Shopping in Kiev

The Iron Curtain is considered a rather distant drape these days in Capitalist Kiev, and anyone expecting a shortage of haute couture or even household goods will be pleasantly surprised.

Brands like Pierre Cardin and Hugo Boss are snapped up by enterprising buccaneers in futuristic shopping centres, whilst the cool kids know where to find their bargain Adidas and accessories. In some respects Kiev is still a little behind - your American Express Gold Card is no substitute for little green notes.

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Bessarabska Pl. 2

1. Besarabsky Market

3 reviews
ul. Basseynaya 6

2. Mandarin Plaza

1 review
Maidan Nezalezhnosti

3. Globus

1 review
Líva Tolstoho 11/61

4. Litera

1 review
Shevchenko 1a

5. Energie

0 reviews

Reviews about Shopping in Kiev

I like visiting these markets in cities in Eastern Europe. They are more interesting sometimes than the tourist sites. I hope they last, and we do not only have Tesco in the end.

Besarabsky Market

I love this hi-tech design. Shops are good but I found a nice spot to sit and just people-watched for a while.

United Kingdom,
Mandarin Plaza

It's been a few years since my Russian classes, but I was able to find a few short story books I could manage.

United States,

The market has many fresh foods and some creative bits between.

Besarabsky Market

Bessarabsky market is an essential kyiv experience. this kind of ukrainian institution is fading fast to be replaced by big commercial superstores and shopping centres. but besarabsky has soul! check it out before its gone

United States,
Besarabsky Market

Nice looking shopping centre on the bottom of the Independence Square. I found a few cool purchases at Globus!