Entertainment in Kiev

There's certainly no shortage of things to do in Kiev, even if churches and museums aren't your bag, baby. Activities range from classic indoor distractions like cinemas, bowling alleys and casinos to outdoor pastimes such as rollerblading, ice-skating, sunbathing and swimming.

For the latter two head out to Hydropark - a leafy island on the river Dnieper - which boasts a number of beaches catering for loungers and splashers. Kyivans have a keen sense of fun, so don't waste the day at home. Get out there and join them!

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Peremohy Pl. 1

1. Grand Plaza Casino

3 reviews
10, Prorizna St., office 105

2. Chernobyl Tour

7 reviews
Geroev Stalingrada 5

3. Aquarium

2 reviews
Horodetskoho 5

4. Kino Ukraina

1 review
Peremohy Pl. 84

5. Strike Bowling Club

1 review
str. Malishka, 3

6. Kiev Aquarium

0 reviews
Bogdana Khmelnystkoho Str., 1A

7. Gamma Travel

0 reviews
Mykhaila Lomonosova St. 46

8. Kiev Shooting Club

0 reviews

Reviews about Entertainment in Kiev

mne nravitsa tv ukraine kinp o novi kanal i star

Kino Ukraina

it was amazing omg i loved seeing the deformed animals, like im really into that stuff

United States,
Chernobyl Tour

In my opinion, the tour was fantastic. It's well organizated and I learned a lot.

Chernobyl Tour

Tours are currently cancelled due to safety concerns or some other mystery process that didn't have the 3rd stamp on the correct form. Nice of the tour company to take our booking and not tell us until the day before... (le sigh) http://www.stripes.com/news/europe/chernobyl-officials-hope-to-reopen-doors-to-tourists-1.161900

Chernobyl Tour

Prices are ridiculously high. About 3-4 times what I pay for my very nice fitness centre in London.

United Kingdom,

I heard that the concrete sarcophagus surrounding the reactor is split and so until they fix it, I'm not going anywhere near that place!

United States,
Chernobyl Tour

Being so close to the site I really felt it was something I had to go and see. Obviously a morbid experience but personally I'm glad I went. the Tour itself was well organised

United Kingdom,
Chernobyl Tour

A bowling alleys a bowling alley wherever you are but it's always damn good fun!

United States,
Strike Bowling Club

Posh place

United Kingdom,
Grand Plaza Casino

It was an eerie experience. You just have to see for yourself.

Chernobyl Tour