Why Stag It Up in Wroclaw?

Thinking of coming to Wroclaw for your stag weekend? You certainly won't regret it! Whereas Tallinn, Riga, Ljubljana and Krakow are already tired members of the stag weekend circuit, Wroclaw still offers something fresh and exciting to connoisseurs of Eastern Europe - and will have your work mates scrambling for a map as you spend all of next week boasting about your exploits!

An almost completely undiscovered gem, Wroclaw is already being touted as 'the next Krakow' (Krakow having been promoted to 'the next Prague') thanks to it's stunning Main Square, laid-back atmosphere and raucous nightlife. What's more Wroclaw is perched beautifully on the river Odra, and its numerous waterways and bridges give this city a charm unrivalled in Poland that even debauched stag weekenders are sure to appreciate!

Ok, enough scene setting - let's get down to the nitty gritty of a stag do! Beers and women! The good news is there's plenty of great places to sample both - and neither Polish beer, nor Polish women are to be sniffed at!

Polish beer is well-favoured not only by the Poles but by most foreign visitors as well and brands like Piast, Zywiec (pronounced zhiv-i-ets) and Okocim (o-koch-im) go down a treat - especially when sampled on a sunny day in the Main Square.

Unfortunately we can't guarantee that the Wroclawian ladies will 'go down a treat', but we can vouchsafe that they are amongst the best-looking in the whole of Europe. You may have heard the adage that the further East you go the better looking the women... In which case you should bear in mind that after World War II, Wroclaw was populated by folk who were forced to move from Lwow, now Lviv in modern-day Ukraine - and you don't get much further East than that! What's more, unlike the girls from most of Eastern Europe's hotspots, the girls from Wroclaw aren't yet suffering from stag group fatigue - so your cheesy one-liners, British charm and 'hilarious' party tricks may still give you a shoe-in!

As for the places to find these gorgeous girls, well we recommend you try out any number of nightclubs, such as Jazzda Club, Bed Club or Klubo-Kawiarnia PRL on the Main Square. Or head to the Pasaz Niepolda where you'll find more watering holes per square metre than on any strip in the Costa del Sol! Mudo 71 or Niebo are just a few perennial faves. Those who search for sth more exciting might try Le Secret.

Of course stag weekends aren't limited to just nighttime activities these days. Check out our entertainment section for some ideas.

There's some top tips for going it alone, but if you really want to guarantee that you have a great time in Wroclaw then why not let the people that know the city best organise everything for you - ie. us! We can organise everything from your accommodation and airport transfers to adrenaline activities (think paintball, karting and shooting), bar crawls and saucy stripteases... Head to our stag weekends booking page to find out more.

All of our stag weekends are organised in association with the lunatics at Crazy Stag Wroclaw, so you can be sure you're getting the real deal!


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Thanks Wroklaw... i was happy for a week with your ladies and your beer... i will remember all my life

Reply Jul 30th, 2016

Superb, lots of fun ;)

Reply Nov 20th, 2012
United Kingdom

what a laugh we have here. Beautiful city with beautiful girls! We will be back here soon!

Reply Mar 8th, 2012
United Kingdom

That was fun! We all enjoyed both the city and the people!

Reply Oct 27th, 2011
United States

A strange review. It may surprise you to know that not all stag-dos want a weekend of perving over slappers. Poland has got plenty good looking girls, to be fair. Stag-dos are however about men being men with men, not thinking about women (I was in Wrocław for International Men's Day last year and had a great time with my mates.) Also, L'viv is far in the east? That's plain stupid, because (a) most of the Ukraine and of course all of Russia is further east, and (b) the girls who came from L'viv go live in Wrocław were Poles.

Reply Apr 11th, 2011

i love poland, i love poland girls & poland nature

Reply Apr 9th, 2011

Hot and sexy - we enjoyed our time here.

Reply Mar 9th, 2011

Hot and sexy - we enjoyed our time here.

Reply Mar 9th, 2011
United Kingdom

Pruderia - definitely number one!

Reply Dec 13th, 2010
United States

Polish girls are just beautiful!

Reply Nov 9th, 2010
Bad Boy
United Kingdom

Love Wroclaw - excellent city, great girls! We will be back for sure soon! Don't miss Afrodyta ;)

Reply Jun 29th, 2010
United Kingdom

Pruderia was a great club - we really had our time there! Fantastic girls, good drinks, right in the centre!

Reply Jun 9th, 2010
United Kingdom

Party city for party people! We had an excellent time! We will all remember it for sure! Much better than Ibiza and cheaper than Prague!

Reply Jun 7th, 2010
United States

Great place - not so busy as some other tourist spots. Lot's to do, hot girls, good drinks, cheap flights!

Reply May 10th, 2010
United Kingdom

wroclaw was an awesome place for our stag do. lovely weather, lovely city, lovely girls... wrning: that Polish beer is strong!

Reply May 6th, 2008
United Kingdom

had an awesome stag weekend in Wroclaw! Poland rocks... great girls, great bars. Got a few phone numbers and probably would have got more if i wasn't so p*ssed. I'm coming back to Wroclaw

Reply Jan 31st, 2008