you.
tel: +48 226221441

The Centre for Polish Studies

ul. Swietokrzyska 20
The Centre would like to help you to learn Polish as well as familiarizing you with Polish culture, economy and history. They offer various group courses: regular, intensive, weekend, or conversation. Long-term training is available, as well as 2, 3, or 4-week intensive courses with an interesting afternoon and weekend programme. They also offer individual tuition and executive programmes, and will help to organise accommodation for you if required. The Centre for Polish Studies is situated in the heart of Warsaw. They guarantee: profesional courses, reasonable prices, and a friendly atmosphere.
tel: +48 22 8261904 or +48 605205882

Klub Dialogu
ul. Krakowskie Przedmiescie 13 pok.160
Klub Dialogu has super offers for valiant knights who are keen to triumph over the Polish language. This language school with 3 years experience organizes both individual and group courses. Individual courses are aimed to people who know the meaning of the phrase: Time is Money! If you are always on the run or your schedule is constantly changing, then this offer will suit your needs. Teachers will meet with you at the location you designate with no extra charge, and you may freely coordinate your class schedule. Group courses, of course, also have their advantages in practicing a new language, and you are offered a variety of class times to choose from. Learning groups are kept small and personal, with 2 to 5 students per course. Great prices and special discounts; check their website for more information!
tel: +48 22 4981010
fax: +48 22 8274904

Akademia PFF
ul. Krakowskie Przedmiescie 67/11
At PFF, all courses start as soon as you ask for them and at any time convenient for you. Flexible schedules let you pick from general Polish, a business course, culture programme, or even Polish-survival classes. The survival classes are held in a city environment, including the train station, restaurants and shops, and will introduce you to real-life usage immediately in a fun way. If you want a tutor so you can focus on your requirements, you may choose an individual (private) course held in a place convenient to you. Plus, you don't pay for your teacher's travel expenses. If you prefer to study with a group, choose courses held in Central Warsaw in many locations. Regardless of the type of course, you can be sure it won't only be hard work but good fun as well! All PFF language tutors are graduates with studies in Polish Philology and foreign languages. They are professionally trained and are experienced with proven excellence in teaching. They are friendly, open-minded people who make every class effective and interesting. PFF also provides all kinds of services and fun things to do for visitors and ex-pats and will help you feel at home in Poland.
tel: +48 501299338

ul. Grzybowska 77
POLIGLOTA Ltd is a private language school with 15 years experience in organizing courses and in-company training for individuals and institutions. Their teachers are highly qualified and experienced in helping learners. They use a full range of teaching materials. They are happy to create a specific package for individual students.
tel: +48 22 4570307 (08)

ul. Gizow 6
One of he oldest private schools of Polish for foreigners in Warsaw.
tel: +48 22 3144488

Akademia Nauki
ul. Nowogrodzka 49
Take a chance offered by Akademia Nauki, a language school with 5 years' experience. They guarantee: Professional & experienced teachers. Small groups (2 to 3 students), or individual tutoring, two, easily accessible downtown school locations, the course schedule (days and hours) fully adaptable to your requirements, and effective studying! You don't have to be an alien in the city anymore.
tel: +48 22 5228432

Polish Language School
ul. Mokotowska 35
Centrum Jezyka Polskiego is a Polish Language school in Warsaw, founded by a group of experienced teachers with many years of experience in teaching Polish as a foreign language and Russian. They are proud that they can count among their clients, Foreign Investment Companies, Diplomatic Agencies and International Organizations. Centrum Jezyka Polskiego has been recommended by the EU bodies for their staff. From August 2004 they are available in Brussels, Belgium. They teach using internationally established communicative methods, allowing quick and efficient access to vital skills needed in everyday and professional life. They make extensive use of original materials which are carefully designed and adapted to the particular needs of students, whatever they may be, eg. business, finance and banking. They run both individual and group courses of various levels and intensity as well as week-end residential Polish courses. They provide lessons for children, young adults and also "cross-culture" courses.
tel: +48 22 6269671

Academia Polonica
Al. Jerozolimskie 55/14
This school has ten years experience in the bank. They can organize Polish language courses for foreigners, as well as helping out with business conferences and cultural programmes.
tel: +48 22 6299311

Contact School
ul.Mickiewicza 25/86
School for people who want to know what people are talking about: the lowest prices in Warsaw, the most experienced and creative trainers, each lesson is different!
tel: +48 22 6281784, +48 604403777



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Hi, I offer polish lessons to suit all levels in a fun and friendly environment at the great price of 50zl per hour. Please contact me at for more information

Reply Jun 6th, 2016

Can anyone advise on Polish school or polish teacher in Kenya??

Reply Sep 24th, 2015
Indira Yimsomboon

Can any recommend good Polish language course for my daughter to study to earn a certificate B2 Level? She has very limited knowledge of Polish language but needs the language for further study in university in Poland. Thank you.

Reply Dec 4th, 2014
Erna Simpson
United Kingdom

Do you have any vacancies at present for esl english teachers.

