Krakow Restaurants

Forget all the old jokes about Polish potatoes and boiled cabbage - Poles have been described as the Latins of the east, and know not only how to party, but also how to eat in style. Krakow is jam-packed with a whole range of eating establishments, from the rock-bottomed priced milk bars (bar mleczny) to the most sumptuous gourmet restaurants.

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ul. Dekerta 24 (Diamante Plaza)

225. Shanti Cafe Restaurant

36 reviews
Plac Szczepański 2

226. Bistro Charlotte

9 reviews
ul. Sławkowska 3

227. Ed Red

9 reviews
ul. Królewska 7

228. Pod Pretekstem

3 reviews
ul. Sławkowska 32

229. Przypiecek Pierogi 24 h

23 reviews
ul. Poselska 17

230. Trzy Papryczki

18 reviews
ul. Poselska 19

231. Corleone

21 reviews
Plac Szczepański 2

232. Scandale Royal

16 reviews
ul. Sławkowska 32

233. Miod i Wino

24 reviews
ul. Kanonicza 16

234. Copernicus Restaurant

10 reviews
ul. św. Agnieszki 1

235. Chlopskie Jadlo

8 reviews
Rynek Główny 34

236. Restaurant Hawelka

30 reviews
ul. Szewska 10

237. Boscaiola Ristorante

4 reviews
ul. Mikołajska 16

238. Cyklop

11 reviews
ul. Sławkowska 17

239. U Babci Maliny

25 reviews
ul. Grodzka 33

240. Wisniowy Sad

7 reviews

Be prepared to try everything! Go to our directory for a complete list of Krakow restaurants, or why not see exactly where they are on our new map? Or, for something completely different, you can now also eat with a local cook at their own home in Krakow !

Reviews about Krakow Restaurants

Waited almost an hour for main course when the restaurant was empty. The food was overcooked. The taste was bad. This is not what I have expected from place...


best place for breakfast

Chałka Restobar

Nie polecam! Prosiłem o makaron, który nie będzie rozgotowany, otrzymałem rozgotowany... po 20 min otrzymałem nowe zamówienie bez głównego składnika... otrzymałem żałosny rabat. Drugie zamówienie miało włosy - długie blond :( Żałosne, a rekompensata jeszcze bardziej żałosna

Barfly Lunch Bar

had a great curry here!

United States,
Tandoori Flame

moaburgeeeer roooooocks!!!!!


love your pizza and happy you have vegan options, thanks!! :D


hi i love your hummus :)

Hummus Amamamusi

so busy, so trashy, so cheap - i bloody love it!


Hi, folks I'm just wondering can anybody help me out, I was in the bar on Monday 19th November, 2018 around 11.30 pm there was a problem that I encountered in the unisex toilets, I found my girlfriend in stall with another bloke from our table she left the table when I was out having a cigarette I walked down and caught her with the door closed and him, he was from ukraine, as you can see my point I was pissed at her and left very angry!/she said she was spiked which I doubt because she screamed at my and ran after me. If anyone sees this or can shed light to me cheers!!


Restauracja nieprzyjazna rodzinom z małymi dzecmi. Pierwszy raz w życiu musieliśmy zrezygnować z posiłku gdyż kelnerom przeszkadzają biegające po lokalu dzieci

Il Calzone