Getting around Kiev

Above: Good luck deciphering one of these... Left: This mini-bus has been converted into an ambulance Below: ...going nowhere? Get there faster!

By metro and public transport

Kiev's three metro lines carry a whopping 1.7 million satisfied customers a day with the kind of speed, regularity and efficiency that most London Underground users only have wet dreams about. With a single journey costing just 0.50Hr the Kiev Metro is also a fraction of the cost of most of its European counterparts. Where the red, blue and green lines don't reach, to the northeast and southwest, high speed trams join the dots. If you've got an irrational fear of going underground then public buses and private minibuses are another cheap way of getting around the city - although you may need a local to tell you which number you need. You can normally pay your fare on board.

By taxi

Trying to flag down a taxi in Kiev rarely proves difficult with scores of firms competing for your custom. What's more, cabs are still relatively cheap for a capital city with a trip across town costing just 30 or 40Hr. If however you're determined to pay as little as possible try waving at private cars instead. As in Russia, it's common practice for drivers to pick up hitchhikers for a short jaunt, and they usually charge less than official taxis. You should negotiate a fee first to avoid an embarrassing or difficult scenario later!

By car

Kiev's not the best place to test your driving skills by any means, thanks to some substandard road surfaces and a plethora of traffic cops looking to fortify their salary with the odd bribe (usually 20Hr is enough for minor speeding if you do get caught!). However if you do decide to hire yourself some wheels then check our services section for some reputable firms.


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