Local Life's Top 50 Things to Do In Krakow

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Dear Local Life readers! Since life is plain too short to be wasted on floundering, check out our very personal and subjective Top 50 Things To Do In Krakow. You won't find many of them in popular guidebooks: the below loose compilation of proposals is made up of unique Krakow experiences and for us, Krakowians, it is exactly what makes up the heart and soul of the city.

We are hoping for your contribution to our list, so don't forget to drop us a comment below.


1. Have a drink in Piekny Pies

2. Have a run around Blonia

3. Enjoy a meal with a local cook at their home

4. Have a picnic on Krakus Mound

5. Ride a bike/take a boat cruise to Tyniec Abbey

6. Dance at the Jewish Culture Festival

7. Visit Singer after 1 a.m.

8. Smoke a pipe at Vis-a-Vis (aka Zwis)

9. Eat some cheesecake at Dym

10. Watch a film at Kino pod Baranami

11. Visit the flea market at Hala Targowa on Sunday morning and have a luch in a milk bar in Grzegorzecka St.

12. Visit a hounted burgher house at Dietla 44 at night.

13. Eat some roast kielbasa from the blue van at Hala Targowa.

14. Run in the New Year's Eve dress-up marathon.

15. Hang out in Alchemia

16. Have your fortune told by a fortuneteller in Kazimierz or Sukiennice

17. Go and get some cosmic energy at Wawel's chakram

18. Go plane-spotting in Balice

19. See the hidden gardens of Krakow monasteries

20. Dance at Feniks

21. Eat breakfast in Kolanko

22. Eat a midnight zapiekanka toast in Kazimierz

23. Drop in for a coffee to Rio

24. Take a swim in Wisla

25. Have a herring in Ambasada Śledzia, preferrably with Mikolaj - great white beard, fishy eyes

26. Buy a worn out rose in a pub from Mario

27. See the Botanical Garden in Spring

28. Come back home from a pub crawl riding on a water car in the dawning sun

29. Leave Krakow with an obwarzanek in hand

30. Take the party tram 

31. Visit Jama Michalika

32. Crash the Christmas Fair and have a roast kielbasa from one of the streetfood booths

33. Stand in a line at Prozak 2.0 not knowing what for

34. Fight for a table at Charlotte on a Sunday afternoon

35. Play badminton at Park Jordana in the summer

36. Take part in Critical Water Mass and sail Wisla with anything that's at hand

37. Take a polar bear plunge in Zakrzowek or Bagry lake in winter 

38. Eat pierogis at 'U Stachy' in Mikolajska St.

39. See Cocon club at dawn

40. Eat a kebab at a.m. and not throw up

41. Leave a party at dawn and see the city covered in snow

42. Play chess at Wisla boulevard by the Church on the Rock or Jubilat department store

43.Shop at Stary Kleparz market

44. Eat lunch at the Music Academy canteen terrace in Tomasza St.

45. Eat Sicilian ice cream in Slawkowska St.

46.Take a carriage ride 'round the Market Square and feel like a tourist

47. Take a photo of the trumpeter while he's playing the bugle call at St. Mary's church

48. Sneak inside the head statue of Eros Bendato by Igor Mitoraj at the Market Square

49. Make Mickiewicz monument your meeting point 

50. If you have the guts - see Wisla and Cracovia derby match


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Jan Hoogland

Visiting from Holland from the 15 till the 23d of October. I;m an English teacher and a member of a Gay Choir as well as a Gay Swimming Club called Upstream Amsterdam. Would love to meet Polish gay men, young or not so young (I'm 66 myself) to show me their city and share a conversation!

Reply Oct 12th, 2015

Where is frantic club?

Reply Feb 2nd, 2015

51. Eat at Moaburger :) 52. Get harrased by a mime on the main market :P

Reply Feb 19th, 2014

Play badmington at Plac na Groblach !

Reply Feb 19th, 2014

Prozak 2.0..... To listen good music...ass....ol :))))

Reply Feb 19th, 2014