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Editor's review

A Kazimierz legend - dim and gloomy, with shadows deep enough to drown the moodiest drinker, and illumination provided by an all-day candle vigil. Come in off the Jewish Square (Plac Zydowski) for a warming vodka or warm beer with fruit syrup, and lose track of the time altogether. Don't expect any live vocals, except in the early hours from an uproarious crowd - the bar is actually named after the Singer sewing machines and trestle tables scattered about the place. Classic Cracow.

Editor & Krakow Local


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I walked past it tonight and it was shut, with boards over the doors and windows saying that it was being refurbished. Absolutely gutted that they’ll change this glorious bar - does anyone know what’s going on?

Reply Feb 21st, 2020

absolutely charming, always bustling, great location

Reply May 23rd, 2018
United Kingdom

I and a varied assortment of friends have visited Singers every year for the last 8/9 years, and look forward to going again this year. The staff have always been courteous and available to serve.. would recommend it to anyone looking for a local experience.

Reply Mar 4th, 2018

I agree. A lot of the tourists go for Alchemia, but Singer is the original Kazimierz pub - it was here long before all the others and has an amazing atmosphere!

Reply Mar 14th, 2018
United Kingdom

The original Kazimierz legend! This place was open long before Alchemia and the like. The party never stopped. Awesome!

Reply Feb 6th, 2018
United Kingdom

Fantastic pub in the Jewish District. Big enough to move about but small enough to have character. Visited on a busy Saturday night with friends and experienced an excellent atmosphere, happy people dancing at the bar and friendly bar staff. Quirky decor and music that probably wouldn't work anywhere else added to the experience! Loved it, best bar I've been to in ages, a must visit if travelling to Krakow.

Reply Dec 25th, 2014
United Kingdom

The undisputed King of Kazimierz until Alchemia came along, Singer hasn't changed a jot in the last 15 years. Whether that makes it timeless (the most commonly parroted opinion) or just plain tired (my own) is a moot point. Dingy, smoky and just downright grubby, Singer did set the standard for bars in this former Jewish quarter - which is that they should be, well, dingy, smoky and grubby. The result is that the whole district has turned into a pastiche of a bohemian quarter - and Singer must take most of the credit / blame. Still, with its tables made from old Singer sewing machines trestles, it could be a minor mecca for historians of treadle-operated overlockers - and it is certainly heaven if you're into low light levels and velvet upholstery.

Reply Dec 27th, 2013

Доброй ночи))скажите пожалуйста, есть возможность у вас отпраздновать Новый Год))какая у вас будет программа и меню новогоднее, и цена, и если свободные столики?

Reply Nov 30th, 2013
United Kingdom


Reply Jun 24th, 2013
United States

Singers is THE late night bar in Krakow on the weekends. The party goes till at least 6 am, as people dance and converse til the wee hours of the morning to old Jazz and French music. Don't be surprised if you see people dancing on tables. One of the last times I was there, I was up on a table myself dancing with a couple girls. As the gentleman I am, once we were done I helped get them back down to the ground. Not thinking that there's no longer weight to support me as I stood towards the edge of the table, it of course tipped over and I came crashing to the floor. Without missing a beat, a couple of patrons helped me up, handed me a shot, and we all went back to partying. That’s Singers for you. Add it to your list of must see places!

Reply Mar 7th, 2013
Jason Hart
United Kingdom

Just loved it. Could have spent days justing sitting their drinking vodka. The bar staff needed a good slap but I guess that was part of the experience!

Reply Feb 8th, 2013
freddie ynes

Really enjoyed it in 2007 and2009 and going back in 2013.There is nothing wrong with a bit of arrogance behind the bar from freddie cork ireland, brixton london

Reply Feb 2nd, 2013

well i really liked it and i didnt wait too long for my drink, i think these french and italians had only drank their drink for hours and hours, us irish, are returning in june with the english gang from nottingham

Reply Feb 1st, 2013

This pub is truly one of a kind. My friend, Seany, had recommended this pub to me. I am returning to Krakow this summer with friends, Martiny and Seany, and this is on the top of our list to visit. Wonderful ambience.

Reply Jan 22nd, 2013

simply the best place in krakow in the weekends.