Reply Sep 10th, 2014
United Kingdom

Can anyone recommend a good Polish course for children? We plan to visit Poland in the summer (july / august) and our kids aged 9 and 6 would really benefit from a fun course.

Reply May 29th, 2013

please advise me where i can learn polish in kenya. thanks a lot

Reply Apr 1st, 2013
United Kingdom

Hi there, I have been studying polish for the last 6 months and am coming to warsaw 20-25 of March to put it into practice. I am looking for one on one lessons, if you can drop me an email that'd be great. I look forward to hearing from you

Reply Mar 13th, 2013

Hi and cześć... I'm visiting Poland in April and would like to do a one week language course in W'wa. I don't see clearly how the above mentioned schools would cater for my purpose. Any help? I'm learning polish here in Zurich right now, from scratch but with the background of some russian. I'll probably be A1/A2 in April. dziękuję for any serious advice! Oliver (o_thiele at yahoo com)

Reply Nov 21st, 2012

Polish for Foreigners We offer you the best way to learn Polish language Is it true that Polish is difficult? No it is not difficult. It is very challenging and as one of my students said. “It is a language for intelligent people”. Why should you choose our course? Unlike other schools, PdO offers a course that is prepared according to your needs and request in a way of learning. Teachers will prepare each lesson just for you. Forget about spending your time in a boring and stressful lesson. Forget that Polish is difficult – we will prove you that it is genuinely easy. What about teachers? Our instructors are qualified and experienced teachers. They have graduated from the best universities in the country and finished “teaching polish as a foreign language” courses. They are passionate and devoted to their job. Where the lessons take place? You do not have to waste your time travelling around the city. We are aware of your busy schedule, so we will travel to your preferred location (your office, etc) for the lesson. Can I have a flexible lesson plan? The lesson is available weekday between 7 am and 9 pm or we will work with your schedule. Group lesson is also available. Try your hand at polish language For more information please contact: Lekcje indywidualne: 45 min/45 złotych

Reply Nov 19th, 2012

Intensive Polish Language trip- group or individual TOTAL IMMERSION! Date: Individual course: 5 days within August, 10th-18th, to be chosen Group course: August, 13th-17th Fee: Individual course: 6500 PLN Group course: 4000 PLN Price includes: - Polish Language course (7,5 hours daily) - everyday activities - food (3 meals a day) - accomodation Place: The White Palace in Palczew located 60 km from Warsaw. It is a quiet, beautiful place, where you can isolate from everyday things and just relax (

Reply Aug 3rd, 2011

I am residence in Ukraine working and doing bussiness, i wish to exxtend my business with poland trade, also wish to study and atleast read and write polish.

Reply Jun 9th, 2011

hey, i´m looking for a cheap privat teacher, i do an internship at the moment here in warsaw, i understand polish, think it´s level a2. please write me an e-mail if you know someone who would offer me a good price for private lessons.

Reply Jun 6th, 2011

KLUB DIALOGU has an outstanding programme for foreigners living in Poland. We offer a wide variety of Polish courses at every level. We know that the Polish language study may be challenging for foreigners but using over seven years of experience in teaching Polish as a foreign language we make it an adventure.

Reply Mar 21st, 2011
New Zealand

Hi, I am in Auckland, New Zealand. I would like to learn Polish but there are no courses here at the moment. Is there anyone reading this who could email me some advice? Or if I was to learn Polish in Warsaw, which would be the best school to enroll in? Thank you in advance :) Jo

Reply Mar 19th, 2011
United States

I am an American of Polish parents, American born and eduated but now finishing my postgraduate studies at Cambridge University in the UK. I speak ungrammatical and limited-vocabulary Polish. I understand more than speak. I am going to be in Poland April 3 and 7-31. I am looking for two separate deals: 1) An inexpensive teacher of Polish 2) A cashless "tandem arrangement" whereby I would be learning Polish from you and reciprocate by serving as a native English speaker Specifically, I am looking for lessons on how to read Polish and a bit about Polish grammar. I want to get up to the level of reading in Polish - then I am sure my language would continuosly improve. Regarding (1) what are your fees? I imagine we would be meeting every day for 1 hr. Regarding (2) do you know anyone interested? Are you? My best, Tomas

Reply Mar 18th, 2011
Kate G.

Hey, I'm a qualified teacher from Canada, where I completed my education degree. I am looking to take on extra tutoring jobs (I currently work at International School and tutor one 18 year old girl). If you're looking for a Native Speaking English tutor, please send an email to Thanks!

