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1 Travel tips

Since 2006 making a phone call from a Polish landline to another Polish landline has changed. You now have to dial a zero and the appropriate area…

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2 Getting to Wroclaw

Above: LOT has lots of flights in Poland, he he Below: Why fly when you can Dr. Zhivago it up?By air Wroclaw has its own international…

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3 Getting around Wroclaw

Above: They even go south of the river in Wroclaw! Below: Take care! These are considered optional by many Polish drivers...By taxi Fancy…

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4 Money Matters

Credit cards are quickly becoming the standard in Poland. Having said that, once again, it won't hurt to keep a little change in your pocket.…

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5 Language

There's no getting away from it - Polish is a tough language to master: any early attempts at communication will have you sounding like you're…

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6 Info about Wroclaw & Poland

Wroclaw may never have lost its ancient Polish element - 20,000 Poles lived here before World War II - but Poles would never have imagined that the…

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About the guide

Above: Climb up St. Elizabeth's Church for a stunning panorama Below: Or get bitten by a radioactive spider and climb up any building you like!

Wroclaw may be a relatively small blip on the European radar, especially when compared to the likes of Paris, Rome or Barcelona, but as holidaymakers are becoming more and more adventurous the many of charms of this small but sassy city are deservedly being discovered.

Even ardent locals won't try and tell you that 'the Venice of Poland' can match Italy's original version for sheer romance and beauty, but you don't need to be a Wroclawian to be swayed by the character of this little town... Wroclaw's Old Town alone boasts the second largest medieval market square in Europe (the first prize goes to Krakow), dozens of spectacular gothic churches, scores of bridges over scenic waterways, and plenty of lush parkland besides.

Now cross the river onto Wroclaw's picturesque islands and, apart from plenty of strolling opportunities, you will find some of city's most precious jewels. The Ostrow Tumski in particular is a real treasure chest and tourists are drawn to it like bees to honey to admire the stunning spires that pierce Wroclaw's skyline north of the river.

Meanwhile, if you're in Wroclaw for more than a couple of days, it's well worth venturing out East in search of hidden bounty. The Plac Grunwaldzki, again just across the Odra, isn't an obvious tourist attraction but hides a history of more prosperous times, whilst go that bit further and you will discover odd ball treasures such as the Centennial Hall (now UNESCO listed as one of the World's most important cultural sites!), Wroclaw's very own zoo and the charming Japanese Gardens. Or why not head right to the city limits and to the Olympic Stadium, built by Hitler for the 1936 Berlin Olympics?

Thanks to its colourful history Wroclaw can count both treasures left over from its time as the German city of Breslau, as well as important cultural legacies transported from the old Polish city of Lwow (now Lviv in modern day Ukraine). Most of Wroclaw's splendid architecture falls into the former category, but amongst the latter is the unique Panorama of Raclawice, considered by many Poles as the symbol of the city.

Of course you could be one of those hedonistic bunch who couldn't care less about the city's rich culture and troubled history... In which case step this way for top tips on hotels, eating out, drinking and nightlife!


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I would like to read more information about how the wall of the city became the university. I’d appreciate it very much if you can email me the link for this information. Thank you.

Reply May 9th, 2023
smart traveller

German architect Max Berg has left his imprint all over Wroclaw, and it’s his Centennial Hall—a UNESCO-protected concert and exhibition space built from 1911 to 1913—that is the most famous. The reinforced concrete domed structure was lauded as one the most radical modernist designs in Europe in its day. Take time to explore the surrounding Szczytnicki Park and the cool multimedia fountain next to Centennial Hall that was built in honor of the h anniversary of the first free elections in post-Communist Poland. A show with animated projections on water shooting out of 300 nozzles takes place every hour.

Reply Feb 4th, 2020
United States

I have learned lots of from this great article.

