Krakow Restaurants

Food. One of life’s necessities, but also one of its great pleasures. No wonder we spend so much time and effort, when we are not cooking for ourselves, trying to find the best Krakow restaurants and avoiding the horrors - the over-priced tourist traps, the deathly-quiet nouvelle cuisine ‘latest hit’ with the waiter who stares down his nose, and, worst of all, the restaurant with the head chef who spends more time defrosting his months-old efforts with a microwave, than actually cooking simple, fresh food for us, his customers….. So, where do we start in Krakow? Since 2003, we have been compiling one of the most comprehensive lists of restaurants in Krakow, with lots of reviews about each one, and you can search and read about each one individually - just pick from the rather large choice below. That said, if you just want a quick, somewhat random list of where we actually go ourselves, read on!

1) Zazie Bistro


I’ve never been sure what the distinction is exactly between a bistro and a restaurant, but either way, Zazie provides grub that is as good as you will find in Krakow. Zazie’s menu is reassuringly short - beware the restaurant with a menu that reads like an encyclopaedia - do you honestly believe that is all freshly prepared and just awaiting your order? - and in addition, you will spot Zazie’s chalkboard with specials of the day, which are reassuringly wiped out on the board one by one during the day as the ingredients are used up. Zazie’s offering is primarily French, with specialities including mussels and Entrecôte steak. Prices are reasonable for excellent food, with decent-sized portions and friendly, efficient service. The bistro can get quite busy, and there is a bustle to the place, especially with tables quite close to each other both upstairs and downstairs in the cellar. The feeling is, shall we say, ‘cosy’, so perhaps not the ideal place for sharing sweet nothings with your fiancee, discussing due diligence with a future business partner, or indeed for that break-the-ice meeting with your new spy ‘asset’.

2) Pod Baranem


You’re in Poland, right, so it’s time for Polish food? Well, not so fast. Polish fare is, obviously, everywhere, but there seem to be two main types of Polish restaurant - the cheap-as-chips milk bar (‘bar mleczny’) that cater primarily to locals, and the tourist-trap theme restaurants that offer pretty much the same food (and same mediocre quality), but simply embellished by waiting staff in traditional costumes, possibly some thigh-slapping folk music, floor-to-ceiling fake wooden beams, and strewn about with various other folkloric dust-collecting knick knacks (I will spare you the details). However, if you want to actually sample and enjoy proper Polish food, cooked to a high standard, Pod Baranem is probably your best option in Krakow. It is not cheap, but you can find pretty much the best examples of traditional Polish cuisine, such as Żurek (sour rye) soup, Kotlet schabowy (breaded pork chop) and Bigos (meat and cabbage stew) - all delicious, freshly-made and served to you on tables with freshly-starched linen. A favourite haunt of Krakow's literati and glitterati, Nobel prize winners and artists, the service is courteous and polite rather than back-slapping, but the food never ever disappoints.

3) Youmiko Sushi


It's small. And it serves sushi. But you haven't come all the way to Krakow to eat sushi, right? Wrong. You didn't realise it yet, but Youmiko sushi has just saved you a trip all the way to Tokyo. You can thank the staff when you meet them at their tiny place in Kazimierz. Just be sure to book in advance, as otherwise you're unlikely to find a table. Even if you do, you'll still be banging your elbows with other customers, just like in any good sushi bar in Japan. The food is outstanding, prepared to order and incredibly inventive, with offerings varying throughout the season, depending on the freshness of available ingredients. Best choice - go for the tasting menu, and you'll be regaled with a selection of sushi delivered to your table every few minutes, each course a surprise and delight. Add in rice tea or a sneaky Asahi beer, and you're all set.

4) Adam Gessler A’ La Carte


The UK has Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver. Poland has the Gesslers - Magda, star of celebrity TV cooking programs, and Adam, serial restaurant entrepreneur in Warsaw and Krakow. His latest creation has all the hallmarks of his previous hit in the former Hotel Francuski - impeccable freshly-prepared food, starched tablecloths, old-world serving standards, and a proper maître d' - Adam himself or one of his impeccable staff. The menu is high-end Polish with a twist of French. Think picked herring or beef tartare starters, veal cabbage rolls (Gołąbki cielęce) or Polish dumplings (Pierogi polskie) for mains, and Creme brûlée for dessert. All of this high-end food does not normally come cheap - and you'd not regret paying for such quality - but here's the kicker: every day between midday and 4 pm (12:00 - 16:00), you can enjoy an amazing 2-course lunch for just 30 PLN. Same food quality, same impeccable service, for about the same price you'd pay at a bargain basement milk bar ('bar mleczny'). A drink (normally a fruit compote or similar) is included in the price. Just go (before this place goes bankrupt like the previous ones).

