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Long story short, you are invited to participate. Post anything, but remember to adhere to the house rules (in the sidebar). Have fun and connect! :)

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Questionnaire for HND diploma, please, help!!! posted by madchel [Read more]

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Central & Eastern Europe Multilingual Virtual Career Fair, 6th March 2014 posted by elsaBP

Bilingual People will kick start 2014 with the CEE Multilingual Virtual Career Fair to take place ONLINE on 6th March. This event will be solely focused on the… [Read more]

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green stuff posted by craigygggg

Hi there, I arrive in Prage on the 24th of December and need a hook up for a small amount of green. If someone could help me out or point me in the right… [Read more]

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loking for...... posted by shicoo06

hi there i will be in prague in november 2013 looking for good weed pleese help? my mail [Read more]

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where to buy marijunna?? posted by shahrico

hi everybody i will be in prague in 7-10 November i'm going to the cannafest and i heard that in this festival you cann't buy weeds. so i'm looking for a… [Read more]

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Where to buy? posted by Marko-Kangaroo

I would love to ask all of you where can I buy some quality drugs? I want to make a collection... And get doped with everything i would buy...Pleac write..Im… [Read more]

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Smoking up in Prague posted by djsilence

Has anyone gotten caught smoking the green stuff in the city? Is it easy to find? [Read more]

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Beer Prices posted by pauladams76

Hi all I am traveling to Prague later in the year please can you give me an idea of beer prices please? [Read more]

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Recruitment Day for Language speakers - Prague - FREE tickets available posted by elsabp

The Bilingual People Language Recruitment Fair, sponsored by , is the largest and most exciting exhibition of its kind dedicated to… [Read more]

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Do you want to work with Prague-Life? posted by zebra-media

Self motivated people required to run travel websites in the following cities: Berlin, Gdansk, Moscow, Prague, Budapest, Zagreb, Sofia, Vilnius, Riga, Tallin… [Read more]

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Tretter's posted by groovesoop

Does anybody there know if Tretter's bar is still open. Tried reaching them and can't seem to get through. Please let me know. Thanks people! [Read more]

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Student as guide for Dutchman in Prague posted by Don-Eduardo

I am an older distinguished gay from The Netherland. From Monday 14 Sept. I am staying a few days in Prague. It would be marvelous if I could spell several… [Read more]

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room posted by pappsara

Hi, I am looking for a room or a shared room in Prague! I am a socilogy student starting in February at Charles Univ. [Read more]

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I want to meet some guy in Prague posted by MexicanJorge

Hello my name is Jorge, Im from Mexico,I want to know a cute guy from Prague, because soon I want to travel to Prague, and I need to know people than can be a… [Read more]

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English media in Prague posted by djsilence

Besides Prague-life, where else can I read about Prague news and events in English? [Read more]

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Mystic Pizza - Rip off Restaurant posted by Robin68

Beware off a rip-off restaurant called Mystic Pizza, located mid-way on the castle steps, in Hradcany district. The girl stands outside inviting you in, and… [Read more]

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Concert locations in Prague? posted by atthis

Hello, I am planning an event in your city and I would really appreciate your help! I am looking for concert locations in Prague where people like to see… [Read more]

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Anglo-American University in Prague posted by Ariella

Hi to all! I want to get my BBA in Prague as a foreign student and for a while I've chosen Anglo-American University in Prague. Have you heard anything about… [Read more]

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football match/stadium tours ! posted by mattj81

Hi i'm going to prague in march and have noticed slavia prague fc are playing at home! Me and my friends are really interested in going and maybe doing the… [Read more]

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currency posted by buddies87

Can someone tell me how easy it is to exchange GBP in Prague and what is the current exchange rate… [Read more]

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Flying to Prague posted by djsilence

Are there any cheap flights that go directly to Prague from other European cities? [Read more]

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Club Life posted by Robin68

Can anyone recommend any good clubs in the city - somewhere that plays some authentic Czech music? … [Read more]

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GOLEMS Wanted posted by jam0ca

Can someone tell me where I can buy many souvenir GOLEM. [Read more]

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Transfer Wroclaw to Prague posted by kaz178

Hi, can anybody tell me the best way to get from Wroclaw to Prague? Have checked the train timetables but the train seems to take 7 - 8 hours! Would a taxi… [Read more]

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Parking in Prague posted by jacksonry

We are renting a car and driving in from Krakow and were wondering how parking works in Prague? Can anyone suggest a good, safe place to park and leave our… [Read more]

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best club? posted by peppersgirl

Comming to Prague soon:)looking also for great club....can u recommend anything? [Read more]

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hotel in prague posted by baltusrol

looking for hotel 5th april to 8 th aprril so that i can get to letnany easily where should I be… [Read more]

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