Krakow Restaurants

Forget all the old jokes about Polish potatoes and boiled cabbage - Poles have been described as the Latins of the east, and know not only how to party, but also how to eat in style. Krakow is jam-packed with a whole range of eating establishments, from the rock-bottomed priced milk bars (bar mleczny) to the most sumptuous gourmet restaurants.

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ul. Pijarska 17

177. Pijarska 17 Restaurant

0 reviews
ul. Lipowa 4a
ul. Dajwór 25

179. Anatomia

0 reviews
ul. Lwowska 1

180. Chez Nicholas

0 reviews
ul. Legionów Piłsudskiego 2

181. Miso Place

0 reviews
ul. Dajwór 19

182. Ramen People

0 reviews
ul. Limanowskiego 11

183. Delecta

0 reviews
ul. Kazimierza Wielkiego 86

184. I Love Coffee

0 reviews
ul. Węgłowa 4

185. Akita Ramen

0 reviews
ul. Romanowicza 5/9A

186. Emalia

0 reviews
ul. Gołębia 5

187. Colombe Beer & Food

0 reviews
ul. Miodowa 4 (Pasaż)

188. Wschód Bar

0 reviews
ul. Księcia Józefa 120

189. Srebrna Góra Restaurant

0 reviews
Rynek Podgórski 9

190. Durum Bistro

0 reviews
Rynek Podgórski 14

191. Yatai Sushi Otsumami Bar

0 reviews
ul. Sławkowska 13-15

Be prepared to try everything! Go to our directory for a complete list of Krakow restaurants, or why not see exactly where they are on our new map? Or, for something completely different, you can now also eat with a local cook at their own home in Krakow !

Reviews about Krakow Restaurants

Good place

Pasta Bar Resto & Wine

Rewelacyjne miejsce z przepyszną kuchnią włoską! Polecam bardzo.

Trattoria Venezia

Very lovely turkish place with traditional music and amazing breakfasts!! Served all day long. Highly recommend!!


Last week i was in the restaurant several words: SUPER SUPER SUPER SUPER SUP... Have a look on the chairs for reparation.

Cyrano de Bergerac

Dear sir this is semwal suraj here greeting from japan

Indus Tandoor

Welcome to Biala Roza Restaurant. You are in the very heart of Krakow Old Town. The Wawel Castle, Main Market Square and the Planty Park make up our closest surroundings. Searching for new tastes and composing our menus, we focus on finding the best quality and locally sourced, seasonal produce, as well as regional products and products recommended by Slow Food Poland. Discover Krakow’s magic on your plate

Biala Roza

have eaten here at the indian place (delicious wrap) and the mexican place (finally - good tacos in Krk!) will definitely go back to both — quality meals :)

Mural - Foodtrucks

i have eaten here a few times and will keep going back :) very tasty rolls. especially paneer!

The Masala Roll Factory

:) yum

Nón lá

Ate a very nice meal here. lovely staff.