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Prague is a great city to shop in, with well-known big name Western stores, local brands, souvenir shops and specialist outlets all in abundance. Traditional local goods tend to be of the folksy variety, but there are also many glassware shops.

As in other ex-communist countries, a craze for items of that period has developed and it's possible to obtain some very interesting bits and bobs, though their veracity is not always provable. Don't expect too much help from shop "assistants" who are as likely to offer a blank look and a shrug as anything qualifying as customer service.

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Melantrichova 17

1. Manufaktura

22 reviews
Veselska 663

2. Letnany

1 review
Melantrichova 15

3. Country Life

1 review
Narodni 26

4. Tesco

1 review
Celetna 38

5. Baker Street

9 reviews
Na Prikope 22

6. Slovansky Dum

2 reviews
Celetna 8

7. AZ Foto

2 reviews
Revolucni 3

8. iStyle

8 reviews
Karmelitska 22

9. Ed Hardy Store

5 reviews
Na Prikope 12

10. Cerna Ruze

1 review
U Revolucni 24

11. Naoko

0 reviews
Namesti Republiky 1

12. Palladium

0 reviews
Karlova 19

13. Kosta Boda

1 review
Na Prikope 19

14. Myslbek

1 review
U Talinska 1515

15. Galerie Pallas

0 reviews
U Na Porici 23

16. Bila Labut

0 reviews

Reviews about Shops and shopping

Excelent shop!





United States,

Love Manufaktura. I got the anti-acne gel for my teen son and it works! Will definitely buy again if I get the chance.


Improved from previous experience, very helpful vendor

Czech Republic,

Lovely shop with great selection of incredible pipes: was hoping to see something to buy.

United States,
Baker Street

Arogant jerks at Andel shop. They dont have needed skills or knowledge about apple products. If they dont smell money from you they will give you poor service. First time I was there i was buying my macbook pro they would lick my balls and begging me to let them suck me. Other time when I had problem with it because it was not charging, they were literaly running away from me and making excuses that manager isnt at shop today and they are not authorized to accept claims against warranty. Needles to say, Ive called to apple support (still had 5months left on premium support) and theyve collected it from appartment and two days later I had "my" mac back again. Not entirely mine because it was brand new. Be aware they are not Apple but merely authorized RE-sellers. Im warning you rather, take your time buy a ticket do Dressden and buy your Apple product at certified Apple store.

United States,

I like to go Prague and settle there how it is possible

Country Life

the best drink money can buy

United Kingdom,

The shop moved to address náměstí Republiky 656/8, Prague 1, Kotva department store. Large selection of cigars, pipes and accessories.

Czech Republic,
Baker Street