Reply Oct 5th, 2010
Polish tuition

I am a postgraduate student of Polish Studies and Classics at the University of Warsaw. Also, I used to study both of these programmes at UCL during the Erasmus exchange in London. I have experience working as a Polish tutor for more than 3 years. I provide all materials for: - basic, intermediate and advanced general Polish classes for children and adults - business Polish for professionals - legal Polish for solicitors/paralegals - CV, cover letters. If interested, please send an e-mail to

Reply Sep 9th, 2010
Polish tuition

I am a postgraduate student of Polish Studies and Classics at the University of Warsaw. Also, I used to study both of these programmes at UCL during the Erasmus exchange in London. I have experience working as a Polish tutor for more than 3 years. I provide all materials for: - basic, intermediate and advanced general Polish classes for children and adults - business Polish for professionals - legal Polish for solicitors/paralegals - CV, cover letters. If interested, please send an e-mail to

Reply Sep 9th, 2010
Malgosia Kujawska

Our language school is not listed here. Could you add: IKO The Institute of Polish for Foreigners, ul. Kopernika 3

Reply Aug 10th, 2010
Polish language

Hi. I am qualifaied polish language instructorIf You need polish lessons feel free to contac me. MY e-mail:

Reply Aug 9th, 2010

Hello, I'm qualified teacher of Polish language for foreigners. I have just graduaded with honours from Faculty of Polish Philology at Warsaw University. Now I am working among others at private school (teaching for example Arabic students who plan to study medicine) and in Council for Polish Language. I ensure my own materials. If you are interested to study with me, please for contact for more details. My address:

Reply Jun 15th, 2010
Igbinoba Happy

My name is Igbinoba Happy i would like to further my education in poland,so i want to study polish first in poland.

Reply Jun 8th, 2010

hi, my name is imad , i'm working as a guide in tunisia , i would like to learn polish language, plz could somebody inform me about the best institute or university where i shall go.. here's my my address mail : i would be thankful and glad to get your response. kind regards

Reply May 24th, 2010

hi i from egypt i visit poland beafor 2once for tourism i visit poland all city all old towen i very want come poland again for but i need learnd lunguage polish in warsow i need school cheap and long time 3 or 6 mounths or more this my emill 0020164430954 i need any friend help me fast

Reply Apr 30th, 2010

I am Ayatollah Nimer form jordan, first of all my mother language is arabic and speaking english as well. I took this chance because I want to learn Polish language because I want to continue my education in POLAND ( At University) so i am asking if after learning Polish language,can i attend and get a admission at Universities easily?? thank you for your. Ayat Nimer

Reply Feb 14th, 2010

Maggie, where is this teacher based?

Reply Jan 22nd, 2010

Dear/Mn hello sir I am Romeo Kennang Tegofack form CAMEROON, so my first language its english and french but I can speak turkish too because right now I am living in TURKEY and I took turkish language course before. I want to learn Polish language because I want to continue my education in POLAND ( At University) so i am asking if after learnt Polish language course i can apply and get a admission at Universities easily?? thank you for your uderstanding and I hope to recieve a mail from you sir.

Reply Jan 9th, 2010
Mahroof Sultan

Hi, anybody there who send me detail info of polish language course like course fee,s accommodation pls send me all detail on my ID , ID is , Thank,s alot

Reply Dec 28th, 2009
Meilany Perulina

i'm indonesian,i'll go to poland soonest and i want to take polish language course and polish language there any some website or maybe there's some informations from polish ppl to give me some information about this.thanks

Reply Oct 20th, 2009
david k muli

has anyone ever heard of the polish english center?

Reply Jul 15th, 2009

"i want to study polish as a course what do i have do to be addmited"

Reply Jan 2nd, 2009

HI everybody! We are about to shoot the european version of MTV program Room Raiders! So if you like to have fun, if you want to meet many interesting ppl from all around the world and if you wanna see how the programs are made - just conatct me and come for the casting!! Joanna Anisimowicz 603559995

Reply Jul 15th, 2008

There is much more schools than mention in article, around 20. If you wanna find a right school use search engine, "polish for foreigners course", if you are interested in summer courses let me know:

Reply Jun 26th, 2008
Alireza Saffary

Is there any Farsi language course in your school?

Reply Jun 23rd, 2008

We specialize only in Polish teaching, individual courses. Great teachers that know how to motivate. Free trial lesson. Do not hesitate to email me: I will answer all your questions

Reply May 7th, 2008
United States

My 7 year old son will be in Warsaw May 12-31st and I would like him to pick up some Polish - can anybody recomend good intro/immersion program?

Reply Apr 19th, 2008
Ibikunle oluwo

well i just want to study polish language

Reply Apr 12th, 2008

I know gr8 people that can teach you polish in Warsaw

Reply Feb 19th, 2008
Warsaw Life

Hello Esen, Please direct your questions to a specific language school from the list above. You can contact them directly by clicking the link at each school's name. Thanks, the Warsaw Life Team.

Reply Nov 14th, 2007
Esen goksen

Hi!I want to come to Warsaw to learn Polish.from 01. December till 15.march. İ want to learn about Cheap accomodation and Course prise in US Dollar.I prefer student dormitory.waiting for your answer..thnx

Reply Nov 13th, 2007

I like to study in your school. And I do not know how much he can couse me for 6month courses? I will be glad if you can tell me more about this.Thanks your Folasade.

Reply Oct 8th, 2007
ebem ugochukwu d.

i want to study polish as a course what do i have do to be addmited

Reply Sep 26th, 2007