Krakow Restaurants

Forget all the old jokes about Polish potatoes and boiled cabbage - Poles have been described as the Latins of the east, and know not only how to party, but also how to eat in style. Krakow is jam-packed with a whole range of eating establishments, from the rock-bottomed priced milk bars (bar mleczny) to the most sumptuous gourmet restaurants.

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ul. Legionów Piłsudskiego 2

353. Gruzińska Chatka

0 reviews
ul. Stradomska 17

354. Bhajan Cafe

0 reviews
ul. Bytomska 23
ul. Barska 4

356. Zaczyn

0 reviews
ul. św. Gertrudy 7

357. Nago Sushi & Sake

0 reviews
ul. św. Anny 4/1

358. Gospoda Kokoszka

0 reviews
ul. Gołębia 8

359. Gospoda Koko

0 reviews
ul. św. Tomasza 25

360. Cakester Cafe

0 reviews
Plac Szczepański 9

361. Tribeca

0 reviews
ul. Wiślna 1
ul. Bora-Komorowskiego 41, poziom 2

363. Cucina Aperta

0 reviews
ul. Węgłowa 4

364. Akita Ramen

0 reviews
Plac Nowy 4b/8

365. Langos u Węgra

0 reviews
ul. Krupnicza 6

366. Winokran Food & Wine Bar

0 reviews
ul. św. Jana 16

367. Marcelino Chleb i Wino

0 reviews

Be prepared to try everything! Go to our directory for a complete list of Krakow restaurants, or why not see exactly where they are on our new map? Or, for something completely different, you can now also eat with a local cook at their own home in Krakow !

Reviews about Krakow Restaurants


Miod Malina Restaurant

love it & can't wait for them to open again


SO nice to have this style of breakfast in Krakow.

Ka udon bar

:) so happy there is even one in podgorze now :)

Mazaya Falafel

Krowarzywa Vegan Burger

Bhajan Cafe

Great to see new vegan & indian places opening in Krakow because I love vegan food & i love indian food so yeah i love this place!!

Bhajan Cafe

This place is a bit of sunshine in my mornings! Reccommend for sublime breakfast xx

Ranny Ptaszek

best meat in town 5/5

Pimiento Main Square

i love them

Cupcake Corner