Reply Oct 27th, 2012

There a big woman who works there who treats costumers like sxxx, insults them etc. I complained with her about it, she insulted me, so I asked to talk to the manager, who unfortunately was not there. Instead she called the security and beat me up for only because I complained with her. DO NOT GO THERE.

Reply Aug 12th, 2012

Dziewczyny w Singerze na Kazimierzu krakowskim kradną fajnym facetom okulary przeciwsłoneczne z głów, gdy tańczą na stołach, bo tam miejsca mało. Albo kradną, albo uwagę na siebie chcą zwrócić, tych facetów. Oddawać mą zajebistą Arcticę!

Reply Jul 15th, 2012
Zoe Campbell
United Kingdom

We were told about this place by a guy we got talking to on the plane on way over to Poland, so we thought we would give it a go. Very glad we did. A real gem of a place. Absolutely love the furniture, paintings and set up. Definitely one I would like to go back to and have a good night rather than our rather rushed visit.

Reply May 24th, 2012

We had an amazing night at Singer last friday...don't know how we made it home, or when did it start to rain and got wet all over, but after all those Zywieces I guess we didn't even care:) Thanks for the music!!!

Reply Aug 15th, 2011
United Kingdom

I have no idea what the previous posters are going on about, maybe I was very, very drunk (let's face it I was) but I had no trouble being served by the bar staff, despite being English. I even feel over and made a complete fool of myself and (unknown to me) lost my (very expensive) camera. Went back next day shamefaced and they had it behind the bar. I can only praise their honesty and customer service. My only regret is that I only had 26 Zloty left to give as thanks.

Reply Jul 4th, 2011
philip o toole

really loved this place to chill out after a long walk was there 4 days out of 5.

i never had a problem with being served as with other reviews but it was mostly afternoons when we were there,dont know what it was like late at night.

maybe i differ and really dont take much notice of the staff as long as i get my drink and are left alone,

it makes a difference from some of the busy irish bars were you seem to be under pressure to keep spending.

over all a great little hang out to pass a few hours

Reply Mar 12th, 2011
Bonjour Juliette

I just read the reviews under and suddenly i realised that those people did not hate me for some unknown reason -it's just their regular attitude!

We had to wait forever to get some attention at the bar, and i finally had to ask three times to get our drinks. AND the bar was NOT crowded, and i don't think my brother and i look so revolting you would not want to look at us! In fact i had the impression that as soon as they heard we were not polish, we became transparent.

So yes the place is nice and cosy, but yes the staff is incredibly un-friendly. And i do agree that there are so many nice places in Krakow ehre you can get a drink AND have a good human experience at the same time that you wouldn't like to give your zlotis to those people again...

Reply Jan 9th, 2011
United Kingdom

Wow, I would totally agree with Mark and the review below. It used to be very open and welcoming place with people dancing on tables till morning hours.It's a shame it's become a bit snobby and not so welcoming too. But the Singer machines are still there!

Reply Jan 8th, 2011
Mark B
United Kingdom

Singer has always had an arrogant air about it. It's more of a club that you are either part of or not, than a regular pub. This is probably because it was the first pub here in Kazimierz (as I recall) I go to it less and less, but years ago we had great times thee, and the nostalgia still lingers.

Reply Dec 15th, 2010
United Kingdom

Whilst I would agree with the majority of what has been written about the place (all good) I have to agree with Rob regarding the bar staff. Arrogant, rude and had I not been overtly assertive I may not have been served at all. I got a sense or elitism and I strongly felt the barman that did eventually serve me resented doing so. For those of you that use the 'Qype' iPhone app, I managed to sneak a photo of the guilty barman and posted it on their site.

I must stress that you should not be put off by my comments as the bar is lovely and atmospheric and once you have opened a tab I'm sure they will be happy to continue to take your Zlotys

Reply Dec 7th, 2010

While I can't disagree with a single word about Singer's review and the comments - 'spooky, atmospheric, a real find' - having visited the bar a few times now I've found the bar's manager and a couple of his bar staff - namely one blond peroxide haired girl incredibly unpleasant. Queuing up at the bar for a least half an hour its routine for these two to ignore foreigners and instead serve Poles first. Not a one off - it's happening way to often. The stroppy bar manager, with a face that'd turn cream sour just by him looking at it, has an enormous attitude and is simply an unpleasant guy. I've never encountered this in other bars and I know it's not reflective of the Polish mentality - which is generally warm and welcoming. So despite Singer's jovial atmosphere, I for one will spend my money where I'm made to feel more welcome - and more likely to get served.

