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Kalēju street 16

1. Dada

7 reviews
Bruņinieku Iela 33

2. Uzbekistana

2 reviews
Gertrudes 83

3. Melna Perle

0 reviews

Reviews about Asian Restaurants in Riga

Perfect nice and very delicious


Very interesting restaurant, very good service and excellent food!

United Kingdom,

The most rude and unprofessional service ever! Not for families with kids or people with special needs or handicap.


Fantastic, simple & service like you are Royal! Recommend this place, even if the music was too fancy for an old rock`nroller like me....


The correct website address is:

United Kingdom,

I was at Dada's with 4 friends on 18th June from 8pm to 10.30pm. They had a special offer - from 6-10pm work days 2 bowls for the price of 1 - so we all took advantage of it. They did not have the sauces we all wanted so chose the only ones from the big list - tomato and basil and coconut and curry. Was served by a charming nice lady "Una" and took our drinks orders. the bowls are small, but if you organise the raw food into the bowl, can make a good high pile! I liked the array of choices. I was worried to see the cook swiped his nose with a cloth and then use that cloth to clean the frying area (to fry the food and the sauce on it). After eating the 2 nice bowls of food, one bowl was still left from my friends girlfriend, so we filled it and asked the cook to have it in half - he was kind to do it - a new waitress - "botox face" waitress - blond and looked angry to serve us, just dumped the bowls on the table away from me, without bothering to ask who it was for - also the food was in bowls, not on a plate as the other waitress nicely did with smile and politely. This waitress i called her she came back angrily and not smiling as if it was big trouble for her, and told her i need my food in my plate, if it was not much trouble , she did not talk, no eye contact no feel she was happy, more angry and went to get a plate and came back and dumped the plate and went..i called her that i wanted my food in the plate..she looked angrily at me and took my plate and bowl of food to the back (my friends think she spat in my food!), and again not talking just dumped the food on my table, with no "enjoy your meal", "here you go" just as she was very upset. It was terrible to ruin a nice evening like that. I told the manangeress, when leaving, she should teach her waitress to smile and be polite. Not sure if she really was interested - but left a good tip and told them to give that to "Una" the nice waitress. I have been to Dada's a few times this year and this was my worst experience. I know my 3 of 4 friends present, do not plan to go back to Dada's with such attitude and fear that waitress will be trouble. My friend was saying when we were putting the food into our bowl, she was looking at us in strange way not happily at us. Is this how Dada's waitress are to foreigners who are living in Latvia? I am 50-50 if to go back to Dada's. I'd love to hear what is Dada's management have to say about this terrible incident. From Tony (UK)


I have just come back from Riga and had ate at dada on my final day of the visit – what a shame!...if Only I had known of that place earlier I would have camped outside… I ate a standard meal AND the buffet – was defo value for money, I recommend it to all my desi mates! The only downfall was the bowls were too small, saying that justice was done when the 5 0f us bal “ieve broken heart”, me “food warrior”, Kesh”just take me to Armani”Nick “K1 cage fighter-watch this space” and Taj “da T Total lone ranger” could not fit another noodle in our mouth.. …the staff were very cheerful, not sure why! Don’t think it had to do with our overloaded bowl..!?!?

United Kingdom,

We were there 3 times and eat both ala carte and the buffet! The food was eccelent and the waiters also! the interieur was unforgettable 5 out of 5 we will be back


I love it!! :*:*:*

United States,