Lubljana Awaiting Da Vinci

Between 15 February and 12 May the Ljubljana fairgrounds will host the biggest travelling exhibition on Leonardo da Vinci,"Da Vinci - The Genius". The exhibition has already been seen by millions of people in 40 cities around the world over the past six years.
The exhibition on still one of the most admired and dynamic minds of all time features over 200 interactive exhibits, including 75 life-size mechanical inventions.
Put together by the Australia-based group Grande Exhibitions in cooperation with the Italian museum Il Genio di Leonardo da Vinci and Pascal Cotte of the French company Lumiere Technology, it presents da Vinci as an inventor, artist, scientist, engineer, sculptor, anatomist, biologist, musician, architect, philosopher and more.
Along with copies of Leonardo's notebooks, the exhibition features a special presentation of his legendary Mona Lisa.
It showcases interactive devices based on the notebooks and made by Italian craftsmen, including his ideas of an automobile, helicopter, glider plane and diving suit, said pela Terpin, the marketing director of the Ljubljana fairgrounds.
Fairgrounds director Iztok Bricl said that the high number of visits of last year's Bodies Revealed exhibition - seen by 80,000 people - inspired them to invest EUR 180,000 into hosting the Da Vinci exhibition.


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