Tread Your Way Back Up The Tower

To much fanfare Ljubljana Castle's Outlook Tower (Razgledni stolp) reopened last week after a major renovation and re-fit closed it last October. Now visitors and residents can once again marvel at the magnificent views from the Tower top that stretch out over the city and beyond.

The castle's Outlook Tower stands on the site of the Pipers' Tower, which was pulled down in 1813, during the country's occupation by Napoleon. Military commanders then ordered that a signal tower, which would become the residence of the castle guard, be built in its place. In its time the twelfth -century castle Click here has gone from being a royal fortress to a prison and then nineteenth-century military stronghold.

During the twentieth-century the castle fell into ruins and a mammoth restoration project, kicked off in the sixties, gradually restored it back to its old self. In 1982 the Tower was raised by 1.2 metres making it one of the highest vantage points in the city. Two years ago a cute little funicular railway was added weaving its way up towards the Outlook Tower.


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