Wroclaw Restaurants

Still think that Poland is all cabbage and sausage? Think again! Poles are very passionate about their food. In addition to a great appetite for merriment, Polish men and women love to eat well, and Wroclaw won't disappoint even the most finicky of tastes.

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ul. Odrzańska 6

1. Święta Racja

4 reviews
ul. Włodkowica 21

2. Woosabi Wrocław

4 reviews
wiezienna 21

3. Baku Lounge

6 reviews
ul. św. Antoniego 23
ul. Nożownicza 1d

5. Le Bistrot Parisien

39 reviews
ul. Kuźnicza 3
Sukiennice 9A

7. Pod Papugami

29 reviews
ul. Włodkowica 9

8. La Maddalena

22 reviews
ul. Więzienna 21

9. Capri Trattoria Pizzeria

24 reviews
Rynek 13

10. Novocaina Restaurant

19 reviews
Rynek - Ratusz 1

11. Pod Fredra Restaurant

14 reviews
Rynek 4
Rynek 35

13. Bernard Pub & Restaurant

17 reviews
ul. Wita Stwosza 22/23

14. Lothus Restaurant

6 reviews
ul. Sudecka 125a

15. Restaurant Wieza Cisnien

11 reviews
ul. Kuźnicza 42

16. Bazylia

11 reviews

From the dirt cheap to the glitzy and glamorous and spanning the culinary globe, you'll find it all in Wroclaw. Meanwhile if you do fancy sampling the local dishes, see our article on Polish cuisine to find out why it really isn't that bad!

Reviews about Wroclaw Restaurants

Super miejsce, jedzenie pyszne! Polecam frytki z batatów

Święta Racja

Sehr schöner Ort in der Markthalle. Wenig bekannt, aber trotdzem empfehlenswert, da dort geniale Teesorten serviert werden.

Herbaciarnia targowa

Food excellent, atmosphere FANTASTIC, prices very reasonable! Recommendable

Woosabi Wrocław

Best oriental kitchen in the city

Orientuj Się

hey, I ate here last week and I just wanted to say thank youuuuu cause it was delicious and your place is pretty :)

Woosabi Wrocław

I was there yesterday with my friends - there were crowds of people. Just great place to be!

Woosabi Wrocław

Excellent, good fun & cuisine and fancy drinks

Woosabi Wrocław

lugar increíble super hookah

Baku Lounge

I was at Wroclaw for only few days and when I discovered this place I was spending there every evening. Really best quality food and very unique cuisine. Definitely my favorite place in Wroclaw!

Baku Lounge

The best food and shisha in Poland

United States,
Baku Lounge