5) U Stasi


We've been in mixed minds about recommending this place. Why? Because we've always wanted to keep it to ourselves. U Stasi is one of the few remaining places in Krakow that hasn't changed in decades. The collapse of communism, Poland joining the EU, the arrival of the Great British Tourist On A Stag Do - all these profound events seem to have passed U Stasi by. Right in the heart of the Old Town, but tucked away down an uninviting corridor, this is a simple milk bar ('bar mleczny') with standard, filling food prepared freshly and enjoyed by a loyal clientele of locals. Walk in, sit down, someone will come and take your order, and deliver to your table. Pierogi, bigos or soup - the choice is not extensive, but the food is really good and the prices low. A place to load up with the carbohydrates, rather than relish every course. Strangers will share tables. Your plate, once the food is eaten, will be quickly removed. Don't wait for your bill and a waiter with a card terminal. Once you're done, just stand up and make your way to the till, where you can simply tell the cashier what you ate, and be charged then and there. Poland must have looked like this in the 80's. U Stasi is your window to the past.

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Reviews about Krakow Restaurants

Great place a d great food!!!

Pieprz i Wanilia

Odwiedziłem ostatnio pizzerię z piecem szamotowym, i muszę powiedzieć, że było to niesamowite doświadczenie! Ta pizzeria jest wyjątkowa, ponieważ używa tradycyjnego pieca opalanego węglem, a wszystkie składniki pochodzą prosto z Włoch. Pierwsze, co mnie uderzyło, to aromatyczny dym unoszący się z pieca szamotowego. To nadaje pizzy niezwykły smak i chrupkość. Skorupa jest cienka i chrupiąca, a wnętrze miękkie i aromatyczne. Składniki używane w pizzerii są absolutnie najwyższej jakości. Pomidory są soczyste i słodkie, ser jest doskonale roztopiony i aromatyczny, a dodatki, takie jak świeże zioła czy oliwa, nadają każdej pizzy niepowtarzalny smak. Obsługa była przyjazna i profesjonalna, co tylko uzupełniło to wspaniałe doświadczenie. Pizzeria z piecem szamotowym to doskonałe miejsce dla miłośników prawdziwej włoskiej pizzy. Gorąco polecam wszystkim, którzy chcą poczuć smak i aromat tradycyjnej włoskiej kuchni!

Konopnickiej11 Brick Oven Pizza

Very nice restaurant. Very good Polish food and the view of Wawel Castle is great. I recommend


Waited TWO hours for our food. In total it took us more than three hours from sitting down to paying the bill.

Restaurant Wierzynek

I mean gorgeous tasty burgers with great flavours. Almost double the size of a normal burger so go hungry.

South Africa,

I ordered 2 steaks 1 well done came raw , I got 2 steaks 1 chip 2 cokes 1 pepper sauce 371 instead I got a bill 693 , when I checked my bank it charged me 122euro , went back to try and correct there mistake and was told the girl doing the till was dyslexic, and that she was right , I ordered steak not whole cow . I didn’t get my money back

Moo Moo Steak & Burger Club

Restauracja cenowo i prezentacja na pierwszy rzut wyglada bardzo dobrze. Byliśmy tam wczoraj 23.02.2023 na obiedzie koło 16:00 1 błąd kelnera kiedy nie skończyliśmy zamawiać pic kiedy kelner z tekstem dobra zamiast ewentualnie dopytać się czy jesteście coś albo 5 sekund odczekać odwrócił się i poszedł robić picia.2. Po przyniesieniu picia dozamowilam wodę z lodem i cytryna i 2 kawe kutra poprosiłam przynieść po ukończeniu posiłku. Ani cytryny nie doczekałam się ani kawy po posiłku. 3. Przy zamówieniu 1 zupy z 3 osób nie było spytano czy zupę podawać na początku czy wszystko razem i 1 osoba kutra zamówiła zupę musiała czekać aż nam przyniosą jedzenie bo nie przestoi tak zaczynać jeść!!! 4. Kelner miał ciagle problem z naszymi zeczami na stole czyli 1 telefon i okulary aby rozłożyć nasze zamówienie na stole. 5. Przy zabieraniu pare talerzy nie miłym głosem usłyszałam tekst „to mogę już podziękować”. Nawet nie rozumiem do czego służył. Nigdy tam już nie wrócę. Jedzenie jest w miarę dobre ale okropna obsługa która nie zwraca uwagi na klientow i ich prośbę i ta cała reszta co z nami wydarzyła się …. Polecam nie daleko od tego miejsca „Pod Wawelem kompania kuflowa” bardzo dobre jedzenie i prześwietla obsługa klienta. Mniej prestiżowe miejsce ale Pod baranem u nich miała by co pouczyć się !!! Nie polecam restauracji Pod Baranem

Restaurant Pod Baranem

Fantastic service and lovely environment.On the food Beef bagel starter wasawesome as was the duck for main course. However the chicken masla was far from good. first dish was cold, the second was just chicken in tomato sauce had no taste.other than tomato

Plac Nowy 1

Very upset triple than prices on menus

Restaurant Wierzynek

Probably the best restaurant in Krakow for typical Polish food. Always excellent service as well. A bit on the formal side, but overall a great experience.

Restaurant Pod Baranem