Monuments in Krakow

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Plac Bohaterów Getta

1. Plac Bohaterow Getta

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Very touching site. Saw it on a walking tour, but went back alone to really reflect on it's history. The tour seem to rush through.

Plac Bohaterow Getta

Yes a very moving square and across at the other end is the Apteka Pod Orlem (the Chemist under the Eagle)which was the only pharmacy allowed in the ghetto and I beleive funded by Roman Polanski to be renovated and turned into a museum. Also well worth a visit and often ignored (even this article ignores it) is the concentration camp at Plaszow (tram stop Dworcowa tram numbers 3, 6, 13, 24, 29 and a climb the up the hill to ul Jerozolimska).There is very little here but the former ‘villa’ of the Camp Commandant, stands at 22 Heltmana street. The grey building at 3 Jerozolimska once served as a barracks housing the camp’s detachment of the SS troops while its basement contained a torture chamber. There are also few monuments towards the other end but the whole area is extremely eerie and very moving. The last inmates were transported to Auschwitz in 1945.

United Kingdom,
Plac Bohaterow Getta

We met here for the March of Remembrance. The whole square has a haunting feel.

United States,
Plac Bohaterow Getta