Krakow Restaurants

Forget all the old jokes about Polish potatoes and boiled cabbage - Poles have been described as the Latins of the east, and know not only how to party, but also how to eat in style. Krakow is jam-packed with a whole range of eating establishments, from the rock-bottomed priced milk bars (bar mleczny) to the most sumptuous gourmet restaurants.

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ul. Dajwór 21
Al. Focha 42

290. Mamoiada pizza&pasta

1 review
ul. Augustiańska 24

291. Hello India

1 review
ul. Sławkowska 10
ul. Brodzińskiego 2

293. Wietnam

1 review
ul. Bracka 15

294. No Bones

1 review
ul. Kupa 24

295. Zagadka Smaku Resto Bar

1 review
ul. Jugowicka 10 C

296. Farmona Restaurant

2 reviews
ul. Bracka 3-5

297. Sempre Bracka

2 reviews
ul. Stolarska 8/10

298. Ambasada Sledzia

2 reviews
ul. Staromostowa 1

299. Pizza Si Gela

2 reviews
ul. Podgórska 16

300. Barka

2 reviews
ul. Konecznego 6/7u

301. Presto Pizza

2 reviews
pl. Bohaterów Getta 16

302. Foodology Panini Bar

2 reviews
ul. Sławkowska 1

303. Slawkowska 1 Restaurant

2 reviews
ul. Biskupia 4/1

304. Calavera Mexican Grill

2 reviews

Be prepared to try everything! Go to our directory for a complete list of Krakow restaurants, or why not see exactly where they are on our new map? Or, for something completely different, you can now also eat with a local cook at their own home in Krakow !

Reviews about Krakow Restaurants

great pizza :)


I like it here. good breakfast sets, come sometimes for lunch, Love the roasted beef sandwich!

Moment Cafe

had a really great meal here and interesting to try historical chałka - recommend for great experience!

Chałka Restobar

I came here after reading this Editor's review on your website and it did not disappoint!!

Trzy Rybki

love it - great view!!

Restauracja U Romana

so-o-o-o-o love their cake 10/10, great for healthier cake option for fitness people like me

Cakester Cafe

love this place :) so nice to sit and have a drink on a boat on the vistula :)


very nice - biggest selection of vegan pizza in town! And also normal pizza :) Tastes quite unique, but very yummy pizza :) Everyone should try

Pizza loft

mouthwatering cuisine!

Bottiglieria 1881

Great wine! and very nice place to sit on the Plac Nowy square

Bazaar Bistro