Asian Restaurants in Krakow

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ul. Krupnicza 6

1. Pod Norenami

16 reviews
ul. Czarnowiejska 57

2. Mała Azja

0 reviews
ul. Krakowska 29

3. Curry up

3 reviews
ul. Pijarska 9

4. Hot Chili

5 reviews
ul. Paderewskiego 4

5. Oriental Spoon

1 review
ul. Józefinska 4
ul. Dajwór 19

7. Ramen People

0 reviews
ul. Miodowa 4 (Pasaż)

8. Wschód Bar

0 reviews
ul. Miodowa 8

9. Edo Fusion Asian Cuisine

15 reviews
ul. Węgłowa 2

10. Kanton Dim Sum House

4 reviews
ul. Miodowa 9

11. NINE kitchen

16 reviews
ul. Dekerta 24 (Diamante Plaza)

12. Shanti Cafe Restaurant

36 reviews
ul. Dietla 46

13. Taste of India

4 reviews
ul. Miodowa 8

14. Edo Fusion Asian Cusine

2 reviews
ul. Brodzińskiego 2

15. Wietnam

1 review
ul. Karmelicka 22

16. Ruru Sushi & Udon

1 review

Reviews about Asian Restaurants in Krakow

Really great value udon lunch special! Tempura, big bowl of udon and pot of tea for around 25zl. I can hardly even finish it and i'm always satisfied with the quality and flavour and the staff are always relaxed and professional. Have been here a few times now and will keep going back.

Ruru Sushi & Udon

Came here for dinner with girlfriend & had chilli tofu and a few other dishes. All delicious and really authentic. We would reccommend to everyone looking for some real Vietnamese food in Krakow.


Yummy food

NINE kitchen

This is the worst Indian restaurant I have ever been. I will share my experience with you as warning for all tourists and foreigners: - The prices are different from the menu at the door, once they know, you are a tourist, They will present different menu. - The food taste is awful, I order chicken brayani , they charged me 37zl and written on the outside menu 27zl. The brayani is full off burned fried onion, and very little chicken. - I ordered butter naan bread. It was frozen and microwaved. Then they charged me 11zl and written on the outside menu 7zl. - I asked for mixed appetizer, they brought fried cauliflower and fried onion ( bhagi) . When I complained about it, they said , it is all what they have, again charged me 20zl instead off 14zl. - when I complained about the whole experience, they started taking photos of the food which I left all. But still has to pay full amount. They are bunch of cowboys. Don't even go near it.

The Indian Connection

great flavours, not veg but love the food. nicely decorated too

Pod Norenami

high quality, great flavour 5/5

Edo Fusion Asian Cuisine

Good quality sushi.. nice staff :)

NINE kitchen

swietne miejsce, smaki zawsze doskonałe. goraco polecam na obiad i lunch

NINE kitchen

i was the Boyfriend who shared that meal below and i also agree & give 5 stars :)

Edo Fusion Asian Cuisine

Have eaten here 3 times now and been really satisfied. Can't remember what I had the first two times because it was a year and two years ago respectively. I went again on the weekend with my boyfriend and actually feel stupid now that we haven't come here more often!! We shared inari (stuffed bean curd pouches) & wakame (seaweed salad w/ sesame) as starters and they were both absolutely perfect. For main he had crispy tofu (came with perfectly cooked rice - nice that you don't have to order extra rice) and I had pork ramen (they have seafood, chicken, duck, beef & veggie versions) and we were SUUUPER full and satisfied by the end. We couldn't even finish it all. Also there was a famous Polish actress dining there at time so you can say it has celebrity clientele ;) For 2 starters, 2 huge main meals & a carafe of sake (26zl) it set us back 100zl which we felt was worth it considering the high quality. There are a lot of cheap Asian places but they are seriously just terrible. And I don't mean this in that snooty "i've been all over Asia blah blah blah" kind of way (but i have been all over Asia, haha) - my standards are really not THAT high, we are in Poland, not Vietnam and I just expect the dishes to at least vaguely have the right kind of flavour or ingredients. EDO is one of the only places to achieve that... and they don't only acheive that but actually get the flavours pretty much perfect. Edo is like a 9 compared to most other places which are maybe 2. So it's worth paying a little bit more for EDO when the cheaper stuff is not even worth buying. Although if you want good Chinese (Edo are more Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese) I recommend CHINA CITY RESTAURANT also in Kazimierz... similar prices and similar quality but with an extensive Chinese menu's so good. They have actual Chinese chefs. The end :)

Edo Fusion Asian Cuisine