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ul. Dolnych Mlynow 10

1. Veganic

2 reviews

Reviews about Luxury Restaurants in Krakow

Y.U.M.M.Y! Actually have fallen in love with this place. I'm leaving Krakow soon and I might cry just because I won't be able to eat here anymore. It's my go to place for breakfast lunch, dinner, chilling with friends, whatevz. I'm not actually even vegan, and only one of my mates is, but Veganic has gone a long way towards converting us!! Great atmosphere, nice garden, pretty cocktails... I especially heart their cakes. favourites: polenta fries, rosemary foccacia, vegan gnocchi & the tofu burgerrrrr. yum.


Favourite place in Krakow to go out. Very relaxed vibe and the music is always different. In summer you can chill in da courtyard. Cool stuff.