Sometimes when you find yourself in a foreign town, you find yourself in need of more than just a hearty supper or an afternoon's stroll around a local museum. Even the cub scouts amongst you can find yourselves unexpectedly in need of a pharmacy, doctor, travel agent or English-speaking lawyer (we won't ask why!).

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ul. Kuźnicza 11-13 2nd floor

1. Link Language School

137 reviews
ul. Piłsudskiego 44a
ul. Rajska 73

3. ClinicForYou

8 reviews
ul. Swobodna 1
Odrzańska 8/4

5. Wratislavia Tour

5 reviews
ul. Skłodowskiej–Curie 11
ul. Racławicka 101

8. Medical Service

10 reviews
Rynek 14

10. EuroMediTravel

13 reviews
ul. Uniwersytecka 27/28/3A
ul. Żubrza 18

12. Foka

3 reviews
ul. Powstańcow Śląskich 2-4
ul. Księcia Witolda 49

14. Dental Clinic Platinum

15 reviews
Sukiennice 12
ul. Galla Anonima 2

16. Polish Smile

9 reviews

Now at least though you can relax. At Wroclaw Life we are compiling a list of these and many other services which might come in handy. And when you fall in love with this city and decide to stay, who knows - you might need a real estate agent as well!

Reviews about Services

To start polish classes or not? I wasn't sure about. So I went to the first one teachers are able to catch your attention even if after 8 hours of work. Furthermore, they make easy what (polish) is not easy at all. I advise Link school to everyone.

Link Language School

The classes are perfect! The teachers are the best! Polish language ia só difficult but we can learn here.

Link Language School

What can I talk about Link? Only that it is the perfect place with great teachers who made me know and go deep in this language so difficult but at the same time so beautiful that it is the Polish. I recommend them with absolute certainty. Thank you all very much!

Link Language School

I had otoplasty here 7 months ago. Stupidly I was drawn in by the low prices. The consultation lasted 2 minutes (in London consultations for cosmetic surgery last at least 30 minutes..), the surgeon seemed unprofessional, uninterested, did not even ask about my desired results and it felt like he just wanted me out to get on to the next patient. And for the results.. awful! On one side the surgeon has removed way too much and the majority of the cartilage leaving me with a huge 'dent' in my ear and a very broken looking ear, and the other side I have a big visible lump of extra cartilage in my ear due to the surgery being done wrong and causing overlapping cartilage edges. To top it off they still stick out the same as before (as the tops were not touched, and that was the only thing that stuck out) but are damaged, deformed and painful. It has been just over 7 months now and my ears still cause me pain every day in day to day life such as going to the hairdressers, hugging some one, sleeping on my side and pulling a shirt over my head, as it was done so badly. I recently went to see the UK's leading otoplasty specialist in London and he said that the result is very bad and that the surgeon has performed a conchal bowl (middle of the ear) reduction, when in fact correction of the antihelical fold (top of the ear) was all that needed doing as the middle of my ears did not stick out at all it was just the tops, and that I did not even need cartilage cutting in to and a simple stitch made to the top of the ear would have been sufficient saving me all the pain and not to mention the bad results and scarring. The specialist said cartilage removal or scoring/cutting is not necessary any more as otoplasty techniques have advanced. This shows that the surgeon is inexperienced not to know this and using old, dated methods. You would think that even if the surgeon is bad at otoplasties, he could at least make a neat incision and stitch it up correctly on the back of the ears as he is doing incisions day in and day out.. but no - he has left me huge wonky scars that stretch up my whole ears (the otoplasty specialist is confused as to why the scars stretch so high up my ear as the surgeon did not even touch the tops of my ears), and it is raised, rough and with visible bumps all along the incision line. I really cannot believe this cow boy is allowed to operate .. I think I could have done a better job myself! Although I was fairly unhappy with my ears before, I am devastated with them now and just wish I could have my old ears back. This has affected my confidence a lot and I can now never wear my hear up or even tuck my hair behind my ears. The otoplasty specialist said the damaged cartilage is unfortunately unfixable as it has already been removed, so I am stuck like this forever. They did refund my surgery cost but this took me 5 months of emails debating back and forth and them claiming nothing was wrong when it was clear from my photos that it was, and they tried to get me to come back instead for a 'free fix'. Of course I would not let this surgeon touch me ever again. But the £790 refund (I originally paid about £860 but they made me pay the conversion costs for refund...) does not compensate me for the fact that my ears, which are on the side of my face and I have to live with every day for the rest of my life, are ruined. I went with a friend to Poland for this surgery and she had a breast uplift and enlargement and she is also very unhappy with her results as the uplift has not worked so leaving her a big scar on her nipple for no reason. It is not like me to write negative reviews online, however this is very serious - please do not go here and please do not be drawn in by the cheap prices.. see a top specialist in the UK and if you can't afford it please just don't bother at all!


hey, I am looking for someone who would like to talk with me in English and also be a friend :) I like classical music and jazz. Female 28

International Friends of Wroclaw

I highly recommend Link school to anyone who wants to learn polish. Marta Geller is an excellent teacher and if she can teach a hard head like me, she can make anyone learn polish. Highly recommended

Link Language School

Hey there , I am from South-Africa and I am living in Wroclaw. I would love to find some South-African friends here .

South Africa,
International Friends of Wroclaw

Friendly atmosphere, professional and creative teachers and central location. I found lots of new friends! Highly recommended! Thank you Karolina and Marta! Чудесная атмосфера, профессиональные и креативные преподаватели, расположение в центре города. Завела много новых друзей! Рекомендую всем от чистого сердца! Не пожалеете

Link Language School

Really good school and teachers!

Link Language School

Davvero ben fatto.. Complimenti.!

International Friends of Wroclaw