Japanese Restaurants in Riga

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Grecinieku 28

1. Nobu

3 reviews
Šķūņu iela 16

2. Planet Sushi

1 review

Reviews about Japanese Restaurants in Riga

"Nobu" is on the list of: "In Riga, Latvia, avoid the following bars and clubs" : "Nobu Sushi" - Grecinieku 28. So don't go there!


I've heard of scams in this place too, but it's not the only one. The old Riga is full of places that rip off tourists, most of them nightclubs/bars. Me and my friends were just robbed in one nightclub called Zephyr in old Riga. My advice is to stay away from Riga, or be VERY careful. Ask the prices before you order anything and never follow any girls that may come talk to you on the street. Never go to clubs that the bouncers may try to talk you into. Avoid places where there's no other customers and never buy any girls any drinks. You may be robbed, drugged or beaten up if you won't pay for the totally overpriced drinks. I will never go back to that place and neither should anyone if you ask me.


WARNING: I was punished to sign credit card bills worth 1800 LAT for drinks I did not order. Never go there alone! Cheers Martin


Planet sushi was a real lifesaver when it opened in riga. great to have a taste of home i really missed sushi since leaving sydney!

Planet Sushi