Vienna Weather

What's the weather in Vienna like?

Hopefully we won't all be living in tree-houses in a decade's time, an outcome that doesn't seem entirely off the cards these days. But if we're somehow able to keep the ghoul of global warming under control, and the weather follows established norms rather than apocalyptic patterns, then the following info may still come in handy. Vienna is historically a temperate city, not overly prone to extreme weather. Although there is often a sprinkling of snow in Winter, with fantastic opportunities for ice-skating here in Vienna, the Austrian capital is rarely exposed to the kind of freezing temperatures that you might find in Poland or Lithuania. The average temperature in January is 2"C, whilst in July and August it's 25"C. Pack sensibly for Winter, but by and large you won't need the kind of bearskin attire that's the norm further east of Vienna. Autumn's also an option, and given that there's a fair amount of greenery in Vienna, the golden hues of October can make for an enchanting experience.


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Does it always snow here at Christmas? I want to take my kids for the festive season and snow would (literally) be the icing on the cake!

May 17th, 2011