Hostels in Wroclaw

Just a couple of years ago staying the night in a Wroclaw hostel meant taking up residence in a Soviet-style dormitory, sleeping on a musty mattress not much wider than your ass, with your only co-habitants a group of noisy school kids on a field trip from Germany. What's more the reception was manned by a fierce-looking, monolingual babcia who would take great pleasure in locking you out for the night if you arrived back to the hostel a minute after curfew - which was usually the rather un-rock-and-roll hour of about 11pm. So much for exploring Wroclaw's bars and nightclubs!

These days however tracking down hostels in Wroclaw is a much more satisfactory experience, with new and quality cheap accommodation opening up every year. Some of the big names in the hostels game have got in on the act, like Nathan's Villa Hostel and Moon Hostel, both of which started life in Krakow; whilst new individual enterprises have opened their doors too to travellers and backpackers in need of a cheap room for the night. Royal Hostel, Mleczarnia, Boogie, Avantgarde, Cinnamon are just a few and you can find a list of the very best Wroclaw hostels below... Just click on the name to view photos, reviews, and see their exact location on an interactive map.

If you're feeling a bit too over the hill for hostels, then check out our Wroclaw accommodation section for a complete range of budget hotels and apartments. Remember rooms in Wroclaw are at a premium so get booking early.