Kiev Weather

What's the weather in Kiev like?

Deep in the very Eastern peripheries of Europe, Kiev is generally associated with the cold and gloom of the USSR, of which it was an important part, a place constantly besieged by snow and sub-zero temperatures, where the sun never shines and the people were as icy as the weather. Throw away your preconceptions dear tourist - the weather (and the people!) are a lot a warmer in Kiev (or Kyiv) than you think. Ok, if you're heading to the Ukraine November to March then you might be in for a nasty surprise (bring your thermal underwear!), but you'll find spring and autumn surprisingly temperate and summer simply sizzling. During the high season, when the weather is glorious, locals will flock to the large number of beaches by the river Dnipro, or take shade in the Kiev' plentiful lush green parks. If you're not sure what to expect simply check our five day forecast of Kiev's weather and conditions, and you'll know whether to pack your bikini or your balaclava...


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Great weather at the moment - the girls look oh so pretty in their summer clothes!

May 24th, 2011