Riga Restaurants

 Latvian cuisine isn't famous, and probably never will be, but that doesn't mean it hasn't got its adherents. Influenced by the likes of Poland, Russia and Germany, typical Latvian food includes pork, potatoes and cabbage in abundant measures.

Latvians also have their own version of the ubiquitous East European dumpling, called 'piragi'. If all that sounds like a fast-track to thunder thighs then there's no need to panic. Riga has a wide variety of restaurants serving every dish under the sun, from Japanese sushi to Swiss rosti. So take your pick!

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Krasta Iela 68a

65. Gastronome

0 reviews
Grecinieku Iela 26

66. Pinot

0 reviews
Grecinieku Iela 8

67. Ribs and Rock

0 reviews
Kaļķu Iela 2

68. Piejura

0 reviews
Marijas Iela 13-3

69. Vinoteka Fellini

0 reviews
Brīvības gatve 326/328, Rīga, Latvija

70. Shangri-la

0 reviews
Duntes iela 23a

71. Cheese Moon

0 reviews
Lacplesa st. 141

72. Cafe Lechaim

1 review
Kr. Valdemara 34
Radio iela 1


0 reviews
Teātra street 2

76. Delisnack Riga

0 reviews

Reviews about Riga Restaurants

Poor service, terrible food. Rude waitress.

Steiku Haoss

Food so so, service terrible


Perfect nice and very delicious


Good to visit

Parotta Indian Restaurant

Food: 5 Staff: 3 Interior: 4 The food (we ate the salmon steak and créme brulée) was really good and the price was rather good. The wine tasted well with the food, but was somewhat expensive. The staff wasn't as attentive as they should have been, but weren't rude. The looks of the restaurant was nice, but some details in the interior design broke the style a bit to much. The choice of music was also rather... eclectic.

Melnie Muki

An extremely sad place. No understanding what a service is, noone cleans table after previos guests, lack of knowledge on such elementary thing that you don't bring appetizer AFTER the main course, food quality at a level of factory cantine... do not go there!! And sadly, this is not an unlucky coincidence, but regular practice.

Cili Pica

top service; hospital and kind staff; nice ambiente; traditional food; near the old castle

Vecmeita Ar Kaki

Cili Pica in Jurmala had the worst service. We've gone 3 times now and had to wait over an hour for food. This last time we sat fifteen minutes before my husband got up to get menus. We waited even longer to be waited on. Finally, based on our previous experiences at this location, we decided to leave. Don't waste your time here. They need better management in my opinion.

United States,
Cili Pica

Very interesting restaurant, very good service and excellent food!

United Kingdom,

Great place !

Elkor Food&Wine