Cultural Centres in Krakow

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ul. Miodowa 24
Rynek Główny 25

2. ICC

8 reviews
ul. Nadwiślańska 2

3. Cricoteka

1 review
ul. Józefa 36

4. Cheder Cafe

1 review
Pl. Wszystkich Świętych
ul. Limanowskiego 51

7. Museum of Podgorze

0 reviews
Paulińska 28, I piętro

9. Spółdzielnia Ogniwod

0 reviews

Reviews about Cultural Centres in Krakow

Badass, looking forward to this year's fest with the robots!

Patchlab Festival

Fantastic exhibitions here, have enjoyed many actually. They also had a cinema on the roof last year - hopefully this year too!


I love this place - quiet, cosy, with best hummus and cafe. Highly recommended!

Cheder Cafe



I visited the centre during the festival last year. It's an interesting place with a friendly vibe and plenty of talks and activities to participate in. The director even gave an impromptu talk to our tour group, sharing the history and purpose of the centre. I hope to visit again during this year's festival

Jewish Community Center

My wife and I came to Cracow searching for our family history and wandered into the JCC. What a surprise! This incredibly colorful, lively place welcomed us as if we were long lost cousins. From the helpful volunteers -most of whom aren't even Jewish to the brilliant director and staff, this institution is absolutely inspiring. Do not miss a visit to the Krakow JCC if you are in Poland! It is life-changing.

United States,
Jewish Community Center

Our family owns a property middle of Cracow- since before the war when we were all sent OUT. Does the JCC have someone who deals with evaluating the property (We have names on the title), and helping us to sell? Please respond to my email below . Thank you

Jewish Community Center

I hate the look of this building it does not belong in the heart of Krakow. The modern look clashes with all the buildings around it and it takes away from the old world feel of the Old City. This building belongs somewhere else.

Wyspianski 2000 Pavilion

if they R so good, why when I get teher in friday night , and I didn't have place 2 do my Kidiush and seudat shabbath, and I'm eastern jewish, they send me away, with shamefacedly ??? I never saw a jewish ugly like them in all my traveling in the world, absolute disgrace

Jewish Community Center

Great place and full of interesting events like poetry evenings, artist exhibitions. Always very helpful staff. I am very happy that we have a place like that in Krakow!

Jewish Community Center