Reply May 15th, 2019
United Kingdom

To the guy complaining about Poles living in his house - thank Hitler. Hitler's army adapted this beautiful city for a fortress and they din't care much about it getting destroyed. After Russians overpowered nazi army, they escaped the city and forced german habitants to leave their houses. Oh, and btw - if you really looked back into history, even 1000 years back - as you mention, you would know that Wrocław has always been Wrocław, not Breslau. Wrocław is the original name of this city, originating from a polish name Warcisław. It wasn't up until XIV century when when Poland lost Wrocław in favour of Bohemia and it was in XVI century when Wrocław conjoined Habsburgs' empire.

Reply Jul 5th, 2014
United States

" Does anybody know what nationality someone who emigrated from Breslau would have had in 1886? My wife's great grandfather, Joseph Hoetzer, was a German speaking native of that area. I have always seen "Austria", but I think that is inaccurate" That would definitely be a German/Prussian citizenship, as Breslau was taken over by Prussia from Austria after wining Silesian War of 1742 yr. Than Prussia united most of germanic states and in yr.1871 declared it self the German Empire. Therefore someone living in that areea in yr. 1886, must have had German citizenship.

Reply Mar 26th, 2013
Tim Sheehan
United States

Does anybody know what nationality someone who emigrated from Breslau would have had in 1886? My wife's great grandfather, Joseph Hoetzer, was a German speaking native of that area. I have always seen "Austria", but I think that is inaccurate. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Reply Mar 8th, 2013
Jason Currie
United Kingdom

It is disappointing to read some of the ignorant comments regarding the German occupation. By extension of your thought process and noting that you live in the US should you not be looking to hand back your home to the native indigenous people? Anyway pointless conversation with someone that is clearly a muppet! Wroclaw is a city that reeks of history. It has the old world charm bestowed on it from several centuries of standing and embodies a rich cultural mix given its central location. My one criticism is that it needs to progress into the 21st century with a little more urgency. Of course these needs to be done with considerable sensitivity to preserve the ambiance of the place. As the Polish economy grows little gems like Wroclaw will become important cultural and business centres and I for one welcome this new chapter in the city’s history!

Reply Sep 4th, 2012

For: Miria Allwissend Firstly learn to speak English and secondly your primitive German comment just highlights your jealousy of the beautiful "Polish City" of Wroclaw, where even historically Poles were there long before the Germans intruded the territory.

Reply Jun 2nd, 2012
United States

Herr Grueppner, if the German people had not allowed a madman to bring destruction to most of Europe, you and your family would still be living in your house. I can think of no more deserving people to be occupying your house than the Poles after the treatment that the Germans delivered to them. In fact, perhaps you still owe the occupants of your house some restitution and should give them the rest of your assets, then some justice may finally be done.

Reply May 12th, 2012

I've lived in Wroclaw for many years. In my life I've visited a lot of famous and big cities all over the world and I can say that all I want is to live here for ever. You can never get bored living or staying in this charming and exciting place. It's worth seeing.

Reply Jan 25th, 2012

Twitter not tweeter ;) But still, ALL IN WROCLAW WELCOME! aga

Reply Oct 11th, 2011
Meetup Wroclaw

for tweeter users! I have just created this page for people who want to meet up in Wroclaw! Check @Meetup_Wroclaw. Pass it on!

Reply Oct 10th, 2011

hi guys. we're going to live and study in wroclaw for a year!!!! Is it possible for international students to work there?

Reply Jul 6th, 2011
Czech Republic

Hello, where I can found places of interest (nature, architecture etc)around Wroclaw?

Reply May 16th, 2011

Wroclaw is one the european pearls that you can never see in Americas or Asia, people are very friendly here, people that are not friendly and find out that youre a foreigner are scared cause they cant talk to you. People that know foreign languages are usually bit more open minded. German influence is visible everywhere, but Warsaw wasnt built by Germans and its similar, it was totally destroyed during WW2 and its a spectacular city to live in...

