Wroclaw shopping

Looking for that perfect present for your significant other, your mother, or your... reflection? Well you've come to the right place. Many people travel to Poland just to do their shopping in fact! The selection is great, the prices fantastic - what else do you need?

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ul. Jatki 11

Galeria Wroclawska

0 reviews
ul. Braniborska 58-68

Strefa Ciuchów

0 reviews
Arkady Wrocławskie (Level 0)
Galeria Dominikańska (Level -1)
ul. Powstańcow Śląskich 2-4

Arkady Wroclawskie

18 reviews
ul. Świdnicka 40


19 reviews
ul. Wrocławska 7

DJ Shop

4 reviews
ul. Legnicka 58

Magnolia Park

18 reviews
Pl. Dominikański 3
ul. Wita Stwosza 19/20

Swiat Podroznika

3 reviews
ul. Odrzanska 8
Pl. Grunwaldzki 22

Pasaz Grunwaldzki

9 reviews
ul. Wita Stwosza
Rynek 31/32


3 reviews
Plac Solny 20
ul. Parkowa 6


2 reviews

Whether you're looking for a gargantuan shopping centres or funky boutique stores, Wroclaw has got what you're looking for. Everybody has to spend their hard-earned money sooner or later and we're here to help you do just that. Charge up that credit card and wreak shopping havoc!

Reviews about Wroclaw shopping

Nice place.

Arkady Wroclawskie

Pani z kiosku na przeciw tesco: Otworzyłem gazetę, przegoniła do tesco, bo "tam można przeglądać" a tu trzeba kupić. Nie mam więcej czasu o pisanie o tej pani. A pan w kantorze nie zwròcił na mnie uwagi, musiałem pòjść do tego po prawej stronie jak wychodzi się z tesco. Toaleta męska: nie działa suszarka, brak ręcznikow. Tesco zrobiło olbrzymi postęp od mojej ostatniej wizyty, personel jest lepiej przeszkolony.

Magnolia Park

Loved the choices, brands and the prices, especially during the summer sale period, some amazing bargains. Must come back next year!!!

Magnolia Park

Very good place, busy just enough for comfortable shopping.


Very disappointed with 3D ice cream place.rude service, inexperienced manager dealing with the complain. Ordered pancakes with Nutella and additional bananas and they charged me for bananas more than pancakes itself.

United Kingdom,
Galeria Dominikanska

strange shop

Mydlarnia Wroclawska

ulubione miejsce zakupów super i parking za DARMO...

Magnolia Park

hello.i will be in Wroclav on 3th Fabruary,so i wonder if there is any sale?? are there new brands and cheap clothes??


Third time on a business trip in Wroclav, third time on the shopping in Renoma. Stylish and comfortable shopping mall. Highly reccommended ;)

United Kingdom,

Very good impression, nice brands no crowd, easy access from the Market and hotel. Thanks guys.

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