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Poor service, terrible food. Rude waitress.

Steiku Haoss

We thougt this would be a really nice place for a late dinner. They showed us wrong. The staff was helpfull at first, but gave us no attention at all after 10 minutes. I asked for medium rare steak, and they gave me medium pluss. If we wanted potatoes, vegetables or sauces we had to pay extra. The peppercornsauce didn't contain one single peppercorn, the baked potato was cold and the stuffing worse than a donkeyass. The italian redwine was 50/50 wine and water and they didn't even ask how our meal tasted. There was like 6 customers and 2 waitresses. So i cant understand the bad service of attention. We payed 50 LTL for a bad maincourse and one glass of wine. We would not recommend our worst enemies to go there.

Steiku Haoss