Reply May 10th, 2011
United States

Poland is good because it isnt full of multi cultural Mingers it is prodominantly white if you want multiculture and a mixed up popuation go to london stay away from poland

Reply May 4th, 2011
Muchacho Cordez
United States

A post to Greuppner, who complained of Poles living in "their" house. The Poles were in Wroclaw long before the Germans. The Germans just happened to move in for a few decades. Germany has wreaked incredible hardship and pain upon Poles through the centuries.

Reply Apr 1st, 2011
Louise Steytler
South Africa

Visiting Wroclaw in April 2011 to trace my Hauptfleisch family who left in 1718. Where will I get info on them Is there archives in Wroclaw ?

Reply Mar 4th, 2011
Heidi Docherty
United Kingdom

My mother was German born and bred in Wroclaw (then Breslau). My father was Polish. I am very sad therefore to read the posting about 'Poles living in our house'. Wroclaw is again quite rightly part of Poland and therefore 'poles' would be living in the house. Keep your racist comments to yourself.

Reply Dec 29th, 2010
G. A. Greupner
United States

I love this City, because I was born there, but WW2 displaced our family.My Dad built a house in 1932. I visited there 5 years ago. Sad to see Poles living in our house. The city now seems dirty compared to 1944 time. Much, much History there, goes back 1000 plus years. Thanks to the war, it no longer is my home.

Reply Dec 13th, 2010

i really like the polish people and their culture so i really love to learn more about their language what a great opportunity

Reply Nov 15th, 2010

i've been four weeks in wroclaw and i want more. Maybe for the rest of my life

Reply Oct 11th, 2010

I am asian from Thailand and going to study Polish language at Wroclaw Uni! I love this city and sometime asian people are funny for people here but I don't care atleast I have many good friends here and they are so lovely for me and I love to sit and drink beer at the rynek. I love Wroclaw

Reply Sep 24th, 2010
jon b
United Kingdom

What a great city hope to head back late november.Plenty to do and see.Sky train,music fountains (rock at night or classic movies)Beer with raspberry juice I try'd it but not a huge fan..The indoor old market is really worth a visit...

Reply Sep 8th, 2010

Hey guys and girls going there on the 6th of october going for two weeks any ideas where to go what to see im 23 and speak a bit of the language

Reply Sep 8th, 2010

Hi, If you are looking for local tips from Wroclaw you can find it on my blog http://enjoywroclaw.wordpress.com Best, Micha³

Reply Aug 1st, 2010
United States

It's very nice to read all this good opinions about the city. Yes - it is't very big, but vibrant... I work here as travelguide - and I allways say - this city has only 621 thsd citizens... it isn't much...

Reply Jul 8th, 2010
lesley ainsworth
United Kingdom

Please be advised that if you go to wroclaw to Dr Adam K. yes you get it cheeper but you get no aftercare at all. And if you have any serious problem with you plastic surgery you are totally on your own. His London rep and his email in poland do not reply to any emails so be warned !!!!!

Reply Jul 8th, 2010
United Kingdom

My Husband and i visited Wroclaw in the summer of 2009 it was that good we are going back on Tuesday. It was clean safe friendly and cheap as chips due to the value of the Zloty. It is a lovely place with lots of bars and realy nice shopping.The boat rides are also cheap and the people friendly. With lots of choice in hotels to stay in from expencive to cheap Cant wate to go back on tuesday.

Reply Jun 18th, 2010
United Kingdom

hoping to come next year is there enough to see in and nearby wroclaw for a fortnight"s holiday ?

Reply May 2nd, 2010
United Kingdom

Hi E, I am planning to visit Wroclaw this summer. Any specific place that I should visit and any food that I must try? Thank you.

Reply Apr 15th, 2010
monica from NJ
United States

Wroclaw is lovely. I have visited a number of times. The botanical garden is nice and I recommend seeing Michael the ArchAngel church. Sean from London is very stupid and no one cares about his opinion because he doesn't even know how to spell in his native language :)

Reply Feb 11th, 2010
United Kingdom

I can understand why Wroclaw is presented as small city in this guide.This wonderful city is about 700 thousend people and is biger then Liverpool!

