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Well we've been busy working on our Prague map and here it is... the all new Prague Life 'interactive map', with more search features than you can shake a stick at. Using this spanking new device of ours should prove a real treat, as with a flick of a switch you can display the exact locations of Prague hotels, restaurants, bars, shops, cinemas, museums and more. Satellite and hybrid options, scroll and zoom capabilities, and with a street search function to come, this online map of Prague is perfect for first time visitors to the city. If you enjoy this map, please also check out our Barcelona Map and Eindhoven Map - just 2 of many maps we have covering great cities!


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Czech Republic

The map is useful. More places needed !

Reply May 21st, 2015

Great idea but where is the map. No download of Praha on my Blackerry

Reply Aug 20th, 2010

this is nice

Reply Jun 18th, 2010
United States


Reply Jan 2nd, 2010

it's a good map to find everything.

Reply Aug 11th, 2009
Jasmin Pilica
Bosnia And Herzegovina

It's very helpful!

Reply May 20th, 2009
Kathy Ellwanger
United States


Reply Mar 11th, 2009

vy debili ved tam neni karlov most

Reply Sep 15th, 2008
United Kingdom

Excellent map. Would be good if you could mark things like all cinemas, stadiums etc etc.

Reply Apr 19th, 2008
Keith Hammond
United Kingdom

It just needs more places marked on the map - and how about different colour markers for different types of place - that would be neat!

Reply Mar 12th, 2008
United Kingdom


Reply Jan 28th, 2008
Martin L
United Kingdom

I must say I have used your 'life' printed maps in both Cracow and Warsaw last year and this online version is great. I really think you have the Rolls Royce of maps for this part of the world. Well done!

Reply Jan 15th, 2008

Great map, it was very helpful for finding some smaller restaurants and bars!

Reply Nov 13th, 2007
Peter K
United Kingdom

This is MUCH BETTER than before! It would be perfect if you could add the ability to search by street names as well. Also, you need to get more places marked on the map!

Reply Sep 11th, 2007
United States

Where can I buy some marijuana? I'm coming in june to Prague..

Reply Sep 5th, 2007
dj silence

brilliant, so helpful!! now i won't get lost all the time trying to find places to drink in this city!

Reply May 7th, 2007
United Kingdom

Good, but you need to get more places marked on your map of prague!

Reply Apr 3rd, 2007
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