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There's a whole range of things that it's handy to know when you're in a foreign city, but often it's difficult unless you know the language. Fear no more: whether you need a hairdresser, taxi, internet cafe, or lawyer (we won't ask why!) you can find them here. If, like us, you fall so deeply in love with the city that you want to move here, then you'll be needing the services of an estate agent!

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U Wuchterlova 7

1. AAA Taxi

39 reviews
U Vyzlovska 12

2. BohemiaEvents

2 reviews
Ruzyne Airport

3. Prague Airport

3 reviews
U Opletalova 4

4. Royal Rent

4 reviews
Havelska 9

5. HI-TECH Praha

0 reviews
U Kralodvorska 16

6. Valdauf & Dolezal

0 reviews
Wilsonova 8

7. Hlavni Nadrazi

0 reviews
Dělnická 43

8. Paper Hub

0 reviews
Ruzyne Airport, 160 08 Prague6 Apt

9. Avis

0 reviews
Na Petynce 136/120

10. La Mature Beauty Therapy

0 reviews

Reviews about Prague Services

They were not able to provide us with a baby seat even though we were willing to wait. They just said it was impossible. Curious that they have no single available baby seat at 6 pm on Saturday..

AAA Taxi

I like the service and new clean cars. recommend this to everyone

Royal Rent

Such frauds!Overcharged nonstop.One driver tried to fleece us by 2000 by creating a huge ruckus over a spilled droplet of milk.On our refusal to be scammed he called the company and fed them Godknows what,they stopped service to us.Shocking behaviour!

AAA Taxi

Absolutely unreliable service

Czech Republic,
AAA Taxi

Rip Off! You will find the AAA taxis at the "Fair Taxi" stands. Their meter will then charge you THREE times the advertised rate! When we complained, the driver got angry and drove us back to the pickup point . . . driving through red lights and at high speed. We asked some other AAA taxis the likely charge. All estimated 2-3 times the "fair" advertised rate. These guys should be BANNED from using (and abusing) the "Fair Taxi" stops.

New Zealand,
AAA Taxi

First we used the Scam taxis, the one which is not working for a company and try to cheat the tourists. Then we asked for a Taxi company in our Hostel. They gave us the NR of the AAA Taxi. If we wanted travel somewhere we used the AAA Taxi. We're ordered like 8 taxis per day and it was always clean, friendly drivers and a very good price. And I loved that the drivers always asked for the name so no one can steal your taxi ;) Would I recommend this company? Yes I do and I'm sure next time I'll be in Prague I'll use this company again!

AAA Taxi

They have always provided good service. They will provide you with an estimate, but if you are stacked in traffic this charge might increase - just like anywhere else in the world. I have used them many times since about 3 years - and can only recommend AAA.

Czech Republic,
AAA Taxi

I have been using AAA Prague for years and they have been always reliable, friendly and I will use them again.

Czech Republic,
AAA Taxi

Great timely service. I downloaded the AAA Taxi app and ordered a cab. The app was very user friendly. The taxi showed up on time and the fare was good and close to the estimated provided on bathe app. Highly recommend.

United States,
AAA Taxi

We arrived at the airport and called AAA taxi for pick up. They confirmed the price to be 674 kr flat rate to our hotel. When we arrived at the hotel, the driver had a meter on and charged us 800kr. When we called the company back to check as we agreed 674kr, she was such a liar and said oh, that is price without traffic and this and that, such a con company. Would not recommend them at all. Though the price difference was only 100kr, it's a matter of principal! If she had been honest from beginning and said price is different if ther is traffic, than that would be a different case! Such cons and liars!

United Kingdom,
AAA Taxi