Piekny Pies Club

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Piekny Pies Club
ul. Bożego Ciała 9

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Editor's review

The old Piekny Pies, which used to be just one street over, was a Cracovian institution: barely marked, never advertised, and yet always packed at all hours of the evening and night; a place where bohemian artists exchanged slurred words with foreign students and local jazz musicians. Now, the popular bar has moved to a location that's easily three times the size of the old hole in the wall it used to be (though amazingly it's still just as hard to get through to the bar), and yet miraculously managed to keep the exactly same atmosphere that made the old Pies great. And with a cellar downstairs with a stage and space for dancing, the new locations promises many more events and parties.

Editor & Krakow Local


not shown

ok so.. i always check it out when looking for somewhere to dance in kazimierz on a night out....

sometimes the dance floor is bumping & sometimes it's empty - hit & miss

often good bands here too

they have czech movie nights but with no english subtitles which is such a shame because i would go every week if there were english subtitles as well as polish

Reply May 23rd, 2018

ostatnio zagladnelam tam kilka razy i straszne pustki byly, doslownie nikogo oprocz mnie i kolezanki, nie dobry to znak.....podobno na haslo FORUM wszyscy sie przenosza za Wisle.....no coz swiat sie zmienia

Reply Sep 6th, 2013
United Kingdom

Has moved 3 times in the last 10 years. Still legendary wherever it goes! Long live the beautiful dog!

Reply Aug 19th, 2013
United States

Hey Piekny Pies is moving. It's closing down next week. Moving to the Czech Rep of all places. Life will never be the same in Cracow. Where will I go at 2 in the morning?

Reply Mar 9th, 2012
United States

Despite the massive hangover you'll have the next day, this place is 100% recommendable for all booze lovers & those who do not like posh, overpriced, lacking-with-atmosphere places.

Reply May 12th, 2010
United Kingdom

Dangerous, but have not found it so for reasons described by Bob. Simply seems hard to leave here without an epic, epic hangover in the post. Enjoy at your peril!

Reply Jun 19th, 2009
United States

Gentle elves and kind, bearded gnomes inhabit this cave. An occasional ogre has been known to enter, but the spell that has been cast in the Piekny Pies appears to render them harmless. Highly recommended if you wish to gain several enchantment and herbalism skill points!

Reply May 18th, 2009
Patrícia Kornalewski

Me diverti muito neste lugar, na minha opinião o melhor pub de Cracóvia :) as pessoas são gentis e abertas o que não é tão fácil de encontrar na Polônia!!! Tenho ótimas recordações!!! Gostaria de voltar um dia!!!

Reply Apr 1st, 2009

Just stayed in krakow.

Really great place with wondelful funk-soul music !!

Nice person also in there !!

Near to another great club: the Carpe Diem II.

Sure I will be back !! :-)

Reply Feb 18th, 2009

It's always open!!! Perfect for starting and ending your party night, we really loved this place

Reply Jul 7th, 2008

Best atmosphere in Krakow, especially on weekdays when other places are dead! THE place for an afterparty...

Reply Feb 14th, 2008

"i've always loved the old Pies and never had a bad experience, and so far the new Pies seemed just as cool, until about a week ago: my friend and i came on a slow day, monday or tuesday, and it was pretty empty as it was only like 9 p.m. we ordered our beers (tyskie from the tap) and sit down to drink, and after one taste (which i practically spit out) we're determined there's definitely more water than beer in our beer. it really tasted like woda gazowana mixed with beer - it was disgusting and we definitely didn't want to finish our beers. so my friend takes our beers to the bar to complain, and the barman takes a sip and says, "i don't know what you mean, this is great beer!" and even though my friend tried to argue with him that it was piss not beer, he wouldn't give us a refund or a new beer from a bottle, so we just left our waste of 12 zlotys on the table and left. i've since come back, but i only get beer in bottles there now!"

Reply Jun 21st, 2007
United States

"The dog is dead - long live the dog!! It's amazing, you can come here at midnight on a Tuesday and there's still a good dozen people smoking and drinking - Piekny Pies is definitely one of my favorite Krak bars!"

Reply Jun 21st, 2007
Robert Szczesniak
United States

Great place to hang out. Great music, and at a good volume level to be able to hold a conversation. Very relaxed.

Reply Nov 22nd, 2006

The best bar in Town, really great time, crowded with all kinds of types, good music, the owner (she) is HOT like hell and the staff behind the bar, quick and friendly. Will come back to this place and hang out all night, till sunrise!

Reply Sep 21st, 2006
Keith Williams
United Kingdom

Funny one this bar. Basically its pretty scruffy inside but has the 'x' factor - its cool, crowded and has atmosphere! Occasionally when I've tried to get in its so crowded its almost impossible to get into it at all. Clos by there are a few other places, and they're almost empty! How do they do it?

Reply Sep 3rd, 2006

Very good atmosphere!

Always good sounds and vodkas!

It's the place to be when u are in Krakow! Sympatics barmans...

Reply May 5th, 2005
Luc Wijnans

Cult! Not as cult as Lubu Dubu though. But well worth checking out. Friendly atmosphere.

Reply Apr 26th, 2005
John Halmesworth
United Kingdom

Slightly seedy bar that's bursting with character nonetheless. Rammed at night - better to head down for a coffee in the afternoon - much more chilled. Good music. Axe above the bar unlikely to conform to EU safety standards. Nice sugar tin.

Reply Nov 19th, 2004
United Kingdom

Cool as a very beautiful dog. Tripout music and perfect beers for a kickback night in Krakow. Love it.

Reply Oct 15th, 2004
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