Zagreb Weather

What's the weather in Zagreb like?

Any traveller, no matter how intrepid, should consider the weather before diving headfirst into anything that's not their homeland. We're here to save you the trouble of checking to see if the cows are lying down, or sticking your finger in your mouth and then holding it up in the air (what does that accomplish, by the way?)...

Compared to the rest of Croatia, Zagreb has a fairly moderate continental climate. That's four distinct seasons with hot dry summers, cold snowy winters, and rainy, unpredictable autumns and springs. You know, kind of like weather generally used to be before 'global warming' showed up and started it's world tour of meteorological extremes. Take a look at the numbers:

The summers are damn toasty with temperatures rising above +30 degrees centigrade beginning at the end of May. [However, that doesn't stop Zagreb's ladies from strutting the city's main thoroughfares as if they were catwalks; in fact, it encourages them.] Average temps in July and August are around +25, before the rather fog- and rain-ridden autumn months arrive (October to December). Snowfall is common in a Zagreb winter, despite the mental image of Croatia's sunny Adriatic beaches. Indeed it is much cooler from late fall to early spring in inland Zagreb. January generally fluctuates around the freezing point, dipping down as low as -5 at times, and February follows suit, allowing March to do the thawing. As always, it's important to dress appropriately and favour on the side of caution.

While Zagreb has yet to be declared the 'New Prague' and the tourist season is hardly overbearing enough to plan around, we'd still vote for May and September as the nicest months to visit the city. Mild climes and wild students. Get out there and find a study-buddy.


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United States

The weather here is incredible right now. Generally the climate is great, and I am so glad I chose to come here on holiday!

May 9th, 2011