Sometimes when you find yourself in a foreign town, you find yourself in need of more than just a hearty supper or an afternoon's stroll around a local museum. Even the cub scouts amongst you can find yourselves unexpectedly in need of a pharmacy, doctor, travel agent or English-speaking lawyer (we won't ask why!).

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ul. Swobodna 1
Odrzańska 8/4

2. Wratislavia Tour

5 reviews
ul. Skłodowskiej–Curie 11
ul. Racławicka 101

5. Medical Service

11 reviews
ul. Piłsudskiego 44a
Rynek 14

8. EuroMediTravel

13 reviews
ul. Uniwersytecka 27/28/3A
ul. Żubrza 18

10. Foka

3 reviews
ul. Powstańcow Śląskich 2-4
ul. Księcia Witolda 49

12. Dental Clinic Platinum

15 reviews
Sukiennice 12
ul. Galla Anonima 2

14. Polish Smile

10 reviews
ul. Więzienna 21a/7, 3rd Fl.

15. Stendhal Beauty Salon

4 reviews
ul. Skarżyńskiego 36

16. Copernicus Airport

8 reviews

Now at least though you can relax. At Wroclaw Life we are compiling a list of these and many other services which might come in handy. And when you fall in love with this city and decide to stay, who knows - you might need a real estate agent as well!

Reviews about Services

I had surgery here and like others who have lett reviews, I was left to fend for myself. During my stay in Poland I contacted the clinic to say I'd become unwell, the response was "take a painkiller". As soon as I arrived home I was admitted to hospital for 4 days. Dr Aleksandra carried out my treatment and to say the least she's not a people's person, basically didn't interact with me at all and when she did it was one word answers and arrogant. This clinic is a no-frills service and I'm very disappointed at how I was treated throughout my experience here. Only positive is the surgery is good and seems to be healing well.


Totally recommend exploring Wroclaw in such a way! The crew is very polite and they know a lot about the City. The boats are very comfortable, quiet and most of all, ecological. With friends, we cruised on Solliner's, in 2018. We hope to be back to the Wroclaw in 2019 and we'll defo use the service of,,,


Attending four lessons per week and I would go more if I could! Lovely teachers, central location, I’m learning a lot quickly thanks to Marta and Magda’s professionalism and good humour. Always a pleasure to go to class, thank you!

Link Language School

Amazing courses, I started from basic polish and now I am able to communicate without fears! Absolutely recommended.

Link Language School

Amazing dentist! And very good prices.

Polish Smile

To jest bardzo fajna szkoła językowa! Uczyłam się Polskiego przez półtora roku i jestem bardzo zadowolona z rezultaty ponieważ zaczęłam jako zero, a skończyłam na poziomie B2! Zdecydowanie polecam! Dzięki Magdzie i Marcie! This is really nice language school! I'd been studying there for year and a half and I'm very satisfied with the result! Strongly recommend it! Thanks for Magda and Marta!

Link Language School

Super szkoła języka polskiego w centrum Wrocławia. Uczyłam się na poziomie B1-B2 z najlepszą nauczycielką Karoliną i to były wspaniały zajęcia! Polecam!

Link Language School

Well, it's the first time i try to anticipate for a trip. I'm a french guy about to visit Wroclaw on my own in 3 weeks. Any nice people to talk with there? ^^

International Friends of Wroclaw

Hi That's may sound odd, but I'm looking for friends. But not only for friendship, but also with a purpose: I'm desperately looking for a job. So if you need a friend, who knows alot of stories and can help me with a job search - I'm open to communicate. Thanks for attention. Have a nice day.

International Friends of Wroclaw

I am male, 37, I had treatment for gynecomastia and liposuction at Coramed when I was 34. When I had booked the treatment I was told the liposuction would cover 3 the areas I requested. I was given a price to cover all the above. The surgeon who saw me could not speak English so the nurse was translating. He said to her my fat wasn't fat it was 'fatty skin' which is it not. As a result they only did lipo on my stomach area. This hadn't been explained to me clearly during the short consultation - only once I had paid and they when into the waiting room before the surgery. They said I just needed it on the stomach area which would get rid of my love handles. They charged the same price for what I had been quoted for 3 areas. The gyno surgery they said they would do was to remove tissue from make an incision in nipples. After the surgery when bandages came off - the area under my chest they had removed too much tissue / or fat (not sure which) and there were dents in my chest. My nipples were very sore and felt tender to touch. Three months later I contacted the clinic and they said it will take time to heal. It's now been 3 years since the operation and it looks awful - no offense (to transgender people) but it looks like a FtoM transgender top surgery. I still have pain in my right nipple when touched or squeezed and my chest looks saggy. My friend also came to have surgery at the same time - fat transfer from stomach to buttocks. Immediately after I could see her buttocks looked no different and she was left with loose skin around her stomach. We both thought it would improve over time which it as not. I spend the years following the surgery working out at the gym, eating healthy etc - however wasn't able to correct the lumps I have around my abdomen and my lovehandles never really went. The prices were affordable at the time, they weren't the cheapest but seemed better value then other clinics. I now have to look into getting corrective surgery. I am writing this to warn anyone who is considering Coramed to reconsider and book elsewhere. My body looks much worse now and I wish I had gone elsewhere but from all the research I did at the time Coramed seemed like a great choice because of all the positive reviews. It's not fair on people who are trusting this clinic with their health and physical appearance for them to mess up the surgery, charge more for providing less and then fob me off when I complained about how it was looking. I called and emailed them but was told 'surgery takes time to heal'.