Reply Jul 20th, 2010
Charles Henderson
United Kingdom

As part of the Scottish Folk Duo "Ardbeg" we dropped in one Tuesday night and played for a couple of hours.

Forget these so called "Irish" bars Polish Pubs are far better!

Reply Jul 16th, 2010
United Kingdom

Totally agree with everything Alan said about Singer bar. Went there 4 nights out of 5 when I was in Krakow, it was that good. In fact, I think I was talking to Alan on Saturday night (26/6/10).

Reply Jun 30th, 2010
Alan from LONDON
United Kingdom

I was advised by a waitress to visit the Singer Bar. What a Plesent Shock !

This dingy drinking hole in the Jewish quater is one of the most weirdest bars. The atmosphere just makes you feel so comfortable, the people are fantastic, the beer is good. Most of all .. is the music - Everyone is up and dancing.

I visited on a Saturday night and it was the best party night in the whole of Krakow.. . but be prepared, for something different. Excellent.

Reply Jun 28th, 2010
United Kingdom

Like something out of a pre-war film. Memorable in candle light...

Reply Mar 26th, 2010
David Kessler
United States

Another place where we spent more time than was healthy. Still, great memories - if a little fuzzy!

Reply Jul 10th, 2009
Agata Niemkiewicz
South Africa

For anybody that loves the idea of being submerged into a little piece of Balkan history then Singer is definitely one of the best places to go drinking! There is attention to every tiny detail, from pictures on the wall to the tables which are in fact old singer sewing machines! The wall paper is beautiful and there is a beautiful aroma of old wood and what seems like cigars. The set up is amazing, really makes you feel that you're in Eastern Europe, unpretentious and truly unique. The bar feels like a place filled with mystery and secrets, makes you want to hang around as long as possible and hope that you'll catch wind of something. Everyone that goes must definitely try the heated raspberry beer, really nothing better on a cold night, or any time really. Can't wait to go back!

Reply Apr 21st, 2008

Wonderfully atmospheric. Dark and moody. Candlelight and velvet. Virtuoso gypsy violin soundtrack. Charmingly untouched, like stepping back in time.

Reply Feb 18th, 2008

Magnifique bar avec une ambiance toute particulière !

Reply Sep 26th, 2007
Johan Engström

Singer Bar. In the old jewish quarters of Krakow, the street lights are still out. In complete darkness, you stumble around, trying to find a place hidden behind black curtains. Double curtains in the doorway, just to reinsure that absolutely no light slips out to guide the accidental guest.

If you still find your way to the place, you will find that the music is limited to only two genres, opera and film music.

Try the Charlotka. Then, after you finish the pie, order the same, but as a drink. Zubrowka and apple juice on the rocks.

Reply Jul 6th, 2007

Locale carino frequentato per lo più da ragazzi molto giovani. Il personale non ci è sembrato particolarmente gentile, probabilmente troppa pubblicità non gli ha fatto molto bene. Buoni comunque i long drinks e buona birra.

Reply Apr 1st, 2007
United Kingdom

Darkness is golden in this divine drinkery. Piaf soundalikes vie with Estonian pop on the playlist whilst intense young folk contemplate their great unfinished novels. Given the pitch black environs, the hint of red velvet decadence and the atmospheric tea lights even Peter Beardsley could look wayward and poetic here if he slipped on a polo neck and sparked up a gitane. A true treasure and the pick of a fabulous strip of bars.

Reply Feb 14th, 2007

We visited this very attractive bar/cafe three times in a weekend.

The tables outside have Plac Nowy's best afternoon sunshine and Singer's sewers, of course!

Reply Apr 18th, 2006
Marina Mallon

this is a really cool bar - think you were back in the 19020s - worth a visit

Reply Feb 10th, 2006
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