Culture in Krakow

It's impossible to mention the word "Krakow" and not say "culture" the same sentence. In this city you are absolutely immersed in all of life's finer things. Cherubs and gargoyles look down from almost every ancient palace and townhouse - guarding the endless treasure troves of everything cultural.

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ul. Bernardyńska 2

97. Bernardine Church

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Rynek Główny 3

98. St Adalbert's Church

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ul. Skałeczna 15
ul. Warszawska 24
ul. Stolarska 15

101. French Institute

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ul. Brzozowa 14

102. 2 Swiaty Gallery

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ul. Dobranowice 194

103. Moda na Sztuke

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ul. Pilsudzkiego 10
ul. Wita Stwosza 12

105. The Home Army Museum

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Rynek Główny 6

106. Grey House Gallery

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ul. Pomorska 2

107. Pomorska Street

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ul. Basztowa

108. The Barbican

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Rynek Główny 35

109. Krzysztofory Palace

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Plac Matejki 13

110. ASP Gallery

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ul. Piłsudskiego 12

111. Jozef Czapski Pavillion

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ul. Limanowskiego 51

112. Museum of Podgorze

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From famous paintings, like Da Vinci's "Lady with an Ermine" to Egyptian artefacts, to catacombs which easily break the thousand-year marker, you'll find more culture and history here than in most cities on this planet. When you've satisfied your museum-hunger, move right along to Krakow's many galleries. Showcasing the best of the old as well as the brightest modern stars, you'll get more art than you can handle. And let's not forget about the city's own, unique culture. There are not many places in the world where "nie kulturalny" (uncultured) survives as a powerful cut-down. We've prepared an easy to use directory of all of the city's finer things. Perfect for balancing out that "Drink" section!

Reviews about Culture in Krakow

Disappointing ....we came to Kraków to see the factory of Oskar Shindlers but instead it was all about the Jews in Poland .it is a bit false advertising...I'd already done the ghetto tour

Oskar Schindler's Factory

Badass, looking forward to this year's fest with the robots!

Patchlab Festival

Love this gallery - always recommend to friends visiting Krakow. Unique and special exhibitions every time.


Nice and friendly, worth seeing for sure!

United States,
Henryk Gallery

Have seen a few really great exhibitions here - much better to visit here if you want to see real independent Polish artists than to go to somewhere big and controlled by the man like MOCAK or something.

Henryk Gallery

Buddhist exhibitions were so fantastic! Saw a performance piece a few years ago, also met Andrzej Wajda (rest in peace) and will always remember it.

Manggha Centre

Fantastic exhibitions here, have enjoyed many actually. They also had a cinema on the roof last year - hopefully this year too!


this church was already beautiful but they recently redid the copper roofing and i loved it green as well but it's nice to see how they take care of the city

Dominican Church

Some very large & impressive pieces here, well worth the visit!

Cloth Hall Gallery


Henryk Gallery