Reply Jan 5th, 2010

Hi, E, im visiting wroclaw in 2 weeks time. will it be possible that we meet up and mayb u can bring us around? sam

Reply Nov 15th, 2009
sean from london
United Kingdom

i hate wroclw its dirtyd stinks and polish people are so ignorant

Reply Nov 12th, 2009
sean from london
United Kingdom

i hate wroclw its dirtyd stinks and polish people are so ignorant

Reply Nov 12th, 2009

Heyy..I live in this beautiful city for 10 yrs now, So if anyone need free guide to see the city, cheap hostels, good restaurants or clubs I'm here. I'm preparing to SAT's next year so I need conversations and you may need tour? If so, feel free to write comment and i'll contact with you.

Reply Oct 18th, 2009
Martin S

HI, I work by Volvo and im gonna be on Wroclav next month, I have seen that is a beutiful city, if anyone can give some tips o places to be visit could be great

Reply May 21st, 2009
United Kingdom

Hey guys, was just wondering where the best places would be to visit for stag dos? And if anyone in wroclaw does anything special things for tourists like that

Reply Apr 22nd, 2009
Wroclaw Life Staff

Hi Tommy - Polish currency is definitely needed for your stay, but you can exchange your currency here in Poland with no problems. Euros or US Dollars are accepted in larger restaurants, shops, or hotels, but the rates you will get will not be necessarily that great!

Reply Apr 1st, 2009
United Kingdom

Do I need Polish currency for a 3 night trip to Wroclaw next month ?

Reply Mar 31st, 2009

Had a nice stay on camping Olympic. We are wondering, which diciplins were held here during the 1936 olympics?

Reply Aug 16th, 2008

I'm so glad i finally found a page that gives me information that are up to date. I been looking the whole day for a good page about Wroclaw. GREAT

Reply Jul 28th, 2008
United States

Frania, you can have your father's property, just pay us back for upkeeping it and keeping it up for all these years and then it is yours.

Reply Jun 18th, 2008
United States

I would like to have back my fathers families properties .He came from your city. 4 generations were murdered and all their property taken .

Reply Apr 28th, 2008
United States

chwlowo Stany....ale od zawsze zakochana we Wroclawiu...pierwsza prawdziwa miloscia ...ktora bedzie trwala przez cale moje zycie...juz niedlugo tam wroce.. Pozdrawiam

Reply Mar 29th, 2008

I´m an erasmus studet, I was living in Wroclaw, and...I´m completely falling in love!!!!!!!!!!!is a charming and beautiful city, please, come in Wroclaw, feel and enjoy this city...

Reply Jan 16th, 2008
Steve O
United States

Had a great time in Wroclaw during my summer visit. The city has so much energy and the cafe/pub culture is incredible. Living in Krakow now and may move to Wroclaw when I tire of the tourists and ex-pats. Though maybe Wroclaw is not so far behind...?

Reply Oct 22nd, 2007
United States

Nie mieszkam we Wroclawiu, ale jestem tam bardzo czesto. Bardzo mi sie to miasto podaba. Teraz czasowo przebywam za granice, ale zawsze jak wracam do Polski jade do Wroclawia. Po powrocie do Polski, mam zamiar tam sie osiedlic. Michal - czasowo w

Reply Sep 13th, 2007

Visited Wroclaw on two occasions. Found city very friendly, clean and surly with a lot of potential. Will definitely return...perhaps next year. See you then Richard, Mirka and Piotrek. Toronto

Reply Sep 13th, 2007
Uri Beer

We need a city guide in english for one day on Sept. 25th for 24 people who come with their own bus. Can you recommend a good guide? Thanks.

Reply Aug 29th, 2007

we are loooking for a guided tour in german language in Breslau

Reply Aug 11th, 2007
United States


Reply Aug 10th, 2007

Visited 4 major Europeon cities Wroclaw was the best. We were safe, had a blast, people were so friendly, city was clean, the onlt place I would return to.

Reply May 21st, 2007