Wroclaw Restaurants

Still think that Poland is all cabbage and sausage? Think again! Poles are very passionate about their food. In addition to a great appetite for merriment, Polish men and women love to eat well, and Wroclaw won't disappoint even the most finicky of tastes.

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ul. Odrzańska 6

Święta Racja

3 reviews
ul. św. Mikołaja 77
ul. Więzienna 18
ul. Włodkowica 9

La Maddalena

20 reviews
ul. Nożownicza 1d

Le Bistrot Parisien

39 reviews
Rynek - Ratusz 1
ul. Kuźnicza 3
Sukiennice 9A

Pod Papugami

29 reviews
ul. Więzienna 21
Rynek 13
Rynek 4
ul. Więzienna 21
Rynek 35
ul. Wita Stwosza 22/23

Lothus Restaurant

6 reviews
ul. Sudecka 125a
ul. Kuźnicza 42


11 reviews

From the dirt cheap to the glitzy and glamorous and spanning the culinary globe, you'll find it all in Wroclaw. Meanwhile if you do fancy sampling the local dishes, see our article on Polish cuisine to find out why it really isn't that bad!

Reviews about Wroclaw Restaurants

Horrible behavior. It was my girlfriend's birthday. I book a table and I said that we will come at 9. The girl at the phone says "okay but we close at 10". I agree that in one hour we will enjoy a meal but when we arrived the man at the door refuses to let us enter saying that the kitchen is already closed. When I asked some explanations, he replied that his girlfriend said that they will close at 10 but their kitchen will close at 9. She didn't mention this at the phone, and why we would have booked a table at 9 if we couldn't eat? To watch their walls? Not even one "sorry" from the owner, we just had to go to another place. What a shame. If you claim to be "close to Michelin star", well, it's not just about your food (that we couldn't try, and be sure I won't step anymore in your "restaurant") but obviously if you do this as a business and not as a hobby, you should learn to treat people with respect. I hope the same will happen to you and your girlfriend, so maybe you will learn how we were treated tonight. A horrible experience, really. For me, this place deserves less than one star, honestly one of the worst places I ever step in.

La Maddalena

Laughable, just like Capri, same owner, he's mad and so are the prices. Next

United Kingdom,
O Sole Mio

It's a wonderful place to spend time with close friends and try out delicious natural food, highly recommend!

Mango Mama - Indian Cuisine

Authentic Indian food. Highly recommend it!

United States,
Mango Mama - Indian Cuisine

Typo earlier- should have said .... can't believe some of the reviews since the food and service was fantastic!

United Kingdom,
Bernard Pub & Restaurant

I can't bribe the reviews. The food and service was amazing.

United Kingdom,
Bernard Pub & Restaurant

I love this place!

Le Bistrot Parisien

Had Valentine's dinner at Le Bistrot. Great atmosphere, good service and, as always, great food and wine. Very French. We always love to come back. Thank you Kazik and staff!

Le Bistrot Parisien

Super place for a meal. Friendly staff too !

United Kingdom,
Święta Racja

Best place for romantic dinner in Wroclaw. Great ambience.

Czech Republic,
Przystan